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The Macintosh News Network is the premier source for Macintosh and iPod news, reviews, discussion, tips, troubleshooting, links, and reviews. MacNN publishes dozens of news stories related to Apple, iTunes, iPod, and the Mac industry, tracking the latest developments in the computer, Apple-related, Mac, online music, and iPod markets. Since late 1995, company executives, IT managers, consultants and end-users have relied on the Macintosh News Network for timely information around-the-clock. MacNN has a presence at almost every major Macintosh-related conference to provide its readers with the most punctual news coverage possible.

MacNN also offers a dedicated Reviews section, a flourishing IRC chat network and and a large, established discussion forum with more than 50,000 members -- one of the largest Mac-related forums on the Internet.


Monish K Bhatia
Executive Publisher/Editor
Mike Sabar
Technical Operations
Roger Fingas
Jon Aziz
Assistant Publisher
Paul Rachwal
Sean Lieberman
Forums Administrator
Justin King
Bradley McBurney
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Malcolm Owen
Charles Martin
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MacNN offers several different online marketing opportunities for computer, technology, software, and other clients looking for a strongly educated Mac audience. Our past clients have included Apple, Microsoft, CDW, several Fortune 500 companies, and many, many more.


We currently sell sponsorship packages, semi-permanent icons on the front page as well as text advertising. Semi-permanent icons are generally rotate among three or four different advertisers; pricing varies and must be determined by individual contract. Large banners and side towers are the most prominent form of advertising on the Macintosh News Network. Banner ads are sold via sponsorship packages: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum Plus, Executive, and Executive Plus are available starting as low as /$300 per month. We offer impression bonuses for multi-month contracts and routinely offer specials that help drive traffic to our clients' sites. Our banners are not refreshed during a visit, but are rotated randomly with other advertisers. Discounts of up to 40% are offered to freeware, shareware, and lower-priced commercial products as a commitment to our Mac community.

MacNN accepts third-party advertising (i.e., these are not sold directly by MacNN and sometimes these are deemed 'inappropriate', cause errors, or are otherwise objectionable (due to content, performance, etc.). We encourage our readers to submit feedback about these banners/advertisements so that we may remedy the situation in the most efficient manner possible.

For more information fill out our advertising request form (preferable) or call 415-738-2076. Agencies may either submit information via the Web or contact Monish K Bhatia at mkbhatia[at]electronista.com




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