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WWDC: keynote update feed

updated 12:30 pm EDT, Mon August 7, 2006

WWDC Keynote Feed

Steve Jobs' keynote at the World Wide Developers Conference will begin shortly. As of 9:30 AM Pacific, Apple's online stores are temporarily down - there will certainly be something new to buy when this is all over. Click "read more" to see the updates as they appear - and please be gentle on refreshing the page! Update: keynote is now over.

9:30 AM - Apple stores are down.

10 AM - Jobs takes the stage.

10:05 AM - Currently going through retail figures - the usual (including "50% new to Mac").

10:08 AM - Mac Pro announced! They'll use Xeons and Core 2s (all dual-core).

10:10 AM - Up to 3 GHz, 64-bit, and 1.6 to 2.1 times faster than a G5 Quad.

10:15 AM - Case is similar to the Power Mac G5 on the outside - up to 2 TB of internal storage and 16 GB of memory.

10:15 AM - One standard config: dual 2.66 GHz Xeon, 1 GB RAM, 250 GB drive, 256 MB GeForce 7300 GT (?). $2499

10:20 AM - You can order with a 2 or 3 GHz chip as well, and there are X1900 XT and Quadro FX 4500 upgrade options. Shipping TODAY!

10:22 AM - New Xserve also announced - quad Xeons. 3.7 to 5.4 times faster than the Xserve G5 and up to 5 TB of storage. Entirely build-to-order.

10:25 AM - Switching to OS X Leopard - telling Microsoft that "start your photocopiers" was only a joke!

10:31 AM - Leopard will be 64-bit in the GUI, not just internally (confirming Electronista's earlier speculation)

10:35 AM - Feature number 2 is Time Machine - an automated backup utility that will actually backup files to a hard drive or server as you change them. You can restore missing files and roll back to before OS updates.

10:40 AM - Time Machine has a visual representation of your backup timeline that you can scroll through - very cool, and not just for the Finder. It applies to Address Book, iPhoto, and other programs.

10:45 AM - Boot Camp will be finished in Leopard, and Front Row as well as Photo Booth will be standard (previously came only with certain Macs).

10:48 AM - Spaces: a new virtual desktop feature with quick switching. It shows you thumbnails of your desktops to make it easy to find the one you want.

10:51 AM - Spotlight has been updated significantly. You can search other Macs, use Boolean terms, and search by file type.

10:53 AM - CoreAnimation is a new tool that lets you break images into layers, and lets developers easily manage animations between start and end states.

10:55 AM - Better accessibility: Braille, closed captioning for Quicktime, and improved VoiceOver (text-to-speech).

11 AM - Mail 3 is expanding: there's stationery, notes and to-dos.

11:09 AM - Next: Dashboard has been updated. A new tool called Dashcode is there to make it easier to write widgets. You can tweak the visual style and add elements (search fields, RSS etc.) quickly.

11:16 AM - A new version of iChat. It supports multiple logins, visibility adjustments, animated icons, video recording, and tabbed chats (thank goodness!). iChat theater is there if you want to show iPhoto shows or Keynote presentations to others and talk about them at the same time. Photo Booth effects can be applied in live chats now.

11:22 AM - Backdrops lets you set a dynamic background, such as video.

11:24 AM - Leopard is shipping in Spring 2007.

11:25 AM - The keynote is over!

By Electronista Staff
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