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MS Zune to have limited WiFi at $299

updated 10:55 am EDT, Fri August 11, 2006

Limited WiFi in Zune

Offering more details the forthcoming Microsoft media player, reports that its Zune player will have limited WiFi capabitilities, allowing users to bookmark songs through shared wireless connectivity; however, purchasing a song will require a connection to a PC. In addition, the publication reports that the player will ship in three colors and the "iPod killer" will be aggressively price around $300 to compete with Apple's 30GB iPod video, although it will likely sport a larger color screen: "With the Zune player's Fall launch timeframe rapidly approaching, retail stores need to know what they can sell and what to promote when the hardware is finally ready. This is why sources in retail now have additional information beyond what little Microsoft has made public. First is the price: despite claims that the Zune would ship for $399 due to its features, the most recent update puts the price on par with Apple's current 30 GB iPod, which sells for $299. This may well be impressive given that the production player should have a bigger screen than the iPod."

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  1. Zang

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    Can we all lobby the media to never use the term "iPod Killer" again? I'm tired of hearing it. For the past 3 years I've heard it, and the iPod's marketshare has only increased in that time. "Competitor to the iPod", "iPod Rival", "Sadly overpriced and underpowered iPod rip-off". ANYTHING but "iPod Killer".

  1. Super Glitcher

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    it's ok dude...

    we'll just start calling Leopard 'Vista Killer' from now on to rub a little salt in :-)

  1. Rezzz

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    shrewd business

    That's right, Redmund, use your $244 billion cap to undercut competitors until you can gain momentum in yet another market you didn't have the vision to create.

  1. kw99

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    What does it mean??

    >allowing users to bookmark songs through shared wireless connectivity...

    I am assuming you can also listen to songs on other wirelessly connected players, because if all you can do is "bookmark" songs, that's worthless as a reason for have wi-fi.

    What happened to buying songs from the player? I thought that was the "killer" feature. Microsoft over-promising and under-delivering again...


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    I wonder...

    I wonder about the WiFi. We all know how easily things can be hacked, especially products made by MS. As a record label how would you feel about selling you music to a company that produces a WiFi portable player? I know from the user end it would be great, but think how easy it would be to make a few changes and be able to transfer music right over and strip the DRM from player to player, no computer needed? Heck, think how easily it would be to STEAL from another payer if the other player has WiFi on and the user is unaware - some sorta WiFi hack and you would have no clue where it was coming from, if you knew at all.

  1. powens

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    Just Like Vista

    Straight from the Vista playbook.

    Scaling back features already....

    The end version that actually ships is going to have nothing on the ipod. Don't they get it?

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