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Canon wins second round in SED bout

05/07, 6:00pm

Canon wins second SED bout

Canon has successfully defended itself against a second charge relating to SED displays. In the first lawsuit, a US District Court ruled against Canon, saying that by sharing SED information with Toshiba, it had violated an exclusive agreement with the technology's source, Nano-Proprietary. Nano also filed a fraud accusation however, which has just now been defeated on the basis that the company suffered no real damages as a result of Canon's actions. The latter is in fact intending to appeal the first ruling, which broke the agreement and allowed Nano to lay claim to the $5.5 million Canon paid. [via DigiTimes]

Canon adds two new compact photo printers

05/07, 5:05pm

New Canon photo printers

Canon's Dutch division has announced two new printers in its Selphy photo-printer line. The CP740 and 750 will replace the 720 and 730, respectively, and introduce some new features, such as new printing modes and automatic red-eye correction. The printers are similar in many regards, but the 750 is clearly the dominant of the new ones, as it has a larger, 2.4-inch LCD screen, as well as more printing modes: these include the ability to trim an image in-printer, and apply color effects such as sepia, slide film and black-and-white.

Flash Zune demoed to little effect?

05/07, 4:55pm

Flash Zune Downplayed

The rumor surrounding the possiblity of a new Zune player has turned out to be partially true, say those familiar with the device. Although it had been hinted that the device would be announced today, a new Zune is reportedly being shown to developers to help with their development. The actual product release will follow later, the contact says.

AT&T: iPhone greases branding wheel

05/07, 4:30pm

ATT on iPhone Branding

AT&T is banking on the iPhone as the ticket to saving its rocky switch from Cingular to AT&T, according to observers of the provider's latest investment gathering. Analysts from UBS Investment Research have noted that AT&T blames at least some of its poor results for the opening quarter of 2007 on the awkwardness of the change in name, which has many users still assuming the Cingular title. The Apple device is seen by AT&T as a "branding event" that will cement the name in people's minds, says UBS.

HP to offer hybrid HD computer player

05/07, 4:10pm

HP to expand HD options

Hewlett-Packard will be one of the first major PC builders to sell systems containing a hybrid HD drive, writes PC World. Although specific computers and prices have yet to be mentioned, the company says it intends to incorporate LG's GGW-H10N, better known as the Super Multi Blue. The drive is able to read both Blu-Ray and HD DVD discs; it can only write to CD, DVD and Blu-Ray however, the last at 2x speed.

HP is promising that computers with the drive will have HDMI outputs, and use HDCP-compliant GeForce 8000-series video cards. The latter will decrease CPU usage with PureVideo HD, and will also be specially modified by HP, with optimized chipsets and closer integration of CyberLink's movie software. The H10N should be available in HP machines as of four to six weeks from today.

HP readies slender convertible tablet

05/07, 3:15pm

HP Compaq 2710p Preview

Early details have slipped about one more of HP's upcoming Compaq business notebooks. While few core specs have appeared for it, the HP Compaq 2710p will challenge Gateway's E-155C as one of the thinnest convertible tablets available and should also be one of the most media-friendly. Support for 802.11n wireless as well as an optional webcam will make the PC useful both for videoconferencing at work as well as chats at home. Performance is bound to be powered by a Santa Rosa-based Core 2 Duo.

Kingston ships notebook SD reader

05/07, 2:45pm

Kingston MobileLite

Kingston on Monday grew its media reader line with the advent of the MobileLite, a new card reader built just for the portability and small size of notebooks. Its housing can accept any of nine SD-based formats ranging from full-sized SDHC cards to standards for cellphones and music players such as MMCmicro and miniSD or microSD. Plugging the device into a USB port lists as many as three separate drives and lets files shuttle between cards as well as to the attached computer.

Koreans get a practical camcorder phone

05/07, 2:15pm

Samsung SCH-B750

Exemplifying the divide between Western and Asian cellphones, South Koreans will soon be able to buy the SCH-B750, Samsung's latest camcorder phone. One of the key features is the ability to actually control it like a dedicated camcorder: recording buttons are on the side, and the display twists horizontally as well as vertically, falling into the same position as a normal viewfinder. The image sensor meanwhile is rated at an unusually high three megapixels, and comes paired with an autofocus lens.

The phone also has an S-DMB broadcast tuner, and options for panoramas, night recording and business card recognition. It can play MOD, VOD and MP3 files, and uses a TV output for further recording and playback opportunities. Storage defaults to a microSD card. Unfortunately, no prices or release dates have been attached. [via AVING]

Viewsonic ships high speed 19-inch widescreen

05/07, 2:15pm

Viewsonic VX1932wm

Viewsonic today released the VX1932wm. The 19-inch LCD is a counterpart to the already released VX1935wm that promises a faster 2ms response time than the 5ms of the current display, boosting its performance in games and movies. Viewing angles are also wider at 160 degrees in any direction; brightness is rated at 300cd/m2, while contrast is relatively sharp at 700:1. The monitor also picks up HDCP support for encrypted videos from Blu-Ray and HD DVD and the same 3W stereo speakers for built-in audio.

Zonbu prepares ultra-cheap Linux PC

05/07, 1:20pm

Zonbu ultra-cheap Linux PC

Undercutting the likes of Koobox, a company called Zonbu is readying a self-named Linux computer that is in some ways cheaper even in its most expensive configuration. To achieve this, the computer does away with a fan, and has only 4GB of internal flash memory; files are instead stored on Zonbu's servers, with monthly access plans beginning at $13 for 25GB, and ranging up to 100GB. Software comes in the form of over 23 free applications, such as Firefox, the OpenOffice suite, and unspecified programs for music and videos.

The system will cost $99 with a service plan, but will be "unlockable" for $250. According to Zonbu, the monthly fees are mostly compensated for by the computer's low power consumption, rated at 15W. The company intends to begin shipping products in the summer. [via Gizmodo]

ASUS preps game notebooks for Santa Rosa

05/07, 12:40pm

ASUS G1S and G2S Leak

ASUS will also join the series of PC makers with notebooks based on Santa Rosa, according to new leaks. The G1 and G2 gaming portables will be some of the first to get the faster Intel technology in the form of the G1S and G2S. Either system will have 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo processors and better storage, including 2GB of RAM. Intel's 802.11n wireless chipset will also be onboard.

Unlike the earlier models, however, the new PCs will be determined by size rather than their video chipsets. Both upgrades will use a 256MB GeForce Go 8600 for better game performance, with the main difference being the 15.4-inch, 1680x1050 display of the G1S and the 17-inch, 1920x1200 display of the G2S. The latter will also have slightly larger storage with its hard disk jumping from 160GB to 200GB.

Akimbo quits hardware, ponders Apple TV

05/07, 12:15pm

Akimbo Quits Hardware

Akimbo is quitting the hardware business, the company announced today. The video provider said it will axe its RCA video player to focus instead on its new Internet TV initiative as well as getting the company's basic technology into other devices, hoping to make Akimbo synonymous with Internet TV.

"We simply want to be in everyone's box," said CEO Thomas Frank.

Samsung tweaks Ultra phone with mobile TV

05/07, 11:40am

Samsung Ultra mobileTV

Samsung's AnyCall label today launched the Ultra mobileTV, also known as the B640. An upgrade to the F500 Ultra Video, the new phone brings in support for DMB digital broadcast TV and appropriate controls on its video side. The swiveling keypad's use as a stand is particularly useful for watching TV shows, Samsung says. TV-out also pipes video to a larger screen at home.

HP's pro Santa Rosa notebooks outed with X2600, more

05/07, 11:00am

HP Pro Santa Rosa Notebook

HP's Compaq pro notebooks for Intel's Santa Rosa architecture have been exposed and reveal several new graphics chips yet to be announced. All but one of line will have the same base 1.8GHz Core 2 Duo with an 800MHz bus, but will also have their choice of new AMD or NVIDIA video: the 15.4-inch HP Compaq nc8510p will have 256MB Mobility Radeon X2600 for faster general 3D, while its premium 8510w parallel will have the choice of either AMD's FireGL V5600 or NVIDIA's Quadro FX 570M with 256MB of memory for more advanced workstation editing. The 17-inch nc8710p/8710w will come with either the more basic 256MB Quadro NVS 320M or top-end 512MB Quadro FX 1600M.

Rumor: New Zune to be announced today?

05/07, 10:45am

New Zune coming today?

Although unconfirmed, Microsoft may be planning to reveal a new Zune player later today, according to iLounge. If the report is true, the player will be premiered at an event in the company's home city of Redmond, Washington, in either a full preview or a simple initial announcement.

The actual nature of the potential product is unknown; while Microsoft has in the past declared its intentions to expand into flash memory and better wireless abilities, the company could also just be introducing long-requested software functions, such as podcasts. The possibility of a Zune phone has effectively been defeated. Microsoft had been expected to make some sort of presentation on May 1st, but this clearly fell through.

Samsung brings Q1 Ultra to US with 3.5G wireless

05/07, 10:15am

Samsung Q1 Ultra Hits US

Samsung on Monday confirmed that its next-generation Q1 Ultra ultra-mobile PC will at last reach the US. Despite the change in territory, the Ultra still has the option of an HSDPA modem for connecting to cellular Internet access at high speeds; the VGA front camera and 1.3-megapixel rear are still present for video calls and recording, Samsung adds. The Americanized version also receives a processor upgrade to Intel's new A100 processors at either 600 or 800MHz, netting a longer 4.5 hours of real-world use.

Canon rolls out direct DVD HD vidcam

05/07, 9:45am

Canon HR10

Canon followed its PowerShot upgrades thos morning with the release of the HR10 HD camcorder. The camera maker labels the new entry as one of the easiest ways to capture HD video: owners can record footage at up to the full 1920x1080 resolution of HD directly to mini DVDs, allowing rough edits to be played immediately from Blu-Ray and DVD players that support AVCHD (H.264) movies. Also new to Canon's HD home user cameras is a specially tuned 2.7-inch LCD which the company says is viewable at up to 135 degrees off-center and has a much-improved color range for accurate previews.

13, 15-inch MacBooks to get LEDs?

05/07, 9:15am

MacBook LED Suppliers

Both of Apple's notebook lines will be the first to receive the LED backlights promised by Steve Jobs, according to sources speaking with Taiwan-based part suppliers. Display makers AU Optronics and Chi Mei have reportedly sent LCDs for both the 13.3-inch MacBook and 15.4-inch MacBook Pro to Apple for certification, one of the final steps before actual production. The LCDs use LED backlighting supplied by Coretronic and Kenmos, the sources said.

Canon intros high-end PowerShot cameras

05/07, 8:35am

Canon S5 IS and SD850 IS

Stepping up the performance of its high-end compact cameras, Canon today released two new models built on its DIGIC III chip and image stabilizers. The PowerShot S5 IS is the long-awaited replacement for the S3 which boosts resolution from 6 to 8 megapixels and uses the newer DIGIC processor for face detection in portrait shots and ISO 1600 sensitivity. The 12X optical zoom camera also has a new flash hot-shoe for better control of lighting and a larger 2.5-inch swiveling LCD. Software also sees an upgrade with a MovieSnap mode that captures full-resolution stills while recording VGA resolution movies. It ships in early July for $500.


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