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LG prepares Chocolate-style home theater system

06/25, 4:40pm

LG J10HD cinema system

LG is readying the J10HD, a home theater system that uses cues from the Chocolate mobile phones -- these include a glossy black exterior and touch-sensitive buttons. The J10HD delivers 75W on two stereo channels, plus another 150W through a subwoofer; 5.1 sound can be simulated. Attractive to a modern audience should be the 80GB hard drive, which gets its music from CDs ripped directly from the DVD player, or radio programs recorded by the user.

Cellphone makers want cheaper 3G wireless

06/25, 4:30pm

900MHz 3G Wireless

Governments should open up frequencies for 3G cellular Internet, cellphone makers belonging to the GSM Association have said today. The group wants political bodies in various countries, particularly in developing countries, to allow use of technologies such as HSDPA and UMTS on the more common 900MHz frequency instead of 2.1GHz, allowing more countries to have access to faster Internet access through their cellphones. The network band often costs less to use and would get more subscribers in a given area, making it less expensive in the long run.

Sharp bolsters powerline networking in Japan

06/25, 4:05pm

Sharp powerline networking

The Japanese division of Sharp is expanding its support of powerline networking with two adapters, the HN-VA10S and HN-VA40S. Each supports the HomePlug 1.1 standard, which enables users to network devices in their home at speeds of up to 85Mbps, without wireless or long strings of Ethernet cable. Data is encrypted using 128-bit AES.

Despite the relatively new technology, users should be able to quickly install and connect the adapters within minutes. The VA10S has one Ethernet port and should go on sale August 24th for approximately 20,000 yen ($161); the VA40S expands to four ports for roughly 24,000 yen ($193). [via Impress Watch]

iPhone line forms at Fifth Avenue NYC store

06/25, 3:50pm

iPhone Lineups Begin

Lineups for the iPhone are already beginning, says a photographer who has already spotted a queue. At least two unnamed men have already formed the start of a line at Apple's Fifth Avenue store in New York City, complete with stanchions (metal crowd barriers) that suggest official awareness of the visitors' places in the line. The advance line up is the earliest known so far for an Apple launch, beginning more than four full days before the official release of the handset on June 29th at 6PM.

IOGEAR targets biometric mouse at home users

06/25, 3:20pm

IOGEAR biometric mouse

IOGEAR has begun selling the Personal Security Mouse with Nano Technology, a biometric input for USB-equipped PCs. By relying on the fingerprint scanner located on the top, users can restrict access to their Windows logins, as well as files, folders and website passwords. Perhaps most unusual about the mouse is its target audience, which has moved beyond businesses to include families; five different users are supported as a result. Aiding this is a special nano-coating of silver and titanium dioxide, which is said to reduce the amount of bacteria and fungi that might settle onto the device. IOGEAR is selling the Personal Security Mouse for $90 from its website and requires PCs using the controller to run Windows 2000, XP or later.

Clark School invents smart 64-core CPU

06/25, 3:10pm

Clark 64 Core CPU

A new processor design may make many-core CPUs a practical reality in the near future, according to research stemming from Maryland's Clark School of Engineering. Professor Uzi Vishkin and his PhD student assistant Xingzhi Wen say they have developed a new management method that overcomes the efficiency roadblocks of today's technology, allowing nearly anyone to write programs that can use many cores at once. The view of the processor from a developer's end is so simple that even local high student schools have been given a prototype to write test programs, the Clark School says.

iLive launches high-end iPod stereo

06/25, 2:40pm

iLive high-end iPod stereo

The new IHT3807DT by iLive is distinguished from other iPod-ready stereos by being considerably more feature-complete. It is first of all a 2.1-channel system, equipped with a subwoofer for better low-end response; True 3D and SRS TruBass further enhance output. The dock meanwhile is a motorized drawer, and should be able to charge and play any type of iPod -- including minis, nanos and shuffles, the last of which is often ignored by electronics makers. The stereo connects to a computer through a USB cable, and video can be broadcast through composite or S-Video ports.

HDTV in H.264 promises cheap HD channels

06/25, 2:30pm

Fujitsu H264 HDTV Broadcas

Two Japanese TV stations have successfully made the first HD broadcasts between each other using the H.264 video format that could change the way TV is sent, their hardware partner Fujitsu announced today. All Nippon Network and TV Asahi together used a new encoding technique combined with Fujitsu's IP 9500 encoder box to squeeze normally large HD video into half the bandwidth. The technique allows the TV to be sent from station to station even across public fiber optic lines where the much larger MPEG-2 would be impractical or impossible, Fujitsu says.

Intel debuts first Core 2 Duo with 1,333MHz bus

06/25, 1:55pm

Intel Core 2 Duo E6750

Intel today released public details of its first home processors specifically built for its recent 3-series ("Bearlake") platform. Like the Xeon 5300 released last fall, the 2.66GHz E6750 and 3GHz E6850 each sport a faster 1,333MHz bus (versus 1,066MHz) that helps shuttle data from the two cores to the main system. Each carries the 4MB of level 2 cache used on Intel's faster dual-core chips and supports all the features, including 64-bit code as well as virtualization.

JVC intros four deep color, mid-sized 1080p LCDs

06/25, 1:30pm

JVC 88-series LCDs 2007

JVC used the relative quiet of Monday to launch four LCDs in its 1080p Series TV range that push the level of quality for relatively small but full-featured sets. Beyond the full HD resolution listed for the sets, every model includes dual HDMI 1.3 inputs that support extra color from the right Blu-Ray and HD DVD players and a freshly redesigned remote that can be programmed to navigate other home theater equipment, such as DVD players. JVC's latest Genessa video decoder chip is onboard for color and noise correction, as is a USB port for playing photos directly from a flash stick or hard drive.

iPhone to get unlimited data "iPlan?"

06/25, 1:05pm

iPhone Data Plan Leak

The iPhone will launch this week with a special data plan attached to it, according to high-placed source with access to AT&T. The contacts claim that the provider has decided to create a custom plan for the device, known internally as the "iPlan," that will enable all its features without requiring a premium. Current details reportedly call for a price between $35-45 per month that would offer unlimited Internet access over EDGE as well as a minimum of 2,000 SMS messages. The plan may even grow to include unlimited texting, the source says.

O2 Helen in the works?

06/25, 12:55pm

O2 Helen in the works?

Phone carrier O2 is said to be readying a previously unseen product, the Helen. According to the Arabic-language site ce4arab, the phone is a successor to the Xda Stealth, and should run Windows Mobile 6 off a 520MHz processor with 64MB of RAM and 256MB of ROM. Extra storage comes in the form of microSD cards. Broadband comes in the form of EDGE and UMTS, the latter allowing video calls from a VGA front-mounted camera; a two-megapixel unit on the back performs more standard functions.

Fujitsu releases light, SSD-capable tablet PC

06/25, 12:10pm

Fujitsu LifeBook FMV-T8140

Fujitsu is preparing the FMV-T8140, a 12.1-inch tablet/laptop PC that is notable for several reasons. It is for instance extremely light, weighing just 3.3 pounds compared to other laptops closer to four. It is also able to fit 16 or 32GB of SSD (flash) storage, or alternately, 30 to 80GB of regular hard drive space. The default battery life is a lengthy 7.5 hours, but Fujitsu claims this can be extended to 11.3 hours through a separate battery pack.

Viewsonic rolls out three budget VA LCDs

06/25, 11:25am

Viewsonic VAx16 LCDs

Viewsonic today used the opportunity of an education expo to update its Value Series LCDs with three new models. The two high-end models, the 19-inch widescreen VA1916w and the standard-ratio VA916, each bring dynamic contrast to a segment that rarely gets such an option: the backlight can automatically dim to raise the contrast ratio up to 2,000:1 for bolder colors. Each is also quick enough for games and movies with 5ms pixel response, according to ViewSonic's estimates. Brightness is rated at 300 nits. A third display, the 17-inch VA1716w, relies on a static 500:1 contrast ratio and 250-nit brightness but adopts the widescreen format for movie watchers or two-page spreads.

NEO 2 educational computer adds wireless

06/25, 11:05am

NEO 2 adds wireless

AlphaSmart has announced an upgrade to its NEO educational computer, the NEO 2. As with the original NEO, the primary purpose of the NEO 2 is classmroom tasks such as keyboarding, writing and quizzes, with Internet access being deliberately removed -- since it may lure students into games, web browsing or instant messaging. The NEO 2 introduces wireless interaction by way of an RF transmitter, which on a simple level enables tasks such as printing remotely, but can also be used for assigning quizzes and receiving instant feedback. Schools will be able to order the computer in August, although the Accelerated Reader SmartApplet will only gain wireless quiz support in March of 2008.

Betting firm puts strong odds on iPhone

06/25, 10:55am

BetUS Bets on iPhone

Online gambling firm BetUS has calculated some of the odds for the iPhone's success, the company revealed today. Giving the same attention to the device that it normally would to sports, the betting house has calculated several factors that could determine its success or failure. Certain outcomes are already fairly likely, BetUS says. Stock value is 1:2 likely to spike by 10 percent or more the next trading day. Odds are also 5:6 that the phone will sell 12 million units in 2008; these chances also carry over to the iPhone's sales in the first month, which BetUS claims are equally likely (5:6) to climb over or dip under 1.2 million units in July.

New Plaxo syncs Macs, Windows, mobiles

06/25, 10:20am

Plaxo 3

Plaxo today revamped its sync platform with Plaxo 3, a new version of its tool that brings contacts and calendars to multiple systems. The new version unifies not only Internet-only services such as Google Calendar and Yahoo but also disparate Mac OS X and Windows systems: Address Book, iCal, and other services from the former can pair up their data with Windows systems running Outlook or Windows Mail as well as many smartphones. A new feature dubbed the Sync Dashboard helps expand the number of platforms in sync just by adding new endpoints; users can also now use a feature titled Plaxo Pulse to make sure all platforms are up to date on friends' Flickr photo updates, Amazon lists, and contact changes.

Dell leaks Latitude D430 details

06/25, 9:45am

Dell Latitude D430 Leak

The final details of Dell's Latitude D430 have been revealed, courtesy of the inadvertent posting of a Taiwanese product page [since pulled]. Confirming some early details, the 12-inch widescreen ultraportable jumps from last year's Core Duo to the latest 1.2GHz, ultra-low voltage Core 2 Duo and 802.11n Wi-Fi. Buyers will also be able to replace the 1.8-inch rotating hard disk with a 32GB solid-state drive for rougher conditions or extra reliability.

Seagate Barracuda drive reaches 1TB mark

06/25, 9:20am

Seagate Barracuda 1TB

Seagate this morning took the wraps off the Barracuda 7200.11, the company's first one-terabyte hard drive and one of the few to follow in the wake of Hitachi's 7K1000. In addition to reaching the current storage peak using only four platters versus five, the disk is the fastest high-capacity drive to date, the storage maker says. Sustained transfers hold out at 105MB/sec, making the single drive faster than some external RAID-striped drives. Power use is low at 8W idle, and combines with the four platters to cut down on the heat that damages drives in long-term use. A business version, the Barracuda ES.2, adds an SAS connector alongside Serial ATA as well as advanced power management tools.

Nokia ships E61i, E65 in force to US

06/25, 9:05am

Nokia E61i and E65 in US

Nokia on Monday said that it has started shipping the E61i and E65 (pictured) to the US, marking the first time the E-series smartphones are easily available in the country. Both bring customized software for getting work done and also for synchronizing the phones when put on a company network; nevertheless, both also pack 2-megapixel cameras, music and video playback, and microSD for storage. Either phone can also use Wi-Fi for connecting to the Internet when built-in EDGE support (and WCDMA for some areas) is impractical, the company says.

SanDisk ships luxury, switch-free Contour drive

06/25, 8:40am

SanDisk Cruzer Contour

SanDisk today revealed that it has begun shipping the Cruzer Contour, its self-proclaimed unique spin on USB flash drives. Made for a premium feel with glossy black and metal, the drive's signature feature is protection for the USB port that avoids the use of caps or switches: sliding the main body back and forth exposes the connector by itself. The flash stick is also fast with an 18MB/sec write speed twice as fast as any of the company's earlier in-store drives, and is also faster at reading data, reaching 25MB/sec.

Samsung ships 1.8-inch 64GB flash drive

06/25, 8:10am

Samsung 64GB SSD Ships

Samsung this morning revealed that it has started shipping its new 64GB SSD, the first 1.8-inch drive with its capacity to reach PC builders. Announced at CTIA, the drive uses a 51 nanometer process to achieve the record density and brings with it all the advantages of flash-based disks. Startup and average load times are faster, Samsung says; the drive is also skip-proof and is set to last longer than the average rotating hard disk. Power consumption is a small 0.4 watts and helps improve battery life by as much as 20 percent.


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