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Moto RIZR Z8 "media monster" ships, packs extras

updated 03:10 pm EDT, Fri June 29, 2007

Moto RIZR Z8 Ships

Motorola on Friday announced that its much-touted RIZR Z8 announced in February is now shipping and includes new surprises. Described by the company's CEO as a "media monster" ready to take on the iPhone, the ergonomic kick-slider design has enough performance to play full-resolution video either offline or from an HSDPA Internet connection; new is word that the device supports microSDHC, allowing it to handle at least 4GB of removable storage with as much as 32GB through future cards, Motorola says.

The deluxe RIZR will also ship with S9 headphones for wireless listening and a full copy of The Bourne Identity to put the phone's media features to use right away. Its first carrier will be Telefonica partner Movistar in Spain, which will offer the phone immediately through its network; versions for the rest of Europe and Asia are expected soon, though the company has yet to say whether or not it will offer the RIZR Z8 in North America but isn't expected to do so until late this year at the earliest.

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  1. Fast iBook

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    Testudo, you're wrong.

    Again testudo you're wrong. Bluetooth is bluetooth. You can connect computer via bluetooth to edge, and possibly wifi as well. The plan is a bargain compared to what i pay now for the same thing, unlimited data and unlimted text would pay for the phone's cost in 24 months, or if you stick with the 200 texts you pay for the phone in savings in 15 months. The rest of your "flaw" list is asinine. It's not a laptop replacement, but it almost is. Get a clue and stop posting untrue comments that have nothing to do with reality on macnn. I have cingular and i've used both the bluetooth to connect to internet, and the EDGE network. It's no wifi, but it gets the job done, and people who think the iPhone is somehow "flawed" doesn't get what it's all about.

  1. chadpengar

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    the Windows of Phones

    Why is it that these companies think that they can "beat" the iPhone by throwning more and more technical sophistication at their phones? Ie, more of the same old? It is not about specs and feature lists, it is about making the power of the phone actually usable.

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