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Vodafone holding out for 3G iPhone

updated 11:55 am EDT, Thu July 19, 2007

Vodafone wants 3G iPhone

The interenational phone carrier Vodafone is saying that while it would like to distribute the iPhone in Europe, its major issue is the lack of 3G in the device. Reuters writes that in a recent Vodafone conference call, during which it reported healthy third-quarter finances, the company expressed doubts about success for the iPhone in Europe using its current design -- its cellular broadband comes in the form of EDGE, a "2.5G" technology that even Apple CEO Steve Jobs has admitted can be slow.

"It's clearly a good, software-driven device," said Vodafone CEO Arun Sarin, "but we're concerned about wideband area coverage so that 3G (third-generation) or HSDPA (upgraded 3G) connectivity with the iPhone is something that we look forward to."

The difficulty is that much of Europe, particularly Scandinavia, has long been accustomed to 3G services and would likely see the current iPhone as a step backwards rather than the great leap forward promoted by Apple. "Every product, every alterative, every choice here has a price and we just have to be conscious of what it is that we're doing for our customers and our shareholders," said Sarin.

While Vodafone has been pointed to as a serious contender for a pan-European iPhone contract, its recent statements and a general lack of news may indicate that Apple is heading elsewhere, possibly to T-Mobile. Apple is notorious for having coerced AT&T into many concessions, in exchange for an exclusive iPhone contract.

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  1. zeonlyone

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Aug 2006


    I fully agree

    Here in Belgium, we start to have 3G (HSDPA) coverage "all over the place" too. So although I like the iPhone very much from what I read and see on-line (AND I'm an "apple fan-boy"): no iPhone for me until 3G is an option !

  1. riquito

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Oct 2001


    3G or Wimax

    Vodafone and some others have spent a lot of money on 3G event they know that is not really the "future". Orange in France is proposing "pro" users to open there LiveBox for Guess access. It means that they are also preparing people tu use wifi instead of 3G. With Wimax coming soon as well I guess that Apple is going in the right direction and do not have to go in a wall.

  1. chadpengar

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Oct 2001


    lots of 2g still

    A lot of 2g phones are still sold in Europe, though I hope that Apple comes out with a 3G version soon as I would like that for travel to Japan from the US.

  1. Geobunny

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    Joined: Oct 2000


    One down...

    So, I guess that's Vodafone out of the running then!

  1. OtisWild

    Junior Member

    Joined: Feb 2005


    802.11n plz

    802.11n would also be nice, especially if you decide to run your airport extreme in 5ghz n-only mode for the performance and interference improvements..

  1. Terrin

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Jan 2006


    not Quite

    Apple didn't coerce AT&T into anything. Apple clearly needed AT&T more then AT&T needed Apple. If anything, both companies came out OK. Clearly, a five year exclusive contract was a major concession on Apple's part.

  1. MacnnChester

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    Joined: Jun 2007



    So this is a ROKR with a clickwheel? What is the point?

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