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Survey: UK public demands DRM-free music

updated 03:15 pm EDT, Mon August 6, 2007

Public demands DRM-free

A majority of the public strongly rejects DRM measures in its music, a new survey indicates. In a poll of 1,700 music buyers across the United Kingdom, Entertainment Media Research and the media lawfirm Olswang concluded that an overwhelming 68 percent would prefer to buy DRM-free music whenever possible. Furthermore, 39 percent would agree to pay extra for this right -- as on Apple's iTunes Plus -- while 18 percent would tolerate DRM, but only if it meant saving money. The remaining percentage is said to either be unfamiliar with DRM, or have no opinion on the matter.

The results of the survey contrast sharply with 2006, when the majority (53 percent) had no knowledge or opinion on DRM.

In the 2007 results, a sizable 61 percent of those familiar with DRM agreed with the statement that DRM "invades the rights of the music consumer to hear their music on different platforms." 49 percent said that DRM was a "nuisance," while 39 percent believed that it could create privacy problems. 63 percent did agree with the basic principles of DRM however, supporting the notion that it "protects copyrighted music from illegal file-sharers."

In the past, critics of anti-DRM advocates are said to have complained that their views are "not representative" of the public as a whole. [via Ars Technica]

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  1. testudo

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    Where's the demand? The best they got is "We'd prefer not to...." Maybe in the UK that's synonomous with a demand. I was expecting something like "85% refuse to purchase any music without DRM!"

  1. Squirrel_Monkey

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    echo chamber

    Wow. Europeans don't like DRM.

    I wonder how many of those surveyed even understand DRM.

    I wonder how much more honest those surveyed would had their been an option about preferring not to pay for music whatsoever.

    I wonder.

  1. LouZer

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    Re: very disturbing

    but the fact the Judge can just throw out a jury ruling due to his personal feelings is very disturbing. How can our court system function properly if the judge is allowed to do what he wants anyway?

    Its his job. Juries don't necessarily understand the nuances of law, or the fine print of who can and can't sue and under what circumstances. Or, worse, rule based on emotion more than facts presented in a case. And, in case you didn't realize, once you get past the first round of courts, all appeals and such are ruled by judges alone.

    But I can't believe this! How dare someone sue MS for patent infringement? Don't they know you've got to sue Apple in all Patent infringement cases??? Its a new law, I understand.

    Oh, and you do realize that this is the kind of jurist you hope gets the patent cases apple faces. And the fact that Apple was next in line on this lawsuit.

  1. testudo

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    Re: wow

    I'm actually thrilled this happened. Apple's music is MUCH MUCH larger than M$'s. Apple could have been paying more than 1.5 billion in penalties and royalties had this spun out of control.

    Actually, it would have been less. I don't think the number of iPods + OS X sales + iTunes downloads is greater then the number of copies of Windows sold. Remember, all of Apple's on-line music is in AAC format.

    This is the one time I'm happy M$ won their lawsuit. This could have got really ugly really fast. (This is why we should be using LAME ;))

    Maybe this is why we shouldn't be using MP3. But I think LAME has some of the same issues (since MP3 isn't an 'open' standard, there's technically the point that LAME uses it is in violation. The problem, of course, is that since no one's selling the software, there's no one to sue.

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