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Apple moving to aluminum for MacBooks?

updated 10:45 am EDT, Fri September 21, 2007

Apple Aluminum MacBooks

Apple's next update to the MacBook line may represent a shift to an almost completely aluminum foundation, according to a new claim. Similar to the new iMac, the new model would replace virtually everything but the keys with aluminum, delivering a more professional look and also slimming the case considerably versus today's plastic-based model. The resulting system would be lighter than today's MacBook and thinner than even the one-inch MacBook Pro, the unnamed source says. The keyboard layout would be virtually unchanged from the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard seen today and would include the media keys absent from today's MacBooks. There may also be "something strange" about the touchpad, though details are forthcoming, the report alleges.

While the possibility exists that such a system may represent the subnotebook rumored by analysts and online, clues reinforce beliefs that the systems may actually be consumer models. Both aluminum and black models would be available -- paralleling the black and white plastic of today -- and would be "priced aggressively," the insider says. The display would also match the 13.3-inch diagonal area of the current model but would have a much thinner bezel that would reduce the overall footprint of the system.

The tip was unclear as to when the systems would be released but was followed with the promise of future leaks and possible photos over the next few weeks. While unverifiable, the tip appears to be consistent with past reports of an aluminum, 13.3-inch system in development and comes from the same site that hosted the first photo of the third generation iPod nano, which was proven accurate during Apple's September music event. [via 9to5Mac]

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  1. legacyb4

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    me want!

  1. bobolicious

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    Still a 13" screen...?

    While thin & light are great for mobility I can barely work on my 15" macbook pro screen ? Here's hoping a 14"+ might also be warranted...

  1. Guest

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Nov 1999


    Stick to Plastic!

    On behalf of the Tuesday Night Tech podcast, we vote for Apple to keep the plastic--the aluminum is just getting to be overused already. How about some other exotic metal to set the industry on end?

  1. dmsimmer

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  1. emark

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    Well, the screen size idea is good, if they add another size, not make just one.

    Otherwise, find your MINI-DVI port, and hook it up to a monitor...Monitors are dirt cheap...shoot, for that matter get a sweet LCD TV with an extra dvi or vga input and really treat yourself without schlepping the extra bulk/weight.

    and while your at it, try putting a real keyboard and trackball/mouse on it (wireless?) and completely maximize the bigscreen goodness....all without losing a drop of portability.

  1. Rance

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    Makes sense, I guess...

    Considering they released a product called the "iPod Classic," but didn't make one available in white. (Really, how non-classic is that?)

  1. Feathers

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    I hope there'll be a non-glossy screen option!

  1. starwarrior

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    I love beautiful objects. I love buyin them. Cheap asp microtards upset me.

  1. l008com

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    i'd say

    I'd say this is very likely. This based on the face that the 'top case' in almost every well used macbook I've seen, is falling apart. I'd guess that the macbooks are just getting too then for plastic. They need something stronger. I just hope apple will warranty the chip midding on mine, though I doubt it.

  1. sfmike64

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    Joined: Jun 2007



    I travel around with my Macbook ALL the time, and it's far more robust than the aluminium powerbook I used to havem, which was always getting dinged and dented...I do NOT think it's 'aircraft grade' metal. If it is, we're in big trouble in the air.

    Plastic is far more robust for this sort of thing....don't change it!

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