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Gateway aims at new iMac with Gateway One [U]

09/26, 10:30pm

Gateway One

(Updated with launch info) PC maker Gateway today fired a salvo at Apple with a new all-in-one home desktop that bears strong design similarities with the recently introduced aluminum iMac. Called simply the One, the design is far sleeker than Gateway's earlier Profile systems and fits the entire design within a single metal shell just 3.6 inches deep. The entire front face is black to hide the borders of the 19-inch widescreen LCD and blend into home decor, such as the living room. The One also builds on Apple's minimalist emphasis: where the iMac plugs all cables directly into the back, the One feeds gigabit Ethernet, four USB ports, and AV ports to the external power adapter to take clutter away from the desk. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are standard and eliminate the need for a wired mouse or keyboard.

FCC bowing to Verizon pressure in auction?

09/26, 5:05pm

FCC Bowing to Verizon

The Federal Communications Commission's chairman Kevin Martin may be revising the rules for its upcoming auction of the 700MHz wireless band under pressure from Verizon, reported insiders say. The regulatory body chief is said to be considering a special declaratory ruling that would override the rules he had already set for the auction, which would insist on open access by any device and program to the frequency. Martin agreed to the unusual reversal after intensive lobbying efforts at a September 17th meeting between himself, his staff, and Verizon executives, the sources claim.

3G N95 goes on sale in United States

09/26, 4:35pm

3G N95 goes on sale in US

Nokia has at last released its latest American N95, equipped with 3G. Not to be confused with the separate 8GB N95, the new model focuses just on broadband, adding 850 and 1900MHz HSDPA that should allow higher data rates on networks such as AT&T and Rogers. The phone includes other minor refinements as well, such as longer battery life, built-in assisted GPS, and a bundled 1GB microSD card to provide reasonable storage. It is currently being sold for $699 at Nokia's flagship stores in New York City and Chicago, but anecdotes note that it can be had for $50 less at MobileCityOnline. [via Symbian-Guru]

Court partially clears Vonage, voids $58m damages

09/26, 4:25pm

Vonage Partially Cleared

Vonage has earned at least a temporary stay on having to pay $58 million in awarded damages to Verizon in its patent dispute over VoIP phone service, according to a new ruling by the US Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. While the court upheld the essential verdict, it denied the damage payment as well as a proposed 5.5 percent royalty fee since it was not clear how much of these monetary figures applied to each of the three patents involved. One of the patent verdicts was also remitted as the original court misinterpreted its terms, the appeals court said.

JVC prepares ultra-high contrast cinema projector

09/26, 4:00pm

JVC DLA-HD100 projector

The Japanese division of JVC has announced a new cinema projector, built to offer some of the highest specifications possible. The DLA-HD100 is 1080p24/50/60 capable, and can also be used to display in standard PC resolutions up to SXGA. Inputs include two HDMI ports plus component, S-Video and composite connections; control can be managed via RS-232C. The greatest feature however is its extremely high contrast, rated at 30,000:1, where many other top-end projectors rarely surpass 15,000:1.

LaCie debuts Ethernet Disk Mini Home Edition

09/26, 3:25pm

LaCie Ethernet Disk Mini

LaCie today unveiled its Ethernet Disk mini Home Edition, a 500GB personal media server designed to save, show, sync, and share personal digital media. The server is the first commercial device to combine remote access through the internet with the ability to stream multimedia files through DLNA-compatible UPnP (Universal Plug-and-Play) media players while acting as an iTunes music server, according to the company. The Home Edition also includes specialized applications like DesktopMirror that can backup as well as restore files to the device for sharing or remote access. The device is due to ship in late October for $200.

KDDI prepares rounded designer phone

09/26, 3:10pm


The AU brand of Japanese carrier KDDI has announced the INFOBAR 2, a candybar phone designed by the industry-famed Naoto Fukasawa. The successor to the original INFOBAR retains the same basic philosophy, emphasizing minimalism and an extremely smooth surface; similarly, number keys are extremely large for quick dialing. Other features include a 2.6-inch OLED screen, a two-megapixel autofocus camera, and a microSD slot for storing media including music. Release is expected in late November, with four different colors: red, green, beige and silver. [via Impress Watch]

Creative shadows iPod shuffle with new Muvo

09/26, 3:05pm

Creative Muvo T100

Creative today expanded its screenless player offerings and launched the Muvo T100. Unlike the shorter ZEN Stone made just for music, the T100 shares a strong resemblance with Apple's first-generation iPod shuffle and is built as much for data storage as for songs. As with the Apple player, the T100 has a removable cap that exposes a USB port for directly plugging the ZEN into a PC as an impromptu jumpdrive. Users can load music or files without software just by dragging and dropping, Creative says.

Dell 'first' PC maker to go carbon neutral

09/26, 2:35pm

Dell Goes Carbon Neutral

Dell today announced that it would be the first major computer maker to pursue carbon neutrality across the entire company, hoping to offset the impact of its products on the environment. The Texas-based firm promised to take stock of its greenhouse gas emissions and actively reduce or eliminate the pollution where possible, including the use of renewable energy and purchasing carbon offsets where technology would not allow the company to avoid causing damage. This would include even minor details such as offsetting the costs associated with employee travel, Dell said.

Nokia promises WiMAX tablet in Intel deal

09/26, 1:55pm

Nokia WiMAX Tablet Deal

Nokia today said that it had chosen to use Intel's WiMAX chipsets in its hardware, paving the way for future handheld devices from the phone maker that use the standard. As part of a deal to test the compatibility of its own devices and network equipment with Intel's, the Finnish company said it would use Intel's upcoming mobile chipset, known as "Baxter Peak," in a future version of its Internet tablets like the N800 to provide multi-megabit download rates at long distance. The technology should allow the handheld to stream movies or music without having to reduce quality to accommodate slower speeds, Nokia said.

Canon readies new SELPHY photo printer

09/26, 1:10pm

Canon SELPHY ES2 printer

Canon has announced a new SELPHY photo printer, the ES2. Central to the design is a simple interface, which is mainly viewed through a three-inch LCD, and adjusted with a combination of buttons and a scrollwheel. Reducing complexity further is support for Canon's "Easy-Photo Pack" cartridges, which lets users load ink and paper at the same time. Print sizes can range from a 2x3-inch credit-card format to a borderless 5x7; the latter prints in approximately 52 seconds. Standard resolution is 300dpi.

NEC debuts tilting, 24-inch widescreen LCD

09/26, 12:25pm

NEC debuts tilting 24" LCD

NEC has announced a new entry into its MultiSync 70 line of LCDs, the LCD2470WVX. Measuring 24 inches in a widescreen format, the monitor is capable of resolutions up to 1900x1200, and supports the full range of HD ratios through an HDCP-compatible DVI-D port. Owners can also connect the monitor through VGA input. One of the primary features of the monitor is actually its stand, which lets users pivot, swivel and tilt the display for whatever alignment works best, including pure vertical. A thin bezel makes it more suited for multi-monitor use.

Apple planning Newton revival?

09/26, 12:10pm

Apple Newton Revival

Apple's iPhone and iPod touch may have prefigured the release of a new PDA-like device that rekindles the spirit of the Newton, according to "well-respected" sources speaking with AppleInsider. The report claims that Apple plans to leverage the multi-touch input technology in a considerably larger design than either of today's models; though similar in shape, it would be roughly 50 percent larger than either existing touchscreen device and would have a sharper 720x480 resolution. Users may also have access to input tricks not seen on the iPhone or iPod, such as dragging and dropping information or cutting and pasting text, the sources claim.

Sharp readies Blu-Ray DVR with 1TB of storage

09/26, 10:20am

Sharp BD-HDW20

Sharp today launched a slew of AQUOS-themed digital video recorders designed for the most adamant of home theater enthusiasts. The BD-HDW20 is the first to combine a Blu-Ray drive with a full 1TB of storage. Viewers can now capture as much as 127 hours of HD video and record to a disc that will play at the full resolution. With support for writing 50GB dual-layer discs, even movie-length shows can be recorded, according to Sharp. The new AQUOS is also one of the first to explicitly support Blu-Ray's newer Low-to-High (LTH) blank discs which cost less than normally pricey BD-R or rewritable BD-RE discs. Dual digital TV tuners as well as a single analog tuner let users record a show in one format while viewing another; twin FireWire ports provide capture from some video cameras.

Sanyo bridges gap with HD700 720p vidcam

09/26, 9:35am

Sanyo HD700

Sanyo today introduced the HD700 as a new, lower-cost entry into its budding HD camcorder line. The stylized camera enters as an alternative to the older HD2 and the range-topping HD1000. While relying on a 5X optical zoom lens in place of the 10X model from the HD2, the HD700 compensates by using the same, single-chip enhanced processor as the 1080i-capable HD1000 to produce better images at its native 720p without consuming much power. At just four watts, the camera records at 720p for up to two continuous hours or 80 minutes with many common adjustments, Sanyo says. The new entry also shares the same 2.7-inch preview LCD as the HD1000 and captures in H.264 (AVC) to store up to two hours, 46 minutes of full-resolution footage on an 8GB SDHC card.

Voodoo PC launches Envy M:152 with Core 2 Extreme

09/26, 9:00am

Voodoo PC Envy M:152

HP's gaming PC label Voodoo PC on Wednesday rolled out its first notebook to use the full Intel Santa Rosa platform. The 15.4-inch Envy M:152 is a full Centrino Duo system and comes with 802.11n Wi-Fi standard. It can also scale up through the full Core 2 mobile range and tops out at the 2.6GHz Core 2 Extreme, beating out many systems its size in terms of sheer CPU speed. Voodoo PC similarly loads the system with a 512MB GeForce 8600M GT to drive games as quickly as possible without case heat becoming a concern. The M:152's choice of components and cooling is actually quieter than most ENVY systems, Voodoo PC claims.

T-Mobile intros Sidekick LX, Slide

09/26, 8:35am

Sidekick LX and Slide

T-Mobile this morning revamped its Sidekick messaging phones with two new models, both of which break new ground for the series. The Sidekick LX (pictured) is the first ever to bring a wide, 400x240 screen to the series and is said to borrow elements of Sharp's experience with its AQUOS HDTVs to provide higher picture quality. It can also create a personalized mood for messaging at night: users can customize ambient lighting around the front face. T-Mobile bundles the LX with a 128MB microSD card to store photos taken with the 1.3-megapixel camera as well as other data.

FlipStart Labs introduces Snap Camera

09/26, 1:50am

FlipStart Snap Camera

FlipStart Labs has introduced the FlipStart Snap Camera, a snap-in accessory for the the FlipStart PC that attaches to the device's lid. The camera can take five megapixel photographs as well as VGA-quality video with a built-in digital zoom function. There is also an included software package that enables features such as editing and remote monitoring. The FlipStart compact PC is equipped to run on the Sprint EV-DO network, and is priced at $1500. It has a 5.6-inch screen, including a sharp 1024x600 resolution, a touchpad for full control of the mouse pointer, and an external Vista SideShow display for checking info when the computer is inactive. The new camera attachment is priced at $150.


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