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Sony teases again with Drive image

updated 04:50 pm EDT, Fri September 28, 2007

Sony Drive Teaser

Sony is using a secretive website to once again tease users with an upcoming device, according to a new discovery. So far known only as the Drive, the device does not have any clear purpose and has a metal neck as well as a solid base. Early speculation suggests that the device is either an all-in-one computer with an iMac-like neck (obscured by the green bow) or a device with a mounting bracket, such as a GPS unit. No release dates or special events have been found on the public page or hidden inside the website's code.

In its most recent such campaign, Sony provided only elusive glances until it revealed the Rolly, an autonomous music player that moves and pulses light in time with music. No apparent connection between Rolly and Drive exists other than their respective marketing tactics.

By Electronista Staff
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    Sony Drive

    It could be a wireless storage solution for the home user. That doesn't fit the bill for Sony consumer electronics though. It could be something like the Apple iTV box which allows you to store/stream media to your television.

    Wait, what am I thinking? The Japanese love giant robots! I bet the Drive is a redesign of that one plastic piece required to join the Constructicons together to form Devastator. You know, the one EVERYONE lost in the first two days of owning the Constructicon Transformers?

    In all seriousness, if you look at the design of the Drive you can tell a few things:

    - The swing arm pivots (likely to fold itself back into the unit) by the stainless steel part on the side closest to our viewing point.

    - There appears to be only one swing arm which is rather close to the outside edge. While the picture was taken at a slight angle, you'd be able to see a second swing arm. The one we do see doesn't appear distorted such that you can tell it is at an angle leading away from us, the viewer.

    - Its box is reminiscent of the Atari 2600 (albeit updated and modernized), there are places to plug in cables on the back side. You can see one likely port close to us and two on the far side.

    In short: Who the heck knows what it is? The Sony Marketing Department. As consumers, are we really required to care? No, but I am sure the Sony Marketing Department would like us to care a lot. Is this a poor attempt by the Sony Marketing Department to generate buzz for a new product? Yes.

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