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Hitachi tech to make 4TB drives by 2011

updated 09:15 am EDT, Mon October 15, 2007

Hitachi CPP-GMR Drives

Hitachi's Global Storage division on Monday revealed a new technology in its labs that could quadruple the amount of available storage in just a few years. Called current perpendicular-to-the-plane giant magnetoresistive (CPP-GMR), the invention shrinks the drive head to between 30 and 50 nanometers versus the 70 of today's best shipping drives. It also compensates for the signal noise problems that would come along with the reduction, Hitachi says. A new magnetic film, improved patterning, and noise reduction make sure the drive can write as it normally would at the larger size, eliminating a density barrier that many have believed would be impossible to break with today's tunnel-magnetoresistive (TMR) drives by allowing smaller data bits on the drive without interference.

The initial implementation should be ready for shipping products by 2009 and will achieve 500 gigabits per square inch, more than twice as much as the 200 gigabits of today; the technology should peak as high as a full terabit per square inch by 2011 if research continues as predicted. While the company did not say what would be available on the initial release, it estimated that CPP-GMR would allow for drives roughly four times denser than today, providing 4TB drives on the desktop and 1TB notebook drives. No mention was made of how well the technique would apply to 1.8-inch and smaller drives found in portable media players or ultraportable computers.

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  1. dliup

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    hooray for really smart people packing more storage space into a drive!!!

  1. notehead

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    big brains

    These R&D dudes at Hitachi have some seriously big brains. Seems like they and IBM are always coming up with ways to put MORE data into LESS space. Pretty amazing. Remember those giant-a** floppy disks back in the day? :-)

  1. chucker

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    "On a truly level playing field"

    I wouldn't say it is a truly level playing field. MS still sells like 20 times more copies of windows than apple sells OS X. If they had come out with an equally good player with an equally good interface (like iTunes) on the PC, then they would have whipped Apples b_hinds. The fact they didn't just shows that they "don't get it"

    In summary, Apple won this battle from way way way behind...

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