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Verizon settles dispute with Vonage

10/25, 6:30pm

Verizon/Vonage settle

Verizon Communications has settled a patent spat with Vonage based on the companies' respective voice-over-IP technologies. Accused by Verizon of violating "at least" seven patents, Vonage was facing a possible interruption of service if Verizon was declared the victor. In March, a jury found that Vonage is infringing on three valid, and awarded $58 million in damages. The trial judge subsequently issued an injunction which was stayed pending an appeal. In September, the U.S. Court of Appeals upheld the earlier court decision. Vonage again staved off an injunction by filing a petition for rehearing. The legal to-and-fro has been marginalized, however, by the settlement.

Bang & Olufsen debuts $600 MP3 player

10/25, 5:55pm

$600 MP3 player

Looking to establish its own class of portable music players with a device priced far above competing products, Bang & Olufsen has debuted a $600 MP3 player that the company claims has a "very clear and pure CD sound quality, due to its high performance on signal to noise playback," when compared to competing products. The new player, dubbed BeoSound 6, claims 40 hours of playback, includes a a stainless steel frame and features a black soft-touch lacquered surface and a black scratch-resistant glass display (with a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels). Included is a slim fit leather case.

NVIDIA planning 8800M GTX notebook graphics?

10/25, 4:50pm


NVIDIA is planning a new top-end graphics processor for notebooks that will outperform the GeForce 8700M GT just a few months after its release, claim visitors to the recent Computex expo in Taiwan. The upgrade would be known as the 8800M GTX and would effectively be a mobile-optimized version of the imminent GeForce 8800 GT for desktops. The architecture would be virtually the same save for a lower clock speed and switching on power saving measures that are unnecessary for the desktop card, according to the report.

LG targets Europe with three new sliders

10/25, 4:15pm

Three European LG phones

Three new LG phones have been announced for European markets. The top end is represented by the KE590, a slider with a two-megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0, and MP3 playback. 56MB of user memory is onboard, which can be expanded with microSD cards. The phone's main limitation is video playback, which is limited to 15fps 3GP. The KG291 is similar in many respects to the 590, but lacks its metallic design cues. The camera has also been scaled back to 1.3 megapixels, and user memory is just 7MB. Both the 291 and 590 are tri-band GSM phones that will be carried on networks such as Italy's Wind.

AT&T chief on iPhone, more at Forbes expo

10/25, 4:00pm

Stephenson Forbes Comments

The iPhone is making AT&T reconsider its approach to data and video, company chief Randall Stephenson said today at the Forbes MEET II forum. While most users have typically been sparing with Internet use on their phones, the frequency of access "jumps by multiples" when existing subscribers switch to an iPhone, the carrier head noted. The executive also observed that the Apple handset's ability to play video had changed his and the company's approach to video playback, as he and many at the company had never thought it likely that customers would watch video on a cellphone until the iPhone became public.

Cameras, notebooks buoy Sony sales record

10/25, 3:25pm

Record Sony sales

Global electronics company Sony is reporting record second-quarter profits, in spite of serious business setbacks, says Agence France-Presse. Net profits for the period rose to $646.5 million, a drastic improvement on the $15 million earned the year prior. The company is now working with a Q2 operating profit of $938 million, whereas a year ago the posted figure was just $70.2 million. Sales are expected to continue rolling in as new 1080p TV sets debut in the second half of the financial year.

AT&T's LG Vu phone to gain digital TV

10/25, 3:20pm

LG Vu Gets Digital TV

AT&T's upcoming LG Vu (CU920) touchscreen phone will be AT&T's first phone to support digital broadcast TV, according to a tip provided to Engadget. While subscribers to the carrier's service have had access to live video across the Internet with 3G-capable phones, the upcoming device should include a MediaFLO tuner that will provide direct digital broadcast TV. Whether the device would be compatible with Verizon's V CAST TV is unknown; both providers will use the same over-the-air format but are likely to block access through software.

LG rolls out small E300 notebook with hybrid HDD

10/25, 2:25pm

LG E300 Notebook Hybrid

LG today added a new model to its XNOTE line in the form of the E300-AP75K, a new version of the company's 13.3-inch portable. The system becomes one of the smallest and lightest (at 2.9 pounds) to include a hybrid hard drive and includes a 160GB disk with 256MB of flash memory to speed boot times and responsiveness without requiring either a space-consuming separate cache or an external USB stick. This speed emphasis is also reflected in the unusually fast specifications: the stock model is based on a 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo and comes with 2GB of memory, according to LG.

Intel opens 2nd 45nm fab, readies Penryn

10/25, 1:35pm

Intel Opens 2nd 45nm Fab

Semiconductor firm Intel on Thursday opened up its second factory capable of manufacturing processors on a 45-nanometer process. The plant, known formally as Fab 32, is located in Chandler, Arizona and will be capable of manufacturing wafers as large as 300mm, allowing large batches of processors to be manufactured at a time and cutting the overall costs for both Intel and end users buying systems. Two more manufacturing facilities are also in construction in Israel and New Mexico and will increase capacity even further when they come online in 2008.

Congressman weighs in on Comcast sabotage

10/25, 1:25pm

Congressman v. Comcast

A member of the US Congress is the latest to express criticism of national cable ISP Comcast. The company was recently caught in a scandal by the Associated Press, who revealed that the company was deliberately sabotaging peer-to-peer transfers, hampering or completely blocking transfers such as BitTorrent sharing. Rep. Rick Boucher (D-VA) complains in an interview that Comcast is ultimately hurting one of the primary purposes of the Internet, which is sharing content between users. Moreover, despite its frequent association with piracy, Boucher notes that file sharing is also common in a "wide variety of perfectly lawful and appropriate applications."

Samsung offers low-cost 942BW wide LCD

10/25, 1:05pm

Samsung SyncMaster 942BW

Samsung today quietly released a new display in its SyncMaster LCD series. The 942BW aims to bring 19-inch widescreen graphics to a relatively affordable level without sacrificing picture quality; though built on a panel with a static 500:1 contrast ratio, the display includes several presets that optimize the picture for specific viewing conditions. It also brings a quick 5ms pixel response time and DVI with HDCP encryption support for watching some protected HD movies at slightly higher than 720p resolutions.

E-Ten M800 announced, gets specs

10/25, 12:35pm

E-Ten M800 official

E-Ten's latest smartphone, also known has the Glofiish, has now been officially announced. Its codenumber is actually the M800, but a number of other specifications have been confirmed, such as the presence of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a SiRFstar III receiver and a two-megapixel autofocus camera. Connections include quad-band GSM, but more crucially the phone has EDGE and HSDPA, making it a prime candidate for networks such as AT&T. The processor has been bumped to 500MHz, although E-Ten is not sharing internal memory figures, only disclosing the option of microSD cards.

NEC builds 839-teraflop SX-9 supercomputer

10/25, 11:40am

NEC SX-9 Supercomputer

Japan's NEC today introduced the SX-9, a supercomputer it claims is the fastest computer at vector math and one of the world's fastest overall computers. The system includes a new, unnamed processor that emphasizes vectors over a more flexible but potentially slower general-purpose CPU. Just one core is capable of over 102 gigaflops (billion floating-point math operations per second); a single node of 16 CPUs generates up to 1.6 teraflops (trillion operations) while a full cluster of nodes produces 839 teraflops, NEC claims. The SZ-9 is also able to handle especially large data sets with a shared memory of 1TB as well as 128GB per second transfers all processors in the system.

Samsung shows low-cost window glass LCD

10/25, 10:45am

Samsung Window Glass LCD

Samsung is showcasing a new panel technology at the FPD International display expo that should lower the price of LCDs even further, according to a report from the show floor. Called a Soda-Lime panel, the technique would allow the Korean company to make LCDs using glass similar to that used for windows, rather than the specialized glass for current LCDs. Manufacturers would not need to strip out the sodium that normally blocks light and prevents making extra-thin glass, Samsung says. The ability to use an almost ubiquitous glass format would reduce the basic cost of manufacturing an LCD and should pass the savings on to buyers.

SanDisk sues 25 companies over flash patents

10/25, 10:05am

SanDisk Sues 25 Companies

SanDisk late Wednesday announced that it was suing 25 companies regarding seven patents relating to flash storage, accusing them of building portable media jukeboxes, memory cards, and other devices that use SanDisk's "system-level" technology without permission. The lawsuit did not name specific products but included the high-profile Korean electronics giant LG as well as well-known memory makers Corsair, Imation, Kingston, and Verbatim. Sunnyvale, California-based SanDisk said it was seeking both damages and a permanent injunction that would block any offending flash memory from entering the United States.

Gateway intros LCD duo with HDMI, component [U]

10/25, 9:15am

Gateway FHD2400 and HD2200

(Updated with official shots) Gateway today rounded out its newly expanded HD-series displays with two new models designed for both computer use and movies alike. The 24-inch FHD2400 and 22-inch HD2200 back up their traditional DVI and VGA inputs with HDMI and component inputs that let them accept HD signals from Blu-Ray or HD DVD movie players, game consoles, and other set-top boxes; the FHD2400 also fits RCA and S-video connections for strictly analog sources. Either uses a Faroudja image processor to boost the visual quality of any source.

iPhone trumps RAZR2 as Motorola profit drops

10/25, 8:45am

Motorla Cell Biz Tumble

Motorola today revealed that sales in its Mobile Devices group for the summer quarter had fallen by 36 percent year over year and contributed to a large drop in the company's overall earnings. Despite an "improvement" in the company's sales, according to company chief Ed Zander, the division fell from over $848 million in profit during summer 2006 to a $138 million loss for the company. No explanation was provided for the drop, though the period included the expense of multiple high-profile phone launches, including the first public availability of the RAZR2 as well as the U9 and multiple versions of the ROKR Z6.


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