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Apple intros faster MacBooks, MacBook Pros

updated 07:45 am EDT, Thu November 1, 2007

MacBook Santa Rosa

Operating outside of its normal upgrade schedule, Apple today quietly upgraded the performance of its MacBooks and added new performance options for its MacBook Pro models. The former, 13-inch systems are now based on the Intel Santa Rosa platform used by the recent MacBook Pro and run on a faster 800MHz system bus in addition to using faster GMA X3100 integrated graphics, which add improved hardware 3D acceleration compared to the GMA 950 used in previous models. The improved bus speed has led to a slight increase in processor speed from 2.16GHz to 2.2GHz for the mid-range $1,299 and high-end $1,499 models.

Stock configurations otherwise remain the same, including the 2GHz speed of the base $1,099 model; Apple has added a build-to-order option of a 250GB, 5400RPM hard disk. All new configurations are listed as shipping within 24 hours and are available today from the online Apple Store.

In return, the MacBook Pro now takes advantage of improvements in Intel's processor design and includes a $250 option for a 2.6GHz Core 2 Duo on all 2.4GHz models. The faster 250GB hard disk is also an option for all 15-inch and 17-inch systems, the update notes. No other changes appear to have been made to the systems, all of which ship within 24 hours.

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  1. nhmlco

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Mar 2007


    So where's the 17" LEDs?

    Inquiring minds want to know. Better yet, when are we getting the super-slim replacement for the 12" Powerbook?

    Come on Apple! Processor upgrades? That's the best you can do?

  1. mgpalma

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Sep 2000


    I want an ultra portable

    I would love a ultra slim portable as well and am waiting with money in the bank for it. Come on, Apple!

  1. Geordiekeith

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Aug 2003



    Another one here with the money in the bank for the ultra portable.

  1. DocZ

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Jul 2004


    add me too

    I'm also waiting for an ultra portable. 10 inch with flash disk, that's what I'd like to see.

  1. talisker

    Mac Elite

    Joined: Oct 2001



    MacNN does seem to be in love with the phrase "....has quietly introduced...". No they haven't, they've just done an upgrade. There's nothing quiet, or otherwise, about it. After all, the upgraded specs are shown clearly on Apple's website. Maybe what they really mean is "...has introduced...and we didn't know anything about it."

  1. zl9600

    Forum Regular

    Joined: Oct 2003


    Not enough

    to pull the trigger. The stale form factor and the lack of led says to me this is still something in line for an early q1 upgrade. A real one that puts it back ahead of its increasingly more daring competition. And this is certainly a quiet upgrade. No event or anything. Shouldn't be one!

  1. zaghahzag

    Dedicated MacNNer

    Joined: Aug 2006


    its a serious upgrade

    For the macbooks. the extra bto things are handy to stay relevant.

    I wonder how many people waited for leopard and then bought a macbook only to have it updated 4 days later. why didn't apple update these on friday?

  1. vasic

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: May 2005


    Quietly. As in....

    There was no big press event (such as the new iMacs of August, the new iPods of September); Jobs didn't go out on stage to do a Keynote slideshow. It was in fact done, well, what's the word... quietly. In fact, it was done so quietly that there is absolutely NO mention of it on Not on the home page, not on the Mac page, not on the MacBook page, nor on the MacBook Pro. Unless you know exactly what previous system configuration was and can notice the new different specs, you'd really have to search hard to figure out that there in fact was a change.

    Apple's world today is all about Leopard, and to some extent, about iPhone. Apple's main effort is to cash in on these two. Ordinary users won't care much about these minor differences.

    As for 12" ultra-slim portable, the market for those is negligible. Just look at the rest of the market (i.e. Windows world). How many 12" slim ones do you see? They sure are less than 5% of the market. There was a reason why 12" PowerBook was killed. Apple doesn't sell devices that don't make it money. They weren't selling enough of those to make it worthwhile. I doubt anything has changed there. To all those (very vocal) people waiting for this, you have two hard choices: either go Windows, or accept slightly bigger, bulkier (and most likely cheaper) MacBook.

  1. zaghahzag

    Dedicated MacNNer

    Joined: Aug 2006



    You're smoking. Everyone in asia has small laptops (they're cooler). And the 12 inch powerbook was a huge hit in the usa. Of all the people i know who owned g4 powerbooks, probably 3/4 owned 12 inch ones. The vast majority of ibooks were the 12 inch models.

    apple just thinks they replaced it with the 13 inch model. They haven't. It's a gimped machine. For people who don't mind spending more money, there is a better (smaller) laptop to be sold to them.

  1. Terrin

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Jan 2006


    Yes, except

    I agree the form factor is stale. But Apple doesn't change form factors UNLESS there is a decrease in sales. Macbook sales have been increasing, not declining. Currently, there really isn't a good reason for Apple to change form factors.

    Moreover, Apple is following the same approach it did last year (so far anyway). It is giving the Macbook and Macbook Pro minor updates before the holidays. If you recall, Apple didn't update either the Macbook or Macbook Pro's in January. I doubt it will here either. Two months in between updates is certainly not typical Apple. It has happened, but on a very rare occasion.

    For what it is worth, this is a pretty good update. Changing to the Santa Rosa architecture in and of itself makes this new model much better if only for the improved integrated graphic chip set.

    You write, "Not enough to pull the trigger. The stale form factor and the lack of led says to me this is still something in line for an early q1 upgrade. A real one that puts it back ahead of its increasingly more daring competition. And this is certainly a quiet upgrade. No event or anything. Shouldn't be one!

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