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Drive eRazer easily erases any hard drive

updated 07:45 pm EST, Mon November 12, 2007

Erase any drive easily

WiebeTech on Monday unveiled a unique hardware solution to erase data from 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch IDE/PATA and SATA hard drives: Drive eRazer is the a stand-alone solution that does not require a computer and is much less expensive and easier to use than other software or hardware solutions, the company claims. Priced at $100 for the standard version, Drive eRazer is faster than software, writing data at a sustained rate of more than 35MB/s: a 250GB drive would be fully erased in under two hours, according to the company. Drive eRazer writes over every part of a drive and using a standard single-pass mode writes a single time across the entire disk, deleting blocks including partitions and Host Protected Areas. It also performs verification and is compliant with the Department of Defense requirements (updated June 28, 2007) for "clearing" a "Non-Removable Rigid Disk."

For those who want even more assurance, a Pro model is available. It is capable of performing more than one pass with random characters and deletes all blocks including partitions and Host Protected Areas -- even ones normally invisible to operating systems. The Drive eRazer Pro automatically checks for and removes DCOs and writes to every sector of the disk using different data each pass, while verification is done after the last pass.

"As many people discover too late, trashing a file does not erase it from a hard drive," said James Wiebe, president/CEO of WiebeTech. "It is fairly easy for someone else to recover files from used hard drives. As a test, we bought used drives on eBay and recovered everything from corporate data to email conversations to financial data to legal documents. Drive eRazer is the easiest, most economical solution available to prevent others from seeing your files."

Four different models are available: the standard version for 3.5-inch IDE/PATA Drives is $100, while the pro-version for both 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch IDE drives is $150. A Drive eRazer Versatile bundle includes the Pro version for 3.5- or 2.5-inch SATA or IDE/PATA Drives and is $200.

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  1. Titanium Man

    Forum Regular

    Joined: Mar 2001


    Bad timing

    I could have used this a couple of days ago when I had to zero out a 250GB drive. It took almost five hours over USB 2.0 using Drive Utility.

  1. MiMiC

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Jun 2007


    re: bad timing

    same here about a month ago for some old PCs i was finally able to dump. i have a couple tech buddies, so i'll send them the link...

  1. tortenteufel

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    Joined: Jul 2007



    I just used a slaedhammer for my old hard-drives...... Is also a hardware solution...

  1. legacyb4

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    Joined: May 2001


    for PC hardware

    look no further than for an open source solution that you can just burn, boot from, and wipe those old pcs with. Absolutely critical that you are sanitizing those drives that are being resold or recycled.

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