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GameBoy Advance emulator for iPhone, Touch

11/14, 7:50pm

GameBoy for iPhone

Developer ZodTTD has released a new update to gbSPhone 0.0.5, a GameBoy Advance emulator for the iPod touch and iPhone. Although it is a small increment from 0.0.4, the developer said that it is a crucial update, introducing an improved graphical user interface and enhanced sound support - which the author credits to help from creator NerveGas. Some performance fixes were implemented as well, through the default frameskip settings and some dynarec tweaks. The gpSPhone project is completely open source, and is available directly from ZodTTD's website.

Matias intros Folding Keyboard, iFold bundle

11/14, 5:35pm

Matias Folding Keyboard

Matias today unveiled its new Folding Keyboard, a full size USB keyboard that folds in half for easy transportation. The keys sit on dome switches which are designed to give the keyboard a responsive, tactile feel, while still being able to support the weight of the users hands. The numerics pad features a dedicated tab key, located where the clear button is, which the company says will greatly enhance spreadsheet workflow. The Matias Folding Keyboard will be shipping in mid-December for $60, and Matias is offering free shipping for all customer pre-orders.

Envision intros low-cost Omni TVs

11/14, 4:15pm

Envision intros Omni TVs

Envision, generally better known for its computer monitors, is rolling out a new line of LCD TVs called Omni. All three debut sets include ATSC and QAM tuners, as well as 8ms response times and S/PDIF audio output; resolution is limited to 720p/1080i however, and the smallest set has a viewing angle of 170 degrees or less. The top-of-the-line screen is the 42-inch L42W761, which has a 1,200:1 contrast ratio and two HDMI inputs; the 32-inch L32W761 only has one HDMI input, but actually improves contrast to 1,500:1. The L26W761 is of course a 26-inch display, and has 800:1 contrast with a single HDMI input. The L42 is due on November 23rd for $999, while the L26 and L32 are out now for $479 and $649.

Cambridge debuts i765 combo iPod stereo system

11/14, 3:40pm

Cambridge i765 iPod stereo

Cambridge SoundWorks has released a new combination stereo system, the i765. The system is notable mainly for merging several major abilities into the same unit, including AM/FM radio, CD and DVD playback, and iPod docking, arguably the focus of the design. A wide variety of iPods are said to be supported, but the stereo more specifically supports Apple's new Touch, Nano and Classic models. Listeners can control their iPod through the bundled remote, and see track information displayed on the LCD.

Broadband use encroaching on TV time

11/14, 3:00pm

Broadband vs. TV

Americans are increasingly choosing to use their Internet connections instead of their TVs, a new poll suggests. While the vast majority still prefer to watch TV broadcasts, an In-Stat study predicts that by 2010, at least 16 million American homes will be relying on broadband services more than they do their TVs. Furthermore, 30 percent of those responding to the poll said that they would be willing to drop subscription TV entirely if the same broadcasts were available online. The results of the survey may not reflect the whole of the US populace however, as respondents had to own both a TV and a broadband connection.

Wireless USB broadband modem with flash drive

11/14, 1:45pm

Wireless USB modem debuts

UTStarcom today unveiled its first wireless broadband USB modem, the UM150 (site not updated). The UM150 weighs 1.57 ounces and measures 3.61 x 1.46 x 0.65-inches. The device downloads at rates up to 3.1Mbps and upload at 1.8Mbps, running on multiple bands including CDMA 1x EVDO Rev. A and Rev. O, CDMA 1xRTT and CDMA 800, 1900MHz. UTStarcom's new modem works as a flash memory drive with 64MB of capacity that is expandable to 2GB or more via a built-in micro-SD card slot. The UM150 is slated for shipment before the end of the year (pricing was unavailable).

LG preps 52-inch LCD TV set with Wi-Fi

11/14, 1:40pm

LG 52LG71 Wi-Fi TV

LG today provided early details of a new HDTV it says is the first to supply a full HD picture while also including Wi-Fi. The 52LG71 will present a 1080p picture like most competing 52-inch sets but incorporates an 802.11 link that pulls HD over a local wireless network; users will not need a separate media hub or an extender to watch their home content, LG says.

Dell pulls further from Windows, offers Solaris

11/14, 1:15pm

Dell offers Solaris PCs

Dell today revealed that it will be one of the first major computer builders to offer Sun's Solaris operating system, continuing the former's shift away from exclusively Windows systems to Linux and other alternatives. Anyone will be able to download the free OpenSolaris operating system from Dell's website to use on their systems; some blade and rackmount servers will come with the standard, closed-source Solaris pre-installed, the companies say. The deal also lets Dell customize its systems to ensure they work well with Solaris.

Obama tech platform aims to trump Clinton

11/14, 1:10pm

Obama debuts tech platform

One of the leading Democratic presidential candidates, Barack Obama, today published his technology platform (PDF file), which if enacted would cover a much broader range of areas than an equivalent platform proposed by Hillary Clinton. His campaign calls not only for net neutrality and speeding up the expansion of broadband, but improved math and science education, more government research spending, making an R&D tax credit permanent, and allowing the immigration of more tech workers.

Alienware leaks GeForce 8800M GTX, notebooks

11/14, 12:25pm

Alienware 8800M GTX Leak

Alienware has inadvertently confirmed the existence of NVIDIA's GeForce 8800M GTX graphics for high-end notebooks as well as a pair of systems of its own, according to a pair of leaks spotted on the PC builder's site. The 15.4-inch Area-51 m15x (link may be unavailable) and the 17-inch m17x will both have the option of a 512MB version of the 8800M GTX that should provide 3D performance approaching modern, mid-range desktop video cards while scaling back power enough to run in desktop replacement systems. For the m15x, this will be an optional upgrade from 8600M graphics; the larger system will have as many as two 8800M chipsets in SLI, the leak notes.

Toshiba Japan follows US in price cuts

11/14, 12:05pm

Japanese HD DVD price drop

Toshiba Japan has decided to sharply cut the price on one of its HD DVD players, reports say. The HD-XF2, a 2006 player limited to 720p/1080i resolution, has just had its cost reduced to 24,800 yen, or $225. While this is not as low as the current price of some American equivalents, it still represents a drop of over 50 percent, making HD DVD much more practical as an option for Japanese shoppers.

No official reason has been given, but it follows similar moves in the US, which have seen Toshiba players go on sale for $200 or less. On November 2nd only Wal-Mart sold the HD-A2 for $99, breaking the psychologically important $100 barrier. [via Akihabara News]

WSJ: new Zune targets old iPod, not new

11/14, 11:15am

WSJ on new Zunes

Microsoft's new Zune line is good but meant more to compete against the last generation of iPods than the new models, according to a new review by Wall Street Journal technology columnist Walt Mossberg. While the new flash- and hard drive-based players are definite improvements over the original version released a year ago and work well, the devices are said to only truly excel when compared to Apple's 2006-era 5th-generation iPod and second-generation iPod nano. For every feature absent from comparably priced iPods, Apple has another of its own: the Zune's FM radio and larger screen (for the 80GB model) are countered by interface touches such as smart playlists, much better battery life, and a better-quality screen, Mossberg claims.

MS pressuring Taiwan on Xbox 360 repairs, prices?

11/14, 10:25am

Xbox 360 Taiwan Pressure

Microsoft is creating problems in Taiwan based on recent moves with its Xbox 360 game console, according to separate reports. Although the company already promised this summer to repair overheating models for free for up to three years, a new claim suggests the American firm is now cracking down on Taiwan repair centers and forcing increased scrutiny of Xboxes before they are returned to their owners. Microsoft is concerned that systems may either be modified during the repair processs to allow pirated games or that some systems may not need repair at all, the report notes. As a result, repairs that would normally have taken a week now allegedly require a full month and are causing frustration with gamers and retailers alike.

Qualcomm intros Snapdragon 3G chipset

11/14, 9:35am

Qualcomm Snapdragon

Qualcomm today introduced a new chipset platform for cellphones that it hopes will make integrating 3G Internet access as well as HD video and other features that normally require expensive or battery-draining secondary hardware. Nicknamed Snapdragon, the basic design includes a 1GHz processor and a 600MHz DSP chip that can handle both the connection and media playback at the same time. On GSM cellular networks, the QSD8250's main processor handles HSPA connections as quick as 7.2Mbps downstream and nearly 5.8Mbps upstream; its CDMA counterpart, the QSD8650, supports EVDO up to the upcoming 4.9Mbps Revision B standard.

AT&T intros USBConnect 881 for HSUPA

11/14, 8:55am

ATT USBConnect 881

Expanding the number of computers that can access its most advanced 3G networks, AT&T today launched its simply-titled USBConnect 881 adapter. The external device made by Sierra Wireless plugs into most computers and provides them with access to AT&T's newly opened HSUPA network, which promises both faster download speeds and a greatly improved upload speed. As with the earlier PC Card, AT&T expects real-world downloads between 600Kbps and 1.4Mbps and uploads from 500Kbps to 800Kbps. It can also access this and slower HSDPA on any one of three bands for true roaming, AT&T says. Fall-back support allows it to run on quad-band EDGE or GPRS when 3G service is no longer available.

Nokia rolls out 5-megapixel N82 smartphone

11/14, 8:10am

Nokia N82

Nokia on Wednesday aimed at cementing its position in smartphones and launched the N82. Considered a sequel to the popular N95 slider by the company, the bar phone is designed to be multi-talented but focuses around photography. Its 5-megapixel camera is backed by autofocus, a Carl Zeiss lens and a Xenon flash that help it capture photos closer in quality to a dedicated camera. It can also capture relatively high-resolution video and make video calls on supporting networks, Nokia says. Increasing its similarity with the N95, the N82 incorporates a GPS receiver with Internet assists and Wi-Fi for local networking.

ATI TV Wonder 650 Combo USB for Mac debuts

11/14, 2:05am

ATI TV Wonder 650 Combo

AMD on Wednesday announced the new ATI TV Wonder 650 Combo USB for Mac (AMD product page), a new HDTV solution for Mac users. ATI TV Wonder 650 Combo USB for Mac integrates two TV tuners to receive off-the-air ATSC/HDTV broadcasts as well as analog television programming. Almost one month after the PC product launch, the ATI TV Wonder 650 Combo USB for Mac transforms Mac desktops and notebooks into TV entertainment systems, with full personal video recorder (PVR) functionality. Using the included ATI tvPORTAL TV application for Mac, users can watch, pause, or record high definition TV. The company also claims that analog TV is "made brilliant" on the Mac with "sharp, true-to-life analog TV images." The software also offers a full-featured Electronic Programming Guide to help schedule and manage TV recordings.


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