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IntelliScanner SOHO scanner, software bundle

01/15, 7:35pm

IntelliScanner SOHO debuts

IntelliScanner today unveiled IntelliScanner SOHO for Mac as well as PC systems. The scanner integrates with popular third-party accounting and database applications to help users organize various assets -- including media with barcode technology. IntelliScanner SOHO includes software designed to track internal assets, business inventory, and media. IntelliScanner SOHO ($300 introductory price) includes a portable USB-based barcode scanner, software, and pre-printed barcode tags.

Kensington dock brings displays via USB

01/15, 4:50pm

Kensington USB Display

Kensington on Tuesday brought the first devices for the Mac to support a display connection over USB. A new version of the sd200v Notebook Docking Station borrows technology from DisplayLink that allows Mac OS X systems to connect not just ordinary peripherals but also video output across a single USB connection: DVI and VGA displays, audio, and as many as five USB add-ons attach through a single cable. The technology is fast enough to drive resolutions up to 1440x1024, even with movies and other taxing video connections, Kingston says. The station may be ideal for turning the MacBook Air into a full desktop replacement and allows the Mac mini to use more than one monitor at the same time, according to the company.

HP preps B8850 'prosumer' photo printer

01/15, 4:10pm

HP B8850 photo printer

One of HP's showcases at the Macworld Expo is the Photosmart Pro B8850, what the company describes as a prosumer-level photo printer. The printer is designed to handle a variety of materials as thick as 0.7mm (0.03 inches), including satin, watercolor and matte papers, as well as more conventional options. Depending on the size, some prints may be completed in as little as 90 seconds.

One of the primary features of the printer is said to be "electrostatic drop detection," which is used to keep it operating smoothly. This monitors the printer for building ink, and is used to only clean the nozzles that need attention, thereby avoiding waste.

LaCie intros drives with 1.3-inch HDD tech

01/15, 3:45pm

LaCie Little Disk and More

LaCie switched its attention from large drives to small at Macworld with the unveiling of a pair of ultra-compact hard disks. Both the updated Little Disk and USB Key Max now use Samsung's 1.3-inch hard drives to achieve new dimensions: smaller even than the 1.8-inch hard drive in an iPod or an ultraportable like the MacBook Air, the disk is equal in size to a CompactFlash card but holds as much as 40GB of data. This is enough for 12,000 songs or 60 hours of DVD-resolution video, LaCie reckons.

MacBook Air: live photos, new details

01/15, 3:20pm

MacBook Air Live Photos

Apple today released its hotly anticipated MacBook Air ultraportable notebook at Macworld San Francisco. MacNN is on the scene at the expo's show floor and has taken photos of the new computer and has additional details about its more intricate features. Notably, Apple explains that the notebook's battery is non-removable; the size of the system and the placement of the MagSafe connector makes it impractical, according to the company. However, buyers disappointed in the lack of built-in Ethernet can buy a USB-to-Ethernet adapter ($29) that restores the functionality at the expense of the lone USB port.

Samsung U940 to reach Verizon as Q-Ball?

01/15, 3:15pm

U940 at Verizon as Q-Ball?

Samsung's U940 phone, a CDMA version of the F700, will reportedly be carried by Verizon Wireless as the "Q-Ball," according to an anonymous source. An image leaked to the press shows the U940/Q-Ball as coming to Verizon in the first quarter of this year, in the same timeframe as LG's VX9100. Little is known about the latter, except that it has just passed through the FCC, and should be equipped with Bluetooth and EVDO.

Apple, Fox offer digital versions of DVDs

01/15, 3:10pm

Apple, Fox digitize DVDs

Both Apple and Twentieth Century Fox today unveiled Digital Copy for iTunes, providing customers who purchase a DVD with an additional Digital Copy of the movie. The Digital Copy is exactly like movies purchased from the iTunes Store, and is transferable to iTunes for viewing on a Mac or PC, an iPod, an iPhone, or an Apple TV set top box. The first DVD to make its debut with iTunes Digital Copy is the Special Edition DVD premiere of the Family Guy 'Star Wars' parody, 'Family Guy Presents: Blue Harvest,' which is being released in stores today. Fox and Apple said they are planning to deliver many more DVDs with iTunes Digital Copy this year.

Nokia to leave 2,300 Germans unemployed

01/15, 2:40pm

Nokia cuts 2,300 jobs

Cellphone giant Nokia will soon close one of its German factories, putting some 2,300 people out of work, writes Agence France-Presse. The Finnish company claims that due to "market changes and increasing requirements for cost-effectiveness," it can no longer afford to keep its presence in Germany, which is represented by a facility in Bochum. Along with the factory, the Bochum site also plays host to buildings such as research and development labs, which Nokia hopes to sell to one or more parties. The company says it is already in negotiations with India's Sasken Technologies, in this regard.

Jobs reveals Apple TV update, HD rentals [U]

01/15, 1:25pm

Apple TV Take 2

Apple chief Steve Jobs today revealed a reworked version of the Apple TV media hub's user interface that is said to be greatly improved from the original, allowing users to pull more content directly from the Internet. The device can now buy music, movies, and TV shows itself, which can sync back to a home computer. It also takes advantage of Apple's new iTunes movie rental service and has the option of receiving iTunes movies in a 720p HD resolution as well as standard definition, Apple says. Owners can now also browse .Mac and Flickr photo accounts directly from the device and create photo screensavers on the fly.

Jobs unveils new MacBook Air at Macworld

01/15, 1:20pm

Jobs unveils MacBook Air

Apple CEO Steve Jobs today unveiled a new, smaller MacBook at Macworld Conference & Expo during his keynote speech called the MacBook Air. The world's thinnest notebook, according to Jobs, weighs just 3-pounds, is 0.8-1.2-inches thin, and features a 13.3-inch LED-backlit widescreen display. The MacBook Air features a 1.67GHz or 1.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of memory standard, an 80GB hard drive, and is small enough to fit inside a manila envelope. The MacBook Air is priced at $1,800, and will begin shipping in just two weeks. Apple is already taking pre-orders for the device. [photo courtesy of Engadget] (updated)

iPhone, iPod touch 1.1.3 updates [U]

01/15, 1:20pm

iPhone iPod 113 Update

Apple at Macworld today introduced the expected version 1.1.3 of its iPhone software, upgrading the handset with several heavily requested features. The device now includes a fully customizable home screen that lets users rearrange the order of icons; users can simply press and hold an icon to move it to a different location. For the first time, users can also add icons to the home screen through a Webclips feature that adds shortcuts to particular Safari websites. Users can now also send SMS text messages to multiple users at once.

Apple, studios partner up for iTunes movie rentals

01/15, 1:05pm

iTunes movie rentals

Apple CEO Steve Jobs today launched movie rentals via the company's iTunes Store. Disney, Miramax, MGM, Lionsgate and New Line Cinema are confirmed as being on-board, as are Fox, Sony, Warner Bros., Paramount and Touchstone -- bringing "every major studio" into the equation, according to Jobs. The companies have agreed to offer their movies to iTunes customers on a rent-to-watch basis, with people paying $2.99 and $3.99, respectively, for old and new standard-definition releases, or $3.99 and $4.99 for HD-quality titles. New releases consist of titles arriving 30 days after their retail DVD shipment.

Apple debuts Time Capsule backup device

01/15, 12:20pm

Apple debuts Time Capsule

Apple CEO Steve Jobs today debuted Time Capsule, a new backup device that uses wireless networking to store files without the need to connect an external hard drive. Time Capsule features 802.11n wireless functionality, and will be sold in a 500GB version as well as a 1TB version for $300 and $500, respectively. The device looks similar to an AirPort Extreme base station, but features different ports on the rear.

AT&T, Google, others confirmed in 700MHz bid

01/15, 12:15pm

FCC 700MHz Bid Confirmed

The Federal Communications Commission today finalized its bidder list (PDF) for the expected 700MHz wireless auction and brings with it new surprises, according to the published document. The news confirms Google's expected bid but also confirms that several established wireless carriers have made the cut, including Alltel, AT&T, and MetroPCS. Verizon Wireless is also bidding in the auction under the CellCo Partnership brand.

BenQ readies 'slimmest-ever' 8MP camera

01/15, 11:35am

BenQ X800

BenQ has revealed a new extra-slim camera it hopes will appeal to those for whom even most point-and-shoot models would be too thick. The X800 produces 8-megapixel shots but measures just 9.8mm (0.39in) thick courtesy of a prism-based 3X optical zoom lens that lets it fit in tight pockets. In spite of this, the camera can shoot macro images at roughly the same distance and contains a large 3-inch LCD for live previews. Its image processor allows face detection and includes modes to use high sensitivity (up to ISO 4000) to compensate for fast movement or dark scenes without using flash.

EMI cuts 2,000 jobs, blames digital music

01/15, 11:00am

EMI Cuts 2000 Jobs

Major music label EMI will slash as many as 2,000 jobs in a bid to sustain itself, company chief Guy Hands revealed today. Although the firm's music contains only about 4,500 workers, at least one third (1,500) and as many as 2,000 will be let go to reduce the beleaguered label's costs by as much as $393 million per year. This will also come with a consolidation that brings normally separate distribution, marketing, and sales into a more efficient single group. It should also allow sub-labels such as Capitol or Parlophone more freedom to find and sign new musicians, according to EMI. The seemingly drastic move has largely been credited to the struggle to adapt to downloadable music,

MS intros red Zune 80, love-themed Originals art

01/15, 10:25am

Zune 80 Red

Timing its release just a month ahead of Valentine's Day, Microsoft today released the red Zune 80. The new version is the first for the 80GB player to ship outside of black and matches the same color scheme available for the flash-based Zune 4 and 8. The device should cost the same $249 as the standard model and will share the same Wi-Fi sync, Zune-to-Zune sharing, and FM radio. It should be available now in shops and online, though the company has not said whether the new color will be a permanent option or a special edition.

Silex unveils SX-2000WG+ USB device server

01/15, 10:10am

USB device server unveiled

Silex Technology today announced the SX-2000WG+ USB device server (site not updated, similar product shown at right) with isochronous data transfer support. The SX-2000WG+ allows multiple Mac and PC users to easily share streaming video and audio USB devices like webcams or speakers over an 802.11b/g wireless network or an Ethernet wired network. The device also supports virtually all other types of USB devices, according to Silex, and uses the SX Virtual Link software to provide transparent network access to USB devices. Priced at $150, the SX-2000WG+ is slated for shipment this month.

iPhone for Canada at Macworld, to face N95?

01/15, 10:05am

Analyst on Canada iPhone

Apple chief Steve Jobs' keynote speech today could also see the introduction of the iPhone to Canada and other areas, according to an update by Royal Bank of Canada analyst Michael Abramsky. The researcher estimates that Apple will "probably" reveal a long-anticipated deal with Rogers Wireless to bring the iPhone to the Canadian carrier in the near future. The analyst declines to speculate on details but notes that pressure is likely high on Apple to reveal one or more regional plans beyond the current rollout, which is limited to the US as well as a handful of European countries.

Dell prepping ultra-thin designer notebook?

01/15, 9:20am

Dell Carbon Fiber Notebook

Dell is in the process of developing a notebook that will attempt to glean some of the cachet normally reserved for designs from Apple and other high-end brands, according to a newly escaped prototype image from Engadget. The unnamed system will be based heavily around materials rarely if ever seen in Dell's lineup. An aluminum outer shell will provide relative durability outside; inside, the system will represent Dell's first-ever use of carbon fiber and will greatly reduce the weight without compromising strength. When paired with a thin LED-backlit display, the entire system may be just 0.79 inches deep, the claim suggests.

Intel 4-core notebook CPU leaked; dual at 3GHz?

01/15, 9:00am

Intel Montevina Leak

Details for the release of Intel's Montevina notebook platform have been leaked and provide early details of the semiconductor firm's first quad-core processor as well as the rest of the lineup, notebook producers claim today. Known as the Core 2 Extreme QX9300, the four-core processor has yet to receive a formal clock speed but will run on a faster 1.06GHz system bus and carry the same 12MB of Level 2 cache as a desktop processor. However, it should limited to large, desktop replacement notebooks with a 45-watt typical power ceiling, according to the report. A dual-core model, the X9100, will clock at 3.06GHz with 6MB of L2 cache but with the same power limit.


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