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Super Bowl XLII to inspire 2.4m HDTV sales

updated 12:00 pm EST, Fri January 25, 2008

HDTV sales for Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is expected to spur sales of approximately 2.4 million HDTVs, according to the third annual Sports and Technology survey performed by the Consumer Electronics Association and the Sports Video Group. The finale for seasonal NFL activity has so far been the cause of $2.2 billion in HDTV sales this year, making it the largest driving factor in the industry for three years running. The Super Bowl is followed by college bowl games, the World Series, NBA Finals, and NCAA March Madness, in terms of events that notably spike sales of HDTVs.

The increased sales are not limited to the television sets themselves, as they are often accompanied by HDMI cables, surround sound systems, mounting brackets, and other accessories.

"We have long known the Super Bowl influences HDTV unit sales," said Tim Herbert, senior director of market research at the CEA. "We are now finding ties to other technologies consumers use to enhance their Super Bowl experience. This year, 18 percent of consumers watching the game expect to have a laptop PC nearby to check stats, IM with friends or check betting lines. Another 12 percent plan to use a PC in another room to check statistics during the game and 13 percent expect to use their mobile phone for the same purpose."

Peripherally, researchers discovered that Super Bowl enthusiasts would often spend a significant amount of time on the internet looking for post-game statistics or highlights. Some even spend time looking for the infamous multi-million dollar Super Bowl Commercials, which are often noted as being the most funny or memorable in the industry, primarily due to the steep cost of running an ad during the event.

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  1. testudo

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    And I'm supposed to care about this why?

  1. climacs

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    re: wow

    and I'm supposed to care about your inane comments, why?

  1. Pismo

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    2.4 million HDTV's bought before the Super Bowl, 2.4 million HDTV's returned to the stores after the Super Bowl.

  1. koolkid1976

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    re: actually....

    Not really. What do you think they are, machines running Vista?

  1. vasic

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    What an original idea!

    If anyone has ever tried buying a TV just before Superbowl and then returning after, they would know that for the last (at least) 15 years, stores have become smart. Most would give you store credit only for the returned item, unless something is wrong with it.

    Not that this bit of news has anything to do with the Mac or Apple. It would, if only very remotely, if Apple decided to offer Blu-Ray-R drives...

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