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Qualcomm first with multi-mode 4G chipsets

updated 10:30 am EST, Thu February 7, 2008

Qualcomm Multi-Mode 4G

Qualcomm today said it would be the first company to produce chipsets capable of supporting multiple 4G Internet standards. Three of its chipsets will now not only support the Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard that will be used many larger world carriers but also competing and bridging standards: the top two chipsets, the MDM9600 and MDM 9800, will support the upcoming EVDO Rev. B and Ultra-Mobile Broadband (UMB) standards for CDMA networks even as they support LTE networks once they appear. Each will be powerful enough to handle downloads as quick as 50Mbps and uploads as fast as 25Mbps, Qualcomm says.

These and the simpler MDM9200 will also support in-between "3.5G" standards such as HSPA+ and will also be completely backwards compatible with the earlier standards they share, such as the EVDO Rev. A format (in use by Sprint and Verizon) as well as regular HSPA and UMTS. Qualcomm starts sampling the chipsets in spring 2009 and should begin introducing them into devices shortly afterwards.

The unveiling reveals the earliest possible timeframe for the actual rollout of LTE with cellular networks, which were initially believed to surface in 2009 or 2010 through AT&T and Verizon in the US as well as Vodafone and others in Europe. The technology is capable of a theoretical peak of 326Mbps downstream and is quick enough in both directions to allow two-way HD video and other extremely bandwidth-heavy activities.

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  1. ZinkDifferent

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Jan 2005


    as usual ...

    MacNN is quick to post inaccurate headlines. Qualcomm is NOT first out the gate if their press releases judiciously use the word 'will', and announce what they 'will' have in 2009.

    History supports them announcing vaporware, and missing self-imposed deadlines. History alsosupports, sadly, MacNN editors having no accuracy or desire for integrity aside from badly copying press releases.

  1. Commodus

    Mac Elite

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    Qualcomm "said" - READ


    Might want to brush up on the English language instead of trolling the editors. "Qualcomm said" doesn't mean "Qualcomm is."

    And you must have a crystal ball, since apparently a company's history is 100% indicative of everything they will ever do in the future. There's a difference between integrity and simply being h***-bent on digging up anything bad a company might have done (as seems to be your goal). Qualcomm announced something -- that's the news story, and whether it pans out *two years from now* is not something the MacNN crew should be speculating on.

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