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Motorola announces DOCSIS 3.0 modems

updated 01:05 pm EST, Thu February 21, 2008

Motorola DOCSIS 3.0 modems

Though typically associated with cellphones, Motorola has announced its very first collection of modems based on the DOCSIS 3.0 standard, which has yet to deploy in any wide fashion in North America but can dramatically increase the possible bandwidth of cable Internet connections. Aimed at the average consumer is the SURFboard SB6120, which permits as much as 160Mbps in standard DOCSIS mode, or 195Mbps under Euro-DOCSIS; because of its internal design, this works without the need for hybrid support by cable operators.

Unlike some recent modems the 6120 is also compliant with all DOCSIS 3.0 standards, including full channel bonding, IPv6, and greater encryption. It should moreover be easily installable by home users, as the rear is clearly color-coded. The modem will initially be sold by cable ISPs, however, at an unknown date.

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  1. bigpoppa206

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    woo hoo!

  1. UberFu

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    Joined: Oct 2002


    uh Macnn...

    get yore facts straight - Motorola has been making Modems as far back as Cable Companies have been providing service_

    What Motorola is known for is making the electronics that go inside many products_ And they sometimes slap their name on the outside of a case_

    ------ Also - your site isn't working very well this morning_ The page I'm looking at right now never fully loaded_ And the first article I clicked on - never loaded at all_

  1. nativeNYer

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    re: motorola

    uberfu is right MacNN. Moto has been making the very popular Surfboard cable modems for a while now. I upgraded my old modem given to me by TW last year to a Surfboard and couldn't be happier.

    This article makes it seems like it's Moto's first foray into this area.

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