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Analysts say both Apple and RIM positioned well

updated 10:40 am EDT, Mon March 10, 2008

Apple, RIM positioned well

American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu today released a note to investors regarding the renewed competition between the iPhone, with its new ActiveSync functionality, and the Blackberry. While users of the Blackberry claim the platform features better security through encryption, network management and efficiency, as well as push email, ActiveSync advocates highlight simplicity, less expense, and features its own security benefits.

Wu says that by eliminating the need for a NOC server layer, as well as a dedicated Blackberry server, data is in turn made more secure by not passing through as many points during its transfer.

ActiveSync uses anywhere from two to ten times the bandwidth of a Blackberry, due to its constant network chatter, which simulates a push email environment. In addition, a dedicated Blackberry server typically compresses data for increasingly efficient transfer between the server and mobile device.

Apple's technology itself comes in to play during Wu's examination. Wu claims the robustness and efficiency of the iPhone OS, as well as its computer-like experience help give the device an edge. Wu also points out that the email client was built from the ground up to support Exchange servers, development is very strong, and it is a more familiar platform for IT staff.

Wu believes that both Apple and RIM are the best solutions for enterprise. "However, there is a paradox in the wireless data market - the technologies are very complex, but devices and services must be very simple for the user," Wu writes. "A lot of technology must be delivered in compact form-factors and use little power. This has been a challenge for incumbent suppliers. Thus we believe this is a tremendous advantage to suppliers like AAPL and RIMM, both of which have vertical integration of hardware, software and services enablement."

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  1. danviento

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    little behind?

    "better security through encryption, network management and efficiency, as well as push email..." are now a part of how the iPhone functions. RIM's edge is lost in terms of software capability. For those who don't have an investment in the RIM network, there's really no draw to use their system. I see their base shrinking over the next 3 years, and unless the do a big overhaul, the smartphone of choice will become the iPhone.

    Argue about people not being informed enough to resist carriers pushing their particular flavor of smartphone, but trends are started and carried by the picky people who are informed. For these people, the choice is obvious, providing your carrier is AT&T.

    Now it's up to AT&T to garner the kind of numbers that steals significant business from other carriers just for support of this device. If they can make this happen, then other carriers will either have to adapt to Apple's demands, or pimp their version to this that and any person they can find.

    I've forgotten, Did apple say anything about the phone aspect working/being Apple sanctioned through other carriers now (short of visual voicemail, etc.)?

  1. Guest

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    Ease of use

    The iPhone will trump RIMM products due to ease of use. No matter how much corprate IT refuses to support the iPhone (due mostly to fear or laziness). Executives will start to push for iPhones. The owner of our company has gone through several Blackberries, and disliked them all. When ActiveSync comes, he is getting an iPhone.

  1. Eldernorm

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    Other carriers

    Apple said that it will support AT&T as the only US carrier for phone usage.

    HOWEVER, it also said that it will not stop VOIP functions over WiFi. So you can use the iPhone with new apps for non-AT&T phone use as long as you are near a wifi area. PS. if you have wireless home and want to use your iPhone..........?????? :-)


  1. testudo

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    Re: little behind

    "better security through encryption, network management and efficiency, as well as push email..." are now a part of how the iPhone functions. RIM's edge is lost in terms of software capability.

    First off, they are NOT there with the iPhone, certainly not close compared to RIM. They've been promised for the v2.0 release, but that's completely different.

    After they are released, there's still the time and effort involved in verifying the software changes before going insane and saying "Hey, the iPhone is a perfect replacement because Apple says it has all the features we need!"

    Oh, and then there's the mild problems over what your carrier is (is a company really going to switch over to AT&T just so they can get some people to use an iPhone?), and whether the phones will work with their corporate accounts like all their other phones do (in terms of pooling minutes, etc).

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