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Pentax slips out Optio V20 with 5X zoom

03/17, 10:25pm

Pentax Optio V20

Pentax tonight ducked past the initial wave of camera releases this year and introduced the Optio V20. Though it runs at 8 megapixels versus the 10 or more of some high-end cameras, the point-and-shoot is balanced with a higher than average 5X optical zoom as well as a 3-inch LCD for composing shots. The camera producer also claims to deliver more intelligent electronics, with an automatic switch to macro mode, blink and smile detection to produce usable portraits, and autofocus that tracks moving subjects.

Intel elaborates on Larrabee, Nehalem, Dunnington

03/17, 4:55pm

Intel on Nehalem, etc.

Speaking to the press in a conference call, Intel has revealed more details on some of its upcoming processor technologies. Among these is "Larrabee," an upcoming graphics chipset; while it should be integrated into motherboards, as Intel has done with most such efforts, the company says it expects to produce dedicated cards, raising the specter of competition with NVIDIA and AMD/ATI. Larrabee processors should scale to the multi-teraflop level, and will use a global cache shared by all cores. Larrabee products should begin shipping in 2009.

Briefly: Sony-Ericsson K850i review

03/17, 4:55pm

K850i Review

Sony-Ericsson rarely supplies North America with its highest-end phones, which makes the K850i a rare treat for the continent: it comes equipped with 3G Internet access, a 5-megapixel camera, and a media player that draws on Sony's experience with its Walkman players. Electronista has tested the phone and in its full K850i review learns whether the phone lives up to the ideal or falls victim to its own emphasis on features. The handset is already available today on Rogers in Canada and may be available soon through AT&T in the US.

Two versions of LG Vu coming to AT&T?

03/17, 4:05pm

Two LG Vus coming to AT&T?

The LG Vu, scheduled to go on sale with AT&T sometime this year, appears to be coming to the wireless carrier in two different versions. An official list of the company's TTY-compatible phones points not just to a CU920, the Vu's standard name, but a "CU915," an apparent alternate version. Though both phones are identified as supporting AT&T's 3G network technology, nothing else is known about the 915.

Nokia 3555 hits T-Mobile

03/17, 3:35pm

Nokia 3555 hits T-Mobile

A new Nokia phone, the 3555, is now available through American carrier T-Mobile. Although a relatively basic phone, its primary feature is said to be support for T-Mobile's upcoming 3G network, making it one of the first compatible devices. Specifically, it is able to operate on the 1,700MHz WCDMA band, though there is no sign of a front-mounted camera for video calls.

Toshiba first with 128GB SSD drive notebook

03/17, 3:10pm

Toshiba 128GB SSD RX1

Toshiba's Japan-only new Dynabook SS RX1 is the first ever notebook to offer a 128GB solid-state drive (SSD), matching the storage capacity of conventional hard-disk drives with the speeds associated with flash drives. The model will be available about nine months after Toshiba also unveiled the first laptop with a 64GB SSD drive. In North America, the RX1's equivalent is the Portégé R500, already a holder of many "world's first" accolades.

Specs, photo of LG VX9700 emerge

03/17, 2:55pm

Specs, photo of LG VX9700

New information has allegedly been revealed on the VX9700, an LG phone approved by the FCC and headed to Verizon Wireless. Among these are hardware features such as a 3.2-megapixel camera, using a Schneider Kreuznach lens; storage is said to be expandable with microSDHC cards, while sync can be conducted through a micro-USB port. Text can supposedly be entered in several ways, including T9 entry, multi-tap, or an on-screen QWERTY keyboard.

Europe makes DVB-H its mobile TV standard

03/17, 2:20pm

Europe DVB-H Standard

The European Commission today said it would make DVB-H an official standard for mobile TV on the continent. Previously ratified late last year, the decision asks any European Union country to push the Nokia-made standard above others as the primary choice for digital, over-the-air TV for cellphones and other devices that can pick up the handheld standard. Officials say the decision was made in part because DVB-H has the strongest presence in Europe and is already in service in Italy, where rival standards are currently limited to tests. Allowing multiple standards to float around the market would only hurt business, the Commission explains.

Canada reveals wireless auction bidders

03/17, 1:35pm

Canada Wireless Bidders

The Canadian government today introduced a list of bidders in the upcoming wireless auction that is expected to determine the future of the country's cellular industry. The auction is now known to include several newcomers under different operating names, such as Videotron owner Quebecor Media, Manitoba's MTS, and western telecoms firm Shaw. However, large existing carriers such as Bell Canada, Rogers, and Telus are also joining the auction.

Supreme Court denies Microsoft appeal

03/17, 12:55pm

Microsoft appeal denied

The US Supreme Court has denied a Microsoft appeal aimed at defeating an antitrust lawsuit, writes the Associated Press. The suit was originally launched by Novell in 2004, and accuses Microsoft of having "deliberately targeted and destroyed" WordPerfect and Quattro Pro with the purpose of preserving the monopoly of the Windows operating system. Both applications continue to be sold under the aegis of Corel, but no longer hold the marketshare they once did.

Acer looks to game machine, new desktops

03/17, 12:05pm

Acer game console?

Typically associated with notebooks, Acer's plans for next year include some form of game machine, according to the company's senior vice president. James T. Wong explains, however, that the company is not merely working on a performance-tuned Windows PC, but something intended to compete with the current crop of dedicated consoles. Furthermore, the machine is expected to be based on "open standards," a term which may refer to the Linux operating system.

Motorola drops two execs in management swap

03/17, 11:50am

Moto Drops Two Executives

Motorola has quietly dropped two of its key executives, the company revealed today in a statement to the Wall Street Journal. The company's European head of Mobile Devices, Mike Fenger, has been replaced by former regional sales VP Stephen Nolan; Larry Raymond comes from the retail chain Sears to occupy the role of treasurer, replacing Steve Strobel. The shift is "part of an overall plan to swiftly transform the senior executive team," according to a company spokeswoman.

Apple patent would allow iPhone clamshell

03/17, 11:05am

Apple Dual-Side Touchpad

Apple has developed a technique that could allow for a smaller iPhone with all the controls but half the size, according to a recent WIPO international patent filing. Described as a "dual sided trackpad," the primary variant on the invention would have a translucent cover with a capacitive, multi-touch trackpad that accepts input on either side and can activate controls depending on the pad's position.

Google: MS/Yahoo would hurt open Internet

03/17, 9:55am

Google on MS Yahoo Bid

A successful Microsoft takeover of Yahoo could potentially impact the open nature of the Internet, Google chief Eric Schmidt said today. The head of the search engine giant is "concerned" that Microsoft's ownership would result in the use of proprietary technology and curb a diverse market that comes from web standards that work in any device or browser.

Samsung updates Miniskirt with smile shot, more

03/17, 9:15am

Samsung Miniskirt Season 2

Turning its updates into a yearly refresh, Samsung on Monday released the Miniskirt Season 2, also known as the C225. The slider phone replaces the original C220 and adds a handful of features in addition to a suite of new colors. The 2-megapixel camera is one of the few to provide a smile detection for portraits; also new to the phone is haptic (vibration) feedback from the touch-sensitive buttons and a feature that finds meet-ups in SMS messages and adds them as calendar events.

Win Mobile beats iPhone to Adobe Flash

03/17, 8:45am

Win Mobile Gets Adobe Tech

Adobe on Monday revealed that Microsoft has licensed Flash Lite 3 and Reader LE. The move gives Windows Mobile devices support for web-based animation and video through Internet Explorer Mobile and allows viewing PDF documents both in the browser as well as through Outlook e-mail. The addition will help make Windows Mobile smartphones more "vibrant" with media, Microsoft says. No timetable has been given for when an update will appear to install Flash Lite and Reader LE, though Microsoft's own Silverlight is believed to be ready for Windows Mobile by mid-year.

BenQ claims thinnest-ever 24-inch LCD

03/17, 8:10am

BenQ V2400W

BenQ this morning hoped to upturn the LCD business with the launch of the V2400W. Purportedly inspired by the B-2 stealth bomber, the 24-inch LCD's casing uses a new plastic injection technique that both curves the back of the display and makes it one of the thinnest of its kind: the display is about 2.4 inches at its thickest point and 0.9 inches at its thinnest, the company touts. The display also stands out through a thin bezel and a touch-sensitive control panel.


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