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Blu-ray sales low: format victory a hollow one?

updated 04:35 pm EDT, Thu May 1, 2008

Blu-ray victory hollow?

A new report shows the Blu-ray disc player sales are falling, despite Toshiba dropping its HD DVD format players back in February. The sales of Blu-ray disc players were expected to skyrocket but a NPD Group study found the opposite. US sales of standalone Blu-ray players fell 40 percent from January to February, still in the midst of the HD DVD fall, before increasing by just two percent in March. This leads many to believe the price of Blu-ray players and media still isn't low enough for mainstream adoption.

The NPD concludes consumers aren't willing to spend the extra money on what they perceive to be a minimal increase in quality over standard DVDs, a claim it backs up with the 5 percent rise in sales of upconverting DVD players in the first quarter of 2008. Other reasons could include the HD players' high prices and the poor economy, as well as HD downloads offered from the likes of Microsoft.

Standard DVD players sales are also down, to the tune of 39 percent in Q1, but surprisingly, HD DVD player sales fell 13 and 65 percent month-to-month from January and February, respectively. Despite the format's demise, HD DVD discs are still on sale and at a discount, while the players themselves can play and upconvert standard DVDs, which helps extend their longevity. [via T3]

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  1. Herod

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    what did they think?

    holiday season was a year round thing?

  1. gskibum3

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    Joined: Nov 2006



    The sales of the drives may be low because the movies are currently so expensive and the selection is very limited. Most people probably figure that they will wait to buy a player until the price and selection of movies improves. Meanwhile, the price of the players will hopefully drop.

    I just paid $2,000 for a Denon Blu-ray player. I'm very impressed with the quality of the plain old DVDs compared to my old Sony stand-alone player on the same Pioneer Kuro Elite plasma.

  1. msuper69

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    Current economic .....

    conditions are such that spending on high-end electronics is down. I think this is purely co-incidental.

  1. juraiprince

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    I have seen the future...

    ...and in my opinion, it is HD downloads via my Apple TV or some other device. I will not be purchasing a Blue Ray player anytime soon. I might bite when Blue Ray Recorders come out though.

  1. climacs

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    most people

    are perfectly happy with their standard-def DVD players and indeed, there is a dearth of Blu-ray material.

    By the time there is a plethora of Blu-ray discs and players are reasonably priced, video-on-demand may have cut into the potential market. I question though, whether the bandwidth is available as well as the storage to make HD VOD practical.

  1. Athens

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    I think the fact a lot of people still need to purchase HD TV's also play a factor in this. I want to get Blu-Ray (via PS3) but I don't have a TV yet that will make the upgrade worth it.

  1. tonton

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    The real cost...

    The real cost isn't just the player for most consumers. I think that most consumers who have HD televisions already have HD players. For the rest of us, the upgrade cost -- of a new player AND a new TV is just too high, and not on our priority buy list.

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