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Sony Ericsson follows Wii, iPhone in gesture gaming

05/29, 8:20pm

SE explores gaming phones

Sony Ericsson is allegedly making a move to up its devotion to the gaming industry by allowing the cameras in its phones to function as a motion-controlling sensor. Pocket-lint reports that the communications device company has signed a deal with California-based GestureTek to incorporate the software into its phones in September. Sony at present already uses the software for its EyeToy camera device on the PlayStation 2, and will allegedly function on Sony Ericsson's older phones as well.

Dell: revenue up on notebook sales in Q1

05/29, 5:45pm

Dell revenue up

Dell has reported fiscal first quarter revenue of $16 billion, a 9 percent year-over-year increase. While net earnings of $0.38 cents per share represent a 12 percent increase, operating income was down 4 percent compared to the year-ago quarter. In a statement, Dell officials said that the results were driven by "better-than-industry growth of commercial and consumer products and services, and lower operating expense as a percent of revenue." Specifically, notebook sales skyrocketed 43 percent, a rate Dell says is 1.2 times the industry average. The consumer segment was also especially strong, with Dell claiming to grow global share of this market by 1.2 points to 8.8 percent during the quarter.

Cannon PC to offer CableCARDs in its HTPCs

05/29, 5:00pm

Cannon PC CableCARD HTPCs

Earlier this week, Cannon PC announced it will soon offer its Home- and Pro A/V-series HTPCs with dual and even quad CableCARDs installed. This allows them to record up to four individual standard- or high-def programs simultaneously, as each card will effectively act as a separate TV tuner, taking the place of a set-top box. Cannon PC took the opportunity to announce a direct OEM partnership with Microsoft as well, and all of the company's HTPCs use Microsoft's Windows Media Center as the multimedia interface.

3K Computers releases RazorBook 400 UMPC

05/29, 4:55pm

3K's RazerBook 400 UMPC

3K Computers on Wednesday announced the release of the RazorBook 400 Ultra Mobile PC. The ASUS Eee PC competitor sports an identical 7-inch screen with 800x480 (WXGA) resolution and SSD drive, but runs on a 400MHz single-core mobile processor from Ingenic that helps to lower its price point. Built-in Wi-Fi allows browsing the Internet.

TiVo planning "whole-home" DVR

05/29, 4:25pm

TiVo Whole Home DVR

TiVo is prepping a digital video recorder that would serve as a hub for an entire house, company chief Tom Rogers confirms at the D6 Conference. He notes that current TiVos are essentially limited and can't record or offer content to more than one TV set in the home; the Wi-Fi adapter that lets the TiVo work remotely is only a part solution to the problem, Rogers says. Instead, TiVo is working to produce a version of its self-titled hubs that could give "whole-home" access, though the executive doesn't provide more details.

VIA's Nano family of chips put to the test

05/29, 3:35pm

VIA Nano chips compared

Earlier today, VIA Technologies made public details on its new Nano processing chip family that comprises five processors. VIA claims improved performance compared to its own C7 processors, and has provided test results it says prove the fact. The competition is also squarely in sights, as the Nanos' x86 instruction set allows it to run the same software as Intel's Atom and AMD Celeron M CPUs, with which the Nano was designed to compete. Performance comparisons are already surfacing from independent sources.

Dell owns up to mini notebook, posts teaser

05/29, 3:15pm

Dell Mini Inspiron Teaser

Dell has quickly acknowledged the existence of its unintentionally revealed micro notebook at the Wall Street Journal's D6 Conference by posting first details of the device. Secretive about most of the device, the company says the system recognizes calls by the community for a Dell UMPC and says its founder describes the design as a computer to reach the "next billion internet users." The photo file names notably make reference to a "mini Inspiron" and confirm styling very similar to the much larger Inspiron models.

Infineon sees low orders on mystery 3G project

05/29, 2:40pm

Infineon 3G Chip Demand

Chipmaker Infineon today fueled speculation when it said it will take deeper than expected losses for its ongoing quarter based on low orders for an anonymous project. The company explains that a deal to supply wireless chipsets to Nokia has been delayed but has drawn attention by refusing to name another company which has ordered fewer HSDPA-based 3G chipsets than anticipated. Analysts at JPMorgan and UBS believe Infineon's client may be Apple and suggest that the company may have dropped its build rates for a future 3G-capable iPhone.

Motorola V750 to debut with Verizon push-to-talk

05/29, 2:00pm

Motorola V750 PTT phone

Motorola will premiere a new phone with the debut of Verizon's push-to-talk (PTT) service this summer, promotional documents show. The V750 is intended for people working in environments such as construction sites, and as such is designed to meet the US military's 810F specification, which requires protection against elements such as heat, cold, dust, shocks and solar radiation. It likewise has extended battery power, enabling talk-time of up to 330 minutes, or standby of 540 hours (22+ days). These figures do however shrink in PTT mode, falling to 230 minutes and 83 hours, respectively.

SanDisk intros fastest-ever Memory Stick PRO-HG

05/29, 1:15pm

SanDisk intros fast cards

SanDisk on Thursday revealed the Extreme III Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo memory cards, which are capable of an unheard of 30MBps read and write transfer speeds for the format. In comparison, the company's non-HG Extreme III Memory Stick cards manage 18MBps speeds. SanDisk's newest memory card is made to work with Sony's home and professional still cameras, as well as certain camcorders, and should also be compatible with Sony's PSP portable gaming system. The consumer electronics company was actively involved in the PRO-HG card's development.

Acer 'Aspire One' UMPC revealed?

05/29, 1:15pm

Acer Aspire One UMPC

Images and information have leaked for Acer's rumored answer to ASUS' Eee PC, according to various sources. The computer is allegedly named the "Aspire One," and features an 8.9-inch screen, with a native resolution of 1024x768. At the core is said to be an Atom/Diamondville processor, running Windows XP SP3; the trackpad is said to be similar to that on the HP 2133, which may not be a coincidence as the ODM company is believed to be Quanta, which services HP, Dell and Apple.

Sony Ericsson to show new phones in June

05/29, 12:50pm

Sony Ericsson New Phones

Sony Ericsson is planning a signifcant new phone launch for next month, says a Dutch announcement. Though short on details, the announcement image points to an "exclusive preview" of new Sony Ericsson phones and accessories at an Amsterdam gathering. No official clues are provided as to the nature of the devices other than a teaser slogan about "reaching new heights."

Gear4 intros StreetParty III speaker system

05/29, 11:55am

Gear4 StreetParty III

Following up its DUO iPod dock released earlier this month, UK-based Gear4 has now released the StreetParty III, a portable speaker system that charges and plays Apple's docking iPods (including the iPod touch) and all other digital audio devices via a 3.5mm audio jack. The StreetParty III can be folded flat for easy portability, and relies on four AA batteries for music on the go.

Apple, Canon, Toshiba favorites in Japan

05/29, 11:45am

Favorite Japan Tech Brands

Apple is on par with Canon and Toshiba as one of the most highly regarded brands in Japan, according to a new study published by Gfk. Surveys of more than 40,000 Japanese people gives the American company equal footing with the other electronics makers despite Japan's historical preference for native brands. The company's industrial design and support for Windows users have helped it reach the top ranks, the research group says. Apple specifically earned its highest scores for both desktop and notebook PCs as well as portable media players.

Panasonic intros Wi-Fi travel projectors

05/29, 11:10am

Panasonic Wi-Fi Projectors

In an aggressive change to its lineup, Panasonic this morning unveiled its LB75 and LB80 projectors for frequent travelers. The entire line is designed to be small and light enough to accompany a notebook, weighing under 7 pounds, and in some cases to have an almost cable-free setup process: the LW80NTU, LB80NTU, and LB75NTU all include built-in 802.11g Wi-Fi that allows them to deliver images from as many as 128 nearby wireless computers, including more recent systems running Mac OS X Leopard and Windows Vista. The designs are also more dust-resistant than earlier models and have better image processing to improve viewability in daylight.

Samsung still calling L870 browser Safari

05/29, 10:30am

Samsung Insists on Safari

Samsung is still insisting that it can call the L870's web browser Safari, according to a Samsung spokesperson contacted by Phone Arena. While the cellphone is now believed to just have a standard version of the Nokia Mini Map browser, which shares much of Safari's WebKit rendering engine, a Samsung media official continues to refer to the phone's web app as a Symbian Series S60 version of the "Safari browser" and equates it to the Nokia software. Press materials also continue to mention Safari.

ASUS dropping Eee PC 900 orders, waiting for Atom?

05/29, 9:45am

ASUS Drops Eee 900 Orders

ASUS has already stopped accepting orders from resellers for the Eee PC 900 while it gears up for its Atom-based sequel, industry insiders reportedly say. Although just introduced as recently as mid-May for the US, the 900 is already being phased out in favor of the Eee PC 901 and its anticipated June 3rd launch date. The alleged swap effectively confirms early reports that the 900 is a stopgap model meant to introduce the 8.9-inch notebook's features ahead of rivals while temporarily using the older Celeron M processor.

Intel 32Gb chip would allow 64GB jukeboxes

05/29, 9:05am

Intel 32Gb Flash Chip

Intel's NAND flash group today introduced the first flash memory to be made on a sub-40 nanometer manufacturing process. Based on a 34nm process, the chip co-developed with Micron holds 32 gigabits (4GB) like the highest-end flash chips but does so in a standard package smaller than a thumbnail; this lets manufacturers build in the extra storage without having to significantly overhaul their existing hardware, Intel says. The company also hopes it will drive the cost down of expanding storage without affecting size.

Samsung intros extra-thin Soulb media phone

05/29, 8:25am

Samsung Soulb Phone

Samsung today hoped to capitalize on the success of the Soul with the Soulb, its latest candybar phone. It drops the touchscreen keypad of the original slider but compensates with an ultra-thin design and media features: the handset is just 0.39in thick but still finds room for a 3-megapixel camera with an LED flash, 1GB of built-in flash memory, and a microSD slot for extra storage. The phone also brandishes a newly designed user interface and allows for basic on-device video editing.

3 to carry iPhone in Hong Kong, Macau

05/29, 7:05am

iPhone for Hong Kong Macau

Hutchison, parent company of cellular provider 3, today said it has signed a deal with Apple to carry the iPhone in Hong Kong and Macau. As with agreements struck in recent weeks, Hutchison doesn't provide specifics and says only that it will offer the iPhone sometime "later this year." The introduction is the first for Chinese-owned territories and the first for 3, whose coverage area includes parts of Europe already addressed by other iPhone carriers.

VIA debuts Isaiah-based Nano chip family

05/29, 6:50am

Isiah-based Nano chips

On the heels of its C7-based OpenBook reference design, VIA Technologies on Thursday formally introduced its VIA Nano processor family based on the "Isaiah" architecture. VIA claims that the Nano family, which uses Fujitsu's 65 nanometer process, offers as much as four times the performance of its previous-generation within the same power and thermal envelope, while offering pin-compatibility with VIA C7 processors. Introduced in January, the new low-power CPU features out-of-order processing, a large 1MB L2 cache, and an improved FPU for 2-4 times the performance of the previous-generation C7 processor at the same clock speeds. While already sampling the chips to vendors, VIA says expects to ship the low-power (L-series) and ultra-low-power (U-series) Nano chips in the third quarter in speeds up to 1.8GHz.


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