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Motorola considers HPs Todd Bradley for wireless unit

06/04, 11:35pm

Motorola, Todd Bradley

As Motorola's wireless unit reels from losses and restructuring, it is evidently close to finding a new head for the department, with HP executive Todd Bradley proving to be the favorite, say insiders. The Wall Street Journal writes that Bradley is one of two candidates still under consideration by Motorola, with the other, a wireless industry executive, remaining anonymous. While nothing official has yet spawned, Motorola says the negotiations are at a sensitive stage, with Bradley himself saying he's "not planning on making any changes."

Icahn claims sabotage, ill-intent behind Yahoo plan

06/04, 9:30pm

Icahn claims sabotage

Investor Carl Icahn on Wednesday issued a letter addressed to Yahoo chairman Roy Bostock, claiming that the actions of CEO Jerry Yang and other members of the board went out of their way to sabotage a potential deal with Microsoft. Silicon Alley Insider reports that the letter sets up a villainous scenario related to the show-stopping severance plan a state judge revealed on Monday. The plan would have a potential cost of $2.1 billion to Microsoft, had the unlikely scenario occurred where all employees quit upon a takeover.

Comcast going local in web jam clearing efforts

06/04, 5:15pm

Comcast starts local tests

Comcast's latest attempt to curb bandwidth bandits will see the Internet and cable TV provider perform local tests to help it decide which method of traffic management it should undertake. The company announced on Tuesday it will be conducting one month-long tests in local neighborhoods, starting tomorrow in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, and Warrenton, Virginia, with another test planned in Colorado Springs, Colorado, later on this summer.

AT&T's Net Reach bundles 3G, wired Internet

06/04, 5:00pm

AT&T's Net Reach bundle

AT&T on Wednesday announced the launch of its Net Reach bundle for laptop users on the go. The bundle's software finds and locks onto the strongest AT&T data network or Wi-Fi connection for a user's device wherever they are, be it EDGE, 3G, or Wi-Fi hotspots at home or elsewhere. The program works with a user's AT&T high-speed Internet and LaptopConnect services and includes access to over 17,000 hotspots in the US that use AT&T's Wi-FiSM service.

ASUS intros mini PC with full HD support

06/04, 4:50pm


ASUS on Monday revealed its Mini PC Nova Lite PX24, a computer it claims is the world's smallest to offer 1080p, or full HD, playback capability thanks to a dedicated graphics card. Combined with its compact 9.5 by 7.2 by 2 inch size, low 26dB sound levels and touch-button interface, ASUS hopes the PX24 will find its way into living rooms as a high-performance home entertainment center in a small package.

Verizon to snap up Alltel for $27B?

06/04, 4:30pm

Verizon May Buy Alltel

The American cellular industry may consolidate once again with a potential Verizon buyout of Alltel, CNBC claims. Referring to anonymous sources said to be aware of the deal, the TV news network asserts that Verizon would pay as much as eight times Alltel's pre-interest, pre-tax earnings, or $27 billion, for the acquisition. The deal would be a friendly takeover as Goldman Sachs and TPG, the financial institutions that took Alltel into private holding just last year, are eager to turn a premium no matter how small.

BlackBerry widens lead on iPhone in business

06/04, 4:00pm

Biz Phone Study May 2008

Regardless of Apple's plans to add business features to the iPhone, Research in Motion is and will continue to extend its lead in business phones, according to a new ChangeWave study. An examination of more than 2,000 corporate IT spenders has about 76 percent of all businesses opting for BlackBerries in May, up three percent from the last time the study took place in February; Palm was second place at 17 percent with other competitors filing in the remaining seven percent.

Joy Division Zune confirmed, given new launch date

06/04, 3:45pm

Joy Division Zune Official

Microsoft today confirmed the Joy Division Zune, one of the few special-run editions of the second-generation music player. The finished device almost exactly matches past claims and customizes the Zune 80 in tribute to a new documentary of the rock group. Both the software and the player's back show the artwork of Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures album, while a copy of the Peter Saville-made documentary (also titled Joy Division) is preloaded on the device.

Radeon HD 4850 pushed back to late June?

06/04, 2:25pm

Radeon HD 4850 Late June

AMD is delaying the launch of the Radeon HD 4850 by one week, according to check with card makers on the show floor. While the card is already believed to be shipping to PC makers and will still be shown to the press on June 18th, an actual launch is now set for June 23rd, or just under a week later than a launch that would have released the cards on the same day as the media receives the device. The change has reportedly left board makers "upset" as they now have to sit on unsold 4850 cards for 20 days.

T-Mobile offers unlimited phone family plan

06/04, 1:45pm

T-Mobile Unlimited Family

T-Mobile USA on Wednesday hoped to increase competition with the launch of a new unlimited family plan it hopes will lure subscribers to rival carriers. The service requires T-Mobile's existing unlimited individual plan but halves the price of unlimited access for each family member that signs on; each extra line costs $50 to add the same unlimited national calling and messaging services (including instant messaging) as the parent account.

LG preps five-megapixel KC550

06/04, 1:40pm

LG KC550 cameraphone

LG has announced the KC550, a new slider phone with an emphasis on photos and video. At its heart is a five-megapixel camera, equipped with an autofocus lens protected by a sliding cover. The phone also boasts digital blur reduction, ISO 800 sensitivity and a built-in flash, though this uses LED lighting, rather than the more powerful xenon technology. The display is limited to QVGA resolution, but owners can play videos formatted for sizes up to 720x480, at a framerate of up to 30fps. No DivX support is present, unlike LG's Viewty.

AMD reveals XGP external graphics technlogy

06/04, 12:55pm

AMD XGP graphics tech

Using Taiwan's Computex expo as a podium, AMD has announced a new graphics technology dubbed the External Graphics Platform, or XGP. Using a PCI Express 2.0 connection, notebook owners will be able to hook up to external graphics cards, with a full 4Gbps throughput. This is meant to overcome the limitations of internal notebook graphics, which often have reduced performance unsuitable for tasks like gaming; this also offers the advantage of improved cooling, and the ability to run cards in SLI modes such as AMD's CrossFireX.

Klipsch rolls Image X5 audiophile earbuds

06/04, 12:15pm

Klipsch Image X5

Klipsch is expanding its young earbud group with an update to the IMAGE line. The silver-hued X5 is meant to drop the price of the in-canal earphones by allowing a slightly thicker design: the housing is about 2mm (0.08in) wider but allows for considerably less expensive components without sacrificing audio quality. The American audio equipment maker also notes a shift in the balance of the sound: where the original (now called the X10) still has Klipsch's longstanding emphasis on bass, the X5 is more balanced with purportedly stronger treble and more noticeable vocals.

Mio unveils GPS phones with iPhone influence

06/04, 11:30am

Mio Leap K1 G50 and 380

Mio today chose Computex as the venue to launch three new GPS devices, two of which push the company further into the smartphone market. The pictured Leap G50 is Mio's first Windows Mobile 6.1 device and uses an iPhone-like design with a chrome bezel focused around its touchscreen: only a scroll strip and call buttons interrupt the front face. The phone keeps to Mio's emphasis on navigation with the company's MioMap 2008 mapping software onboard. A 2-megapixel camera is onboard and can be used to geotag photos thanks to the GPS hardware.

Samsung making 15.6-inch extra-wide LCDs

06/04, 10:30am

Samsung 15.6-inch LCDs

Samsung will be the latest company to start making new, 16:9 aspect ratio LCDs for notebooks, reports from alleged display industry insiders claim. The company has previously kept to producing the 15.4-inch, 16:10 screens found in most notebooks today but is now said to be starting production on wider 15.6-inch screens that are often cited as better for movie viewing and side-by-side documents. Production would reportedly start in November, which would likely push the release of notebooks based on the LCDs to early 2009.

AT&T 3G uploads made 50% faster

06/04, 9:20am

ATT 3G Faster for Notebook

AT&T today said it has upped speeds with its LaptopConnect users in mind through a set of upgrades to the company's HSPA-based 3G wireless network. The service sees a major boost to upload speeds that increases the peak from 800Kbps to 1.2Mbps, a 50 percent gain which is nearly in line with download speeds. Those download speeds have also increased in overall performance, increasing from a minimum average of 600Kbps to 700Kbps and from a maximum real-world peak of about 1.4Mbps to 1.7Mbps.

Rogers intros BlackBerry Pearl 8120, Wi-Fi calling

06/04, 8:35am

BBerry 8120 at Rogers

Rogers Wireless today kicked off the launch of both its version of the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 and a service to match. The candybar smartphone adds Wi-Fi to the original formula and on Rogers is used for the company's newly formalized Home Calling Zone VoIP service. Based on Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) like T-Mobile's HotSpot@Home in the US, the feature lets users make calls from a Wi-Fi access point with the added ability to bridge calls: a phone conversation starting from either the cellular network or a Wi-Fi spot will hop to the other network without disrupting the call.

SoftBank to carry 3G iPhone in Japan

06/04, 7:10am

SoftBank Gets 3G iPhone

SoftBank today said it has an agreement carry the iPhone, making it the first provider in Japan to offer the device. The company follows in step with past carrier announcements and doesn't reveal launch information, saying only that the Apple phone will be available "later this year." SoftBank's announcement confirms the imminent announcement of a 3G-capable iPhone, as all Japanese networks use 3G technology (WCDMA and faster) exclusively for calling as well as data.

Pure rolls out tiny Flip Mino vidcam

06/04, 6:50am

Pure Digital Flip Mino

Pure Digital on Wednesday is launching its anticipated Flip Mino, its newest entry into its unusually popular simple camcorders. The Mino shrinks the design of the original Flip camera by 40 percent to where it's smaller than a typical cellphone while adding features that aren't present on the originals: the updated software bundled with the Mino lets it upload directly to MySpace as well as providing existing hooks for AOL and YouTube. Pure keeps the concept simple by preserving the 2X digital zoom lens that limits the camera but concentrates on the shot itself.

HTC Touch Pro features full QWERTY keyboard

06/04, 5:05am

HTC Touch Pro debuts

HTC Corp on Wednesday unveiled the HTC Touch Pro, a business version of the highly anticipated Touch Diamond. The new touch-driven phone -- with a sliding-keyboard design -- utilizes similar styling and functionality, while adding a variety of business-focused enhancements, including a full QWERTY keyboard. The company's 3D touch interface called TouchFLO 3D, provides an intuitive way to navigate through common tasks like messaging, calendar appointments or making calls with just one touch as well as navigating through photos/contacts and surfing the web. In addition, the Touch Pro includes a new innovative touch-sensitive control for device interaction, a 2.8-inch VGA touch-screen LCD, support for Windows Mobile 6.1, a 3.2MP camera, a microSD expansion slot, Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR, GPS support, and 512MB internal memory.

Westinghouse unveils several new HDTV LCD models

06/04, 12:25am

Westinghouse HDTV models

Westinghouse Digital on Tuesday unveiled four new 1080p-capable LCD TVs, as well as several other multi-purpose LCD TVs, including its portable and all-in-one units. New to the 1080p TX lineup are the 42-inch TX-42F430S, the 47-inch TX-47F430S, and the 52-inch TX-52F480S, which feature an integrated ATSC/NTSC/ClearQAM Tuner, and 1080p resolution through all high-definition connectors, including component and VGA.

AMD debuts new notebook platform: Turion X2 Ultra

06/04, 12:05am

AMD Turion X2 Ultra

With AMD-based notebooks already surfacing at Computex, AMD on Wednesday officially announced its next-generation notebook platform, offering significant improvements in HD visual performance and increased energy efficiency for notebooks as well as a the foundation for new AMD Business Class, AMD GAME! and AMD LIVE! notebook solutions. Hoping to take a share from rivals Intel and Via, AMD says the new notebook platform, code-named "Puma", brings three times the 3D graphics performance, five times the HD image quality,, 40 percent faster wireless transfer of HD content, and up to 90 minutes more battery performance. The platform includes a new notebook processor and chipset: the AMD Turion X2 Ultra Dual-Core Mobile processor includes AMD Independent Dynamic Core Technology, a new mobile-optimized memory controller, and power-optimized HyperTransport 3.0 (with up to 3x the bandwidth of the original HyperTransport).


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