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Xohm coming to Boston, Dallas, more soon

updated 02:40 pm EDT, Thu June 19, 2008

Xohm Second Wave Expansion

Sprint's next wave of cities to receive its Xohm WiMAX service after Baltimore will focus primarily on Texas and the northeast, the carrier is telling interested customers. In addition to extra launches planned for Chicago and Washington DC, the 4G service should be available in Boston, Philadelphia, and Providence in the New England area as well as its first southern effort in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

No specific launch timeframes have been given for the new areas, though Sprint says that the Chicago and Washington launches are due towards the end of the year and suggests that the new regions may not be ready until early next year. The expansion is nonetheless considered crucial to Xohm gaining widespread adoption ahead of rival 4G wireless services such as Long Term Evolution, which aren't due to launch in earnest for the US until 2010.

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  1. rytc

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    Was deemed a failure in Australia and shut down, funny that they are only just rolling out this technology in the states now - or that in the light of the failures elsewhere they are continuing.

  1. testudo

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    re: wimax

    It may have failed in australia for lots of reasons, from implementation to bad management to old technology to bad technology to the fact it just won't work.

    Remember, this effort has Sprint behind it! So you know it's going to be good!

  1. syzygi

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    Sprint behind it!?

    I dropped Sprint a few years ago after I got fed up with c*** service, dropped calls and dead zones. The real clincher was their habitual screwed up billing. They would put 411 calls, random international calls and other services that I never was even remotely interested in on my bill. Then I'd spend an hour or 2 with a Sprint Philippine customer support agent cleaning up my bill. Thanks but no thanks Sprint.

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