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Palm Centro sales reach two million

updated 11:40 am EDT, Tue July 29, 2008

Palm Centro at 2 Million

Palm this morning revealed that its budget Centro smartphone has cracked two million sales since it became available in the fall of 2007. The figure suggested an increased pace and comes less than four months after the company reached the one million mark at the end of March. The phone was helped by a launch on Verizon in the US and other world carriers over the spring but has also been given a last-minute boost by a price drop to $70 through AT&T, discounting the already inexpensive $100 device.

Centro sales are significantly behind those of its frequently Apple-made challenger, which sold six million of the original iPhone in one year and one million iPhone 3G units just on its opening weekend.

Despite the sales gap, Palm claims a greater influence on the mobile web than its fellow California smartphone maker, claiming the unusual metric of AdMob mobile advertising data which sees the Centro as the seventh most influential phone for ad requests worldwide and the sixth in the US. By contrast, the iPhone is 17th for ads internationally and 12th in its home country.

The Centro's web use is helped in part by its presence on Sprint and Verizon, which have had faster 3G cellular Internet access on their CDMA-based Centros since launch where iPhones until July have been limited to slower, 2G EDGE access and Wi-Fi. This bottleneck has been described as curbing demand for the iPhone outside of the US, as the markets Europe and other countries often resist premium phones that don't offer 3G data.

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  1. Feynman

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    Apple likely ate those numbers up in their first week and will continue to eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Wasn't it Palm that said Apple couldn't pull off creating a cell phone let alone a smart phone? lol

  1. dynsight

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    could have sold more

    If Apple had the units, they could have sold more iPhones (at least one more to me).

    This does show that Apple has competition, and features fleeting fone fame ( sorry).

    I am sure the next iPhone will come in exciting colors and have wonderful features (>16GB gets my vote!)

  1. hansmickle

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    Maybe so, but I'm one faithful Mac user who is close to buying a Centro instead of an iPhone for our 2nd cell account. Why? I live in one of the ten states that totally lack any 3G service. Except for GPS, what advantage does the iPhone have? I use a stand-alone Nuvi 760 for GPS, so the Centro would also cost less, especially over the long haul. I already use AT&T with a Treo 650.

  1. slapppy

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    Cheap always sells.

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