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Dell execs: Latitude "brackets" MacBook Air

updated 05:00 pm EDT, Tue August 12, 2008

Dell execs pump Latitude

Electronista on Tuesday had an opportunity to listen to Dell executives on camera following the PC maker's Latitude introduction that reveals the company's approach to targeting systems such as the MacBook Air. The firm says it isn't worried about the competition from Apple, Lenovo, or other rivals as the Latitude "brackets" these systems; the E4200 is smaller and lighter than the Air through its use of an ultra-low voltage Core 2 Duo processor, while the 13.3-inch E4300 uses a full-power Core 2 Duo and has an optical drive bay absent on these competitors.

The difference gives Dell a clock speed advantage versus Apple, Lenovo, and others which have to use low-power parts to reach their dimensions, according to Dell.

The executives also feel that Dell hasn't had to sacrifice features to reach its targets, including options for a removable extended-life battery, the ability to dock the system and use multiple external displays, eSATA interfaces for outside storage, and an Ethernet jack for Internet access in hotels or other locations that don't have Wi-Fi access.

There also isn't the compromise in security or IT friendliness that often comes with more "consumer-oriented" notebooks infiltrating the workplace, the company says.

Dell further rebuffs notions that it may lose out against the more stylized systems from Apple or HP's Voodoo PC offerings, asserting that its design elements will appeal to customers who want a stylized system they can still use at work.

"These are nice-looking products," says a Dell spokesman.

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  1. hansmickle

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Feb 2003


    Latitude Attitude

    Specs sound impressive, but will it run OS X? ;-}

  1. jumbojet

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Aug 2002


    In other words...

    Apple sells a product people will buy, but Dell sells products that are either too expensive or not powerful enough. Good work, Dell.

  1. macbones

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    Joined: Jul 2006



    So they are introducing something to compete w/ a product that Apple has had available for 7 months and will update in the next 4-8 weeks.

    Nice job.

  1. Constable Odo

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    That's a crapload of...

    notebooks. They should have just about every conceivable type of user covered with all these bad boys. Just in time for back-to-school sales.

  1. danviento

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    Joined: Dec 2005


    It's like the MS model-

    Throw everything you have at users, some good ideas but mostly bad, and see what sticks.

    Apple, instead, does mind-bogglingly intensive R&D to figure out what will work best and people will like, then markets the h*** out of it.

    Which method is more successful lately? I'd take a look at total sales, revenue, and growth trends to gauge that particular answer...

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  1. Guest

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    Ahh the iSheep are all iBleating once again...

    Can't admit it can you boys...Macs are TWICE as expensive for comparable hardware as PCs as stated in a recent study.

    Get it into your thick iHeads!

    Dell is MUCH more successful that Apple with a VASTLY larger market.

    And to the bone head that says 'Dell sells products that are too expensive or not powerful enough'...are you simple? Do you have a study that say’s otherwise iEinstein?

    You’re a Mac user...that means you are HAPPY to pay MORE $$

    Dell makes many more powerful machines than Apple with SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper prices and just as comparable in longevity.

    You really so read more widely before you open your iMouth.'s now time for a little iNutHuggin...oh that's it...hug my iBalls...mmm so nice...I feel so Mac like...mmm

  1. henk

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    Joined: Jan 2004



    Next time, send a supermodel to introduce a new product....

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