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Qik streams live video on (jailbroken) iPhone 3Gs

08/13, 11:15pm

Qik for iPhone 3G

After claiming plans for an iPhone version of its client, Qik on Wednesday unveiled a beta version of its live-stream video client for jailbroken iPhone handsets. Qik offers mobile device users access to internet video streaming over the cellular network, providing a simple, but effective, asset to investigative journalists, bloggers, or anyone else requiring a mobile video stream. Qik requires users to jailbreak their iPhone, although plans for an App Store release are currently being explored.

Intempo Fusion iPod dock with FM/DAB radio

08/13, 9:25pm

Intempo fusion iPod dock

Intempo will release a new iPod dock, the Fusion, in mid-September according to Tech Digest. This dock features a new look, sculptured to dock any size iPod without blocking access to the controls. Intempo added an FM player to the Fusion that will also play DAB signals. The Fusion features two 25-watt speakers and a built in subwoofer.

iPig speaker system for iPod, MP3 players

08/13, 9:00pm

Speakal iPig speakers

Distributor Speakal announced it has brought the iPig docking station, complete with five speaker,s to the US market. The iPig is rated at 25W of total power, and includes a 4-inch subwoofer with adjustable bass control. In addition to being compatible with iPods via included cradles, charging them via their docks, the iPig will also connect to portable audio players, gaming consoles and other audio equipment via a 3.5mm phone jack.

Pico D "worlds smallest" swivel USB drive

08/13, 8:25pm

Pico D USB swivel drive

Super Talent says it has added a swivel model to its family of so-called "World's Smallest USB Drives". Using chip-on-board technology, the Pico D measures a miniscule 1.4-inches, but stores up to 8G of data in a swivel-open case. The company says the Pico D comes with a lifetime warranty, is shock and water resistant and can support transfer speeds of up to 30MB/sec, or 200X.

Sales of Intel's Atom chips higher than expectations

08/13, 5:25pm

Atom chips selling well

Intel's Atom processors have been off to a great start, beating initial expectations. According to Chief Financial Officer Stacy Smith in an interview posted on InformationWeek, the processors are used in small electronic gadgets or small PC's. The success of the processor is welcomed news for a company that has been affected by the slowing market of personal computers. "It's the perfect recession product to have in the marketplace" Smith said Tuesday.

Fujitsu Siemens intros LCDs with zero-power idle

08/13, 5:10pm

PC monitors draw no power

Fujitsu Siemens Computers on Wednesday announced the release of the world's first monitors to draw absolutely no power when in standby mode, or what the company calls Eco mode. The two SCENICVIEW ECO range monitors, the 20-inch P20W-5 ECO and 22-inch P22W-5 ECO, feature a power supply that automatically switches off when in the power-saving mode. The company claims the technology allows the monitors to draw zero watts during the state, in comparison to between one and six watt draws from competitors.

Raon Digital set to launch dual-core mini notebook

08/13, 4:50pm

Raon's dual-CPU notebook

Korea's UMPC maker Raon Digital on Tuesday unveiled what's claimed as the first ever dual-core mini notebook, the Everun Note. The small notebook uses an unusual, low-power version of AMD's Turion 64 X2 dual-core chip rated at 1.2GHz. The Everun Note's 7-inch LCD is good for 1024x600 resolution, and its graphics are handled by an ATI-branded RS690E integrated chipset with 64MB of dedicated memory and enough performance with enough visual performance to handle external display resolutions up to 1920x1200.

RAZR VE20 images, info leak ahead of debut

08/13, 4:45pm

RAZR VE20 images leak

A few out-of-focus photos of the Motorola RAZR VE20 for the Sprint network have been leaked on the Iternet on Wednesday, ahead of the phone's official debut on August 17. The latest RAZR-branded phone, the VE20 clamshell will be exclusively offered by Sprint. The phone will sport a 320x240 resolution main display, dual band CDMA voice and EVDO as well as 3G data network support. The top portion has the same touch-sensitive strip as the one found on the RAZR2 V9m.

Nikon D90 DSLR revealed in Best Buy stock system

08/13, 4:30pm

Nikon D90 DSLR on Best Buy

The upcoming Nikon D90 digital SLR camera has appeared in another electronics retailer's stock system, all but confirming its price and imminent arrival in stores. The image of a computer screen showing the stock status at a Best Buy store comes as a leak supplied to Engadget from an anonymous source. On Monday, a similar image from competitor Circuit City was also published.

Sony set to sell OLED TVs in Europe next year?

08/13, 4:15pm

Sony OLEDs in Europe

Wednesday's report from Japan is fueling rumors and a previous report that electronics giant Sony is close to launching ultra-thin organic light-emitting diode (OLED) TVs. Specifically, Japan's Nikkei Business Daily has Sony launching the thin TVs using this new technology in Europe as soon as next year. A Sony spokesperson admitted a European launch is under consideration, but did not reveal specifics.

Bell intros Sanyo Katana Eclipse phone before Sprint

08/13, 4:10pm

Bell gets Katana Eclipse

Unlike previously hinted, Sanyo's Katana Eclipse flip phone will not make its debut at Sprint, but is currently available for purchase at Canadian wireless provider Bell Mobility instead. The stylized dual-band GSM phone's most unique feature is its ability to set different illumination colors for different callers or types of incoming messages. Otherwise, the MP3-capable clamshell features external music controls, has 10MB of internal memory and a microSD card slot for expansion up to 8GB.

Cygnett speaker system for Bluetooth phones

08/13, 4:00pm

Cygnett's phone speaker

Cygnett, maker of phone and digital audio player accessories, on Wednesday announced it will soon release its GrooveTooth Talk speaker system in the US market. The speaker connects to compatible phones via the Bluetooth 2.0 wireless standard, and is aimed for use by drivers to keep their hands free to operate their vehicles. The speaker has a built-in clip that will attach the speaker to sun visors, close to driver's mouths.

Gateway brings Centrino 2, 9800M GTS to FX notebooks

08/13, 3:55pm

Gateway P7811 FX Notebook

Gateway today gave its FX notebook line a performance increase with its first retail system using newer technology. The P-7811 FX is based on Intel's Centrino 2 platform and runs a 2.26GHz Core 2 Duo from the newest generation, improving on the older 2GHz and 2.2GHz chips with a faster 1,066MHz bus. It also brings NVIDIA's GeForce 9800M GTS graphics for more desktop-like 3D performance, particularly at the 17-inch LCD's native 1920x1200.

New RAM technology could drive portables, desktops

08/13, 3:25pm

Magnetic RAM technology

German engineers and physicists have made a prototype of an advanced RAM system that nears the theoretical speed limit for the process. According to a NewScientistTech report, this technology - known as Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (MRAM) - is claimed to be faster and more efficient then RAM currentlyavailable. Some companies speculate the capabilities and low power consumption of MRAM may push the mobile market in the years to come. So far, however, the technology is in experimental stages at the moment, and is not available for distribution.

Dell likely to end separate XPS line

08/13, 3:15pm

Dell to End Separate XPS

Dell is phasing out its distinct XPS line in favor of its regular brands, the company has revealed today. While not explicitly saying it will discontinue the XPS label outright, the name will now be folded into the Inspiron and Studio systems as a high-end trim level. The stylized Studio line will effectively replace the XPS for most purposes, Dell's worldwide marketing chief Mark Jarvis says. The official doesn't provide a motivation other than to suggest the move is part of "brand consolidation" that trims the number of labels at Dell.

Funai to combine LCD TVs, Blu-ray players in the US

08/13, 3:05pm

Funai's TV, Blu-ray combo

Japanese electronics firm Funai, which makes products under the Sylvania, Symphonic, Emerson and Magnavox brands, will sell LCD TVs with integrated Blu-ray players in the US starting in the summer of 2009, according to Wednesday's reports. The company already offers LCD TV and DVD-player combos under the Sylvania brand in the US market, sales of which make up a full 20 percent of the company's sales.

HSBC may swap 200K BlackBerries for iPhones

08/13, 1:50pm

HSBC Mulls iPhone Swap

Worldwide bank HSBC is considering replacing its fleet of 200,000 BlackBerries with iPhones, the company tells ZDNet. The institution's CIO for Australia and New Zealand, Brenton Hush, says that HSBC is determining the phone's usefulness on the corporate network and would potentially deploy the phone on a global basis. No definitive conclusions are said to have been reached on the iPhone, which at present is still a secondary concern at the regional level.

NVIDIA takes rare loss on faulty chips, competition

08/13, 1:25pm

NVIDIA loses on bad chips

Graphics chip builder NVIDIA has reported its first quarterly loss in almost five years, writes the Wall Street Journal. The company has taken a net loss of $120.9 million for its second financial quarter, admitting that materials used to package its mobile graphics chips caused unusually high failure rates. Third-party observers have suggested that the company's desktop processors could be affected as well, but this allegation has not been confirmed.

Jabra unveils new BT530 Bluetooth headset

08/13, 12:40pm

Jabra BT530 headset

Headset manufacturer Jabra has scheduled another Bluetooth device, the BT530, to be released in September. Weighing only .35 ounces, the headset is claimed to be one of the smallest available, and capable of pairing multiple desk and cellular phones at the same time. The ear hook can be removed, and Jabra includes eight different sizes of "Eargel" to customize for a user's particular ear shape.

Intel publishes USB 3.0 controller spec

08/13, 12:15pm

Intel Publishes USB 3

Intel on Wednesday hoped to settle a conflict in standards on Wednesday by publishing a draft version of the controller interface spec for USB 3.0, the next generation of its peripheral format. The information provides a guide for hardware makers to relay information from the USB controller hardware to the software that manages it and helps settle a dispute triggered by AMD and NVIDIA, which accused Intel of knowingly withholding information about the interface to give systems based on Intel hardware an advantage over those using rival copmonents.

BlackBerry Curve iDEN, Moto V950 Renegade spotted

08/13, 11:15am

BBerry 8350 and Moto V950

Sprint is readying an aggressive launch of several push-to-talk phones in the next few months that include the previously rumored BlackBerry Curve 8350, according to a roadmap leak from BGR. Documents confirm the existence of the smartphone as the BlackBerry 8350i and that it will not only use the iDEN push-to-talk network but should have features absent on other variants, including both the GPS and Wi-Fi that are normally kept separate in the Curve lineup. It also sports the latest version of the BlackBerry OS and manages to hide the normally prominent antennas on iDEN phones.

Nokia pushing AMOLED displays in new phones?

08/13, 10:30am

Nokia Requiring AMOLED

Alleged display industry insiders today claim Nokia will make a large shift to active matrix OLED (AMOLED) displays in the near future. The cellphone designer is said to be choosing suppliers it knows have plans to create and manufacture the advanced organic screens, which are brighter and more color-rich than LCDs as well as thinner and more power-efficient.

VUDU intros movie renewals, 99c channel

08/13, 9:25am

VUDU Movie Renewals

VUDU today set out to best Apple TV and other competitors in the networked media hub field with two features meant to draw in more movie viewers. The company is the first to offer digital movie renewals and will let customers pay a discounted price to either finish watching a movie or to watch it again; any customer that has already started playing a title can pay 99 cents (standard-definition) or $2 (HD) within a week of first playing the movie to watch it again, even if their normal playback time has already expired.

OpenGL 3.0 brings 32-bit depth, OpenCL hook

08/13, 8:40am

OpenGL 3 Features

Standards backer Khronos Group has published the specifications for OpenGL 3.0, the next major revision to the universal graphics programming format. The new version focuses on high dynamic range (HDR) images and now includes support for 32-bit, floating point data both for depth and rendering buffers as well as for textures. The advance allows for more precise color and also permits more accurate calculation for visual effects.

Logitech V550 Nano mouse gives hang-on clip

08/13, 7:20am

Logitech V550 Nano

Logitech this morning released a new travel mouse that it believes could help further with portability. The V550 Nano is simpler than the VX Nano but comes with a clip that attaches to most surfaces, including notebooks themselves; this eases carrying the mouse even for short room-to-room trips, the company argues. The V550 is also the longest-lasting of any portable mouse from the firm with as much as 18 months of regular use between battery replacements.

Sheraton adopts Surface at five US hotels

08/13, 12:25am

Surface in Sheraton hotels

Microsoft's highly talked-about Surface technology, previously known to exist in AT&T stores and Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, is now being adopted at five Sheraton Hotel and Resort locations, in New York, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, and San Francisco. The Sheraton locations will take advantage of the multi-touch Surface to provide travel and activity itineraries, musical entertainment from featured Sony BMG artists, and photo libraries from Sheraton hotels around the world.


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