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Dell likely to end separate XPS line

updated 03:15 pm EDT, Wed August 13, 2008

Dell to End Separate XPS

Dell is phasing out its distinct XPS line in favor of its regular brands, the company has revealed today. While not explicitly saying it will discontinue the XPS label outright, the name will now be folded into the Inspiron and Studio systems as a high-end trim level. The stylized Studio line will effectively replace the XPS for most purposes, Dell's worldwide marketing chief Mark Jarvis says. The official doesn't provide a motivation other than to suggest the move is part of "brand consolidation" that trims the number of labels at Dell.

The rearrangement nonetheless contradicts past denials by Dell that it would end the XPS line to protect its high-end Alienware gaming brand. Critics have noted that many of Alienware's entry and mid-range systems have often overlapped high-end Dell XPS models and thus cannibalized each other's sales.

Dell's plans also come as part of a larger and more targeted campaign in notebooks, whose sales are growing at a significantly faster pace than desktops. The firm has largely grown at or slightly above the industry average but has struggled against market leader HP as well as third place Apple, which is growing at roughly twice the industry average chiefly on the back of stronger notebooks.

The Texas-based PC maker just Tuesday introduced a Latitude line overhaul meant to both rejuvenate interest in its business notebooks as well as expand their appeal to design-conscious users that would normally opt for home-oriented systems.

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  1. manf0001

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    Leave it to Dell...

    To Think I worked for Apple Tech Support for over 4 years at a third Party Call Centre (Happily) and left to work for Dell doing their XPS Line support only for a few months and then they move it over seas. and close the centre I worked at. Now they are "Ending" the XPS Line.. Man Dell Can never stick to one thing long enough. That's Why I love Apple.. 1st. Apple Tries NEW Things that no other company dares.. and Apple always goes through with it even when it looks like trouble they brave through the bad storm. Dell on the other hand and prob. other companies, Copy from Apple in Designs. ie. Dell All in One XPS. Don't see much of that being Advertised.

    Umm.. Oh yes.. the Dell Juke Box they tried entering into the MP3 Market (Late) and just decided to drop it. IF they kept with it, they prob would have had some little success granted no match for the iPod. But what I'm really trying to say it Dell Copies things, (if it looks good, lets go for it.) And when they do copy it's way to late to make any type of a difference. And They Need to actually come up with new things on there own, and not drop them when they see a little bad storm coming. I must say the annalysists at Dell are most likely a Bunch of Monkeys.

    That's my two cents worth.

  1. testudo

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    Re: leave it to dell

    So you're upset Dell doesn't stick with anything. And yet thrilled that Apple always is trying new things. Shouldn't you be complaining that Apple keeps changing things too?

    Although the most complaints I hear about apple is that they don't change things enough (like are they ever going to upgrade the mini?)

  1. Jeronimo2000

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    One question

    Seriously: WHAT ON EARTH does this piece of news have to do with the Mac? What's the point of posting this on a site called "MacNN"??? There is ZERO mac-related information in this article. ZERO.

    Although, together with all the other Dell-related postings over the last couple of days, it seems that there is some other reason behind this. Money, probably.

  1. zaghahzag

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    back in the 90s michael dell said that apple should be broken up and sold back to the shareholders. Ever since then, all their foibles are fair game to mac people.

    on the topic of XPS and dell's hardware. XPS was their marketing attempt to sell overpriced s***. It didn't work. People didn't like to buy overpriced s*** from Dell, they'd rather buy overpriced s*** from Apple.

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