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Dell: mono not an RIAA issue, stereo in the future

08/15, 7:05pm

Dell to add stereo inputs

Dell on Friday made attempts to clarify the lack of stereo input into its laptops, hoping to dispel rumors that the RIAA forced it into a particular position. Dell blogger Lionel Menchaca reveals that the decision to exclude stereo audio was due to Windows Vista's tentative system requirements early on in its launch. As a result of customer complaints, Dell is re-instating stereo audio input into future laptop, beginning with the Studio 15 and Studio 17 models.

Archos' HSDPA-enabled PMPs set for unveiling

08/15, 5:00pm

Archos 3G PMP coming soon

French consumer electronics maker Archos is getting set to unveil its sixth-generation portable media players (PMP), including the 606. The company has been developing the 3G data network capable PMP as part of the range for about six months now, and has reportedly hosted a press event in July that was believed to feature the new device.

AMD intros business-class Phenoms, Athlons

08/15, 4:40pm

AMD intros business CPUs

Chip and motherboard maker AMD added four new business-class processors, according to a Friday report. Two of the chips, the 2.4GHz, 95W, X4 9750B quad-core and X3 8750B triple-core, are based on the Phenom architecture, while the other pair is built on the Athlon family. The X2 5600B dual-core is rated at 2.9GHz and draws 65W of power, while the X2 4850B dual-core is rated at 2.5GHz and draws 45W of power. In the past, Business-class Athlon CPUs from AMD predominantly used less energy, and the same holds true here as well.

LCD TV sales up 52% in North America in spring

08/15, 4:30pm

TV sales grow 28 percent

Overall TV shipments in North America after the second quarter, at over 9.3 million, represent a 28 percent increase from the same time period in 2007, according to a new DisplaySearch report. The report breaks down the number further by the type of TV technology, including flat-screen tube, LCD and Plasma, as well as by individual brands.

VIA debuts own EPIA N700 mainboard with VX800

08/15, 4:10pm

VIA intros EPIA N700 board

After announcing it will quit making mainboard chips for third parties earlier this month, VIA Technologies on Friday announced the release of its own EPIA N700 Nano-ITX board for compact industrial PCs and embedded automation devices. The compact motherboard will ship with a choice of VIA's 1.5GHz C7 or the 500MHz Eden processor, and is the company's first Nano-ITX board to use the newest VIA VX800 media system processor chipset.

TSA to allow laptops with X-ray-friendly cases

08/15, 4:05pm

TSA approves X-ray cases

The Transportation Security Administration has published guidelines on what kind of laptop bags would be able to go through airport X-ray machines without travelers having to take their laptops out, according to a Thursday report. Instead of approving or endorsing specific styles or brands of laptop bags, the TSA is posting guidelines online and at checkpoints as to the design of the carriers that will allow X-ray machines to peer inside them.

Microsoft first with native Blu-ray support

08/15, 3:40pm

Microsoft Blu-ray Support

Microsoft on Friday tipped its hand and revealed itself as the first major operating system developer to incorporate more complete Blu-ray support into its platform. A test version of Microsoft's Feature Pack for Storage will give Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003 and Server 2008 the option of burning Blu-ray discs directly from the operating system, averting the need for a third-party app record to the larger storage format.

Specs leak on Canon 50D, 5D Mark II before Photokina

08/15, 3:10pm

Canon 50D, 5D MarkII spec

A forum member on a popular photography website recently posted what he believes are the preliminary specs for Canon's upcoming 5D Mark II and an all-new 50D digital SLRs. While the information cannot be treated as official or confirmed, it suggests the new 50D will sport a 12.2-megapixel APS-C sensor and Single Digic III Processor. The smaller sensor will allow the 50D to use lenses with the EFS mount in addition to Canon's EF-mount.

Treo Pro live shots confirm new details

08/15, 2:40pm

Treo Pro Live Shots

The Treo Pro has again been spotted and reveals nearly all details of Palm's attempt at a return to form, courtesy of a discovery by community members at WMExperts. The handset is the first largely new professional smartphone from the company since hiring former Apple executive Jon Rubinstein and now shows a cleaner, sleeker device with a design based on more universal standards, including a 3.5mm headphone jack, microSDHC storage and a micro USB connector for charging and synchronizing the phone.

iMac marks 10th anniversary

08/15, 1:20pm

iMac marks 10 years

Apple's famous iMac turns 10 years old today, marking an important milestone. The computer -- which first began shipping on August 15th, 1998 -- helped usher in the modern Mac era, distancing Apple from an era of Performas and Quadras. It was also the first major new product from the company following the return of co-founder Steve Jobs, and broke with previously standard Mac technologies at the time such as ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) in favor of those like the then-new USB format.

MS vows to avoid Vista mistakes in Windows 7

08/15, 12:35pm

MS Windows 7 Updates

Microsoft today started a Windows 7 blog with the objective of avoiding the perception issues for its next operating system that it believes have hurt Vista's reputation in the past. The project's senior engineering managers Jon DeVaan and Steven Sinofsky claim the site will serve as an "open and honest" platform for both illustrating Microsoft's development process as well as to help determine when the company is ready to reveal new features. This will be a "two-way" conversation where input is possible from readers, the officials say.

High-end Motorola V70 replacement spied

08/15, 12:20pm

Motorola V70 Retro?

While specifications are nearly non-existent at this stage, images leaked from cellular phone retailer CTI Miami reveal what appears to be an upgraded, though camouflaged version of the Motorola V70. The only piece of concrete information exposed by the photos is that it comes with a five-megapixel camera.

Image, info on Seagate's new FreeAgent disks leaked

08/15, 11:35am

Seagate FreeAgent leaks

An image and very limited information has leaked on Seagate's next-generation of FreeAgent external hard disk drives, according to a report from Engadget. The information is not official, but sources believe the larger pictured HDD is a replacement for the FreeAgent-series Desktop drive, with the smaller unit either complementing or also replacing the FreeAgent Go drive.

HP ordering VIA Nano for 10-inch Mini-Notes?

08/15, 11:30am

HP Ordering VIA Nanos

HP has ordered batches of VIA's Nano processors for upcoming computers that may include its netbooks, claim some within the PC business. The faster, more efficient mobile processors are allegedly already shipping to HP and would be the second processor line from VIA to reach the American company after the C7-M, which so far has only been used in the Mini-Note 2133 and was initially thought to be a stopgap until HP could use Intel's Atom processor.

New Casio keyboard connects with iPods

08/15, 11:20am

Casio Workstation 200

Casio has announced a new Workstation keyboard with iPod connectivity. According to Chip Chick, the Casio Workstation 200 has 76 touch response keys, which react to the amount of pressure placed on the keys when played. The harder the keys are pressed, the louder the sound. The keyboard also is now able to connect to an iPod or other audio device. Once connected a user can use 10 second clips from songs to sing or play along with or a sample can be recorded so that it can be remembered. The keyboard offers the standard range of rhythm sounds, tones, and tunes common among other Workstation keyboards.

Intel prepping even faster SSDs for fall

08/15, 10:40am

Intel Extreme SSD Storage

Intel will add to its upcoming solid-state drive line with a special high-performance range when it appears in the fall, a leaked presentation slide shows. Where the already publicized X18-M and X25-M drives will have fast read access but focus on power saving, a new Extreme series will focus on raw performance. These will read data at 240MB per second but write much faster than the M drives, climbing from 70MB to 170MB per second; the line is targeted at those demanding full performance for servers and other very high-speed tasks, the presentation suggests.

Android phone confirmed, "bulky" vs iPhone

08/15, 9:30am

HTC Dream Confirmed

The first known phone based on Google's Android mobile operating system has been confirmed today through two separate sources. A report in the New York Times reinforces previous rumors that the HTC Dream will be the first to run the Linux-based platform and that it will likely launch with T-Mobile in October but no later than the end of the calendar year. The launch almost entirely depends on FCC approval of the device, according to the claims, but will ideally be made public ahead of time in September.

Dell to intro two MP3 players, media sharing

08/15, 8:15am

Dell Plans 2 MP3 Players

Dell's planned return to MP3 players will include not just one but two devices and a hardware-independent software approach, say multiple sources of BusinessWeek. Without providing full details, the magazine claims that a second device beyond the original, sub-$100 Wi-Fi player will arrive but that both will launch after the software that they will use, shipping in early 2009 rather than September.

OCZ adds 250GB Core Series V2 SSD drive

08/15, 12:25am

OCZ Core Series V2

Sunnyvale-based OCZ on Thursday unveiled new Core Series V2 SATA II 2.5-inch SSD drives, offering users speedy 170 megabyte-per-second read and 98 megabyte-per-second write times, with much larger sizes. The drives represent a continued effort for OCZ to push down the prices of SSDs for mainstream users. While OCZ declines to supply exact prices from its release, it says that the new Core Series V2 drives cost half of what comparable products do, while offering sizes of up to 250GB.


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