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ASUS leaks N10 ultra-portable with HDD, HDMI-out

08/22, 7:00pm

ASUS N10 ultraportable

Images and external specifications for the so-called ASUS N10 leaked Friday, confirming rumors of the hard drive-bearing, non-Eee branded micro laptop. The simply-detailed N10 offers users a 10.2 inch widescreen monitor (rated at 1024 by 600 pixels), encased in a sandy colored shell, with a chrome polished hinge - observes that the result is a very sturdy overall design. Confirmed are storage capacities up to 320GB, with supposed options for Windows Vista or Linux.

Briefly: Logitech V550 Nano review

08/22, 5:40pm

Logitech V550 Nano Review

Until now, some of Logitech's better mousing features, particularly its extra-small Nano Receiver and its free-spinning metal scroll wheel, have been limited to high-end devices; outside of the MX 620, none of its previous devices have come with either for less than $70. The V550 Nano aims to solve that problem by bringing both features to a $60 notebook mouse and adds a unique notebook-mountable clip at the same time. It succeeds in lowering the cost, but our full review determines whether that comes at the expense of design.

Albatron unveils ARM-based Tee PC netbook

08/22, 5:25pm

Albatron intros UMPC

While it's not clear if Taiwan-based manufacturer Albatron means to compete directly with ASUS' Eee PC line, the company today is playing on the same theme with its new Tee PC netbook. The Tee PC is based on a 7-inch LCD touchscreen good for 800x480 resolution but, instead of relying on an Intel Atom or Celeron, powers the system with a cellphone-oriented ARM 926 processor running at just 400MHz. The 128MB flash drive is loaded with Windows CE 6 and uses the lower memory footprint to trim down to 128MB of RAM.

T-Mobile to get BlackBerry Kickstart as exclusive

08/22, 3:55pm

T-Mobile to get Kickstart

The upcoming BlackBerry Kickstart, believed to be named the Pearl 8220 when it does arrive, will be sold exclusively by cellphone provide T-Mobile for three months, today's report suggests. T-Mobile will spend tens of millions in TV, radio and Internet advertising campaigns that kick off in mid September to make the public aware of this fact.

Genius preps higher-powered touch speakers

08/22, 3:20pm

Genius SW-T21 Speakers

Genius today gave an advance look at a new speaker set that expands on the touch input feature of the SP-T1200 The SW-T2.1 1800 (not yet pictured) lets user adjust sound settings without the perceived visual clutter of dials but significantly improves the audio quality with a six-inch subwoofer to separate the low-end frequencies. A DRD 3D spatialization effect expands the sound field.

Art Lebedev intros literal Folderix flash drive

08/22, 2:45pm

Folderix flash drive

Art Lebedev Studio has introduced the Folderix 4GB flash drive. The device takes its role literally and encases the storage a folder to put files in; the case material is upscale and uses multiple colors of aluminum with a laser-etched logo. The Folderix flash drive costs $55 when bought from the Optimus Maximus keyboard creator and is available today.

Virgin gets approval for Helio takeover

08/22, 2:35pm

Virgin Helio Deal Approved

Virgin Mobile today said the US government has greenlit its buyout of Helio. The approval comes without having to change the original terms of the deal, which hands over all of Helio's 170,000 customers and actually improves the rates Virgin pays Sprint to use its network for calls and data. It also significantly reduces Helio's debt and gives the partly Korean-owned company two seats on Virgin's board of directors.

Info revealed on Motorola Rapture VU30 for Verizon

08/22, 2:20pm

Motorola VU30 info leaked

Images from an owner's manual for the Motorola VU30 have leaked on the web on Friday, revealing more information on the flip phone, which is coming to Verizon in the not too distant future. It is now known the 3G capable handset will be called the Rapture VU30 and sport a touch-sensitive external display. Unlike some other flip-phones, the dislpay will allow users to capture still images and videos via the 2.0-megapixel camera while the phone in its closed position.

Pure intros Evoke Flow Internet/DAB radio

08/22, 1:50pm

Pure intros Evoke Flow

UK-based Pure Digital on Thursday announced it will be releasing its newest Internet radio, the Evoke Flow. Like competing products, including the recently announced Radiopaq Rp5, the Evoke Flow will feature an FM radio receiver, as well as a DAB tuner and DAB+ support. Of course, a Wi-Fi module will likewise be integrated, allowing the Evoke Flow to connect to Pure's newly launched online web radio site, Pure Lounge.

Cell Ranger boosters claim up to 3 bar increase

08/22, 1:30pm

Cell Ranger signal booster

Cell Ranger has announced two new products intended to increase signal strength for cellphones or 3G data cards in fringe areas and reduce the number of dropped calls. The Cell Ranger Stix for automobiles is powered from the 12v car plug, and the Cell Ranger Port is powered through USB. The devices both work by boosting incoming signals in the 800MHz to 1900MHz range. CellRanger claims two to three extra signal bars for any cell phone or 3G data card.

Shuttle to bring Atom-powered X27 mini PC to market

08/22, 1:25pm

Shuttle intros X27 mini PC

Desktop PC maker Shuttle is set to release its newest and smallest mini-desktop, the X27, according to Friday's report. The X27 will use Intel's 1.6GHz Atom chip and support up to 2GB of RAM in its single DIMM slot on the Intel 945GC chipset complete with an onboard GMA 950 graphics processor. The small PC will come with a 2.5-inch HDD, though its capacity, or what OS will be preloaded onto it, is unknown.

Celrun intros LLUON A1 PC and IPTV combo

08/22, 1:05pm


Korea's Celrun recently introduced the LLUON A1, a new combo computer which doubles as an Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) in addition to its role as a PC. Users can also watch regular TV on the A1. The 18.4-inch LCD screen depends on a TV-level 16:9 aspect ratio and a 1680x954 resolution, and switches its operating system based on the context: it reverts to Windows as the operating system when in PC mode and Linux for IPTV service.

NVIDIA finalizes CUDA 2.0, Photoshop plugin

08/22, 12:50pm


NVIDIA today formally released the finished version of CUDA 2.0. The second generation of the company's general-purpose programming language for its video chipsets supports 64-bit versions of Mac OS X and Windows Vista and adds support for instructions that can help offload more specific tasks from the main processor to the video card, such as 3D textures and hardware-accelerated interpolation of information.

Google, Verizon may land phone search deal

08/22, 12:15pm

Google Verizon Search Deal

Google and Verizon are forgoing earlier differences and are closing in on a deal that could significantly alter mobile searching, a report from the Wall Street Journal today would suggest. Anonymous sources tell the business paper that Google would become the standard search provider on all of Verizon's handhelds and should ultimately have a search bar on the home screen of all Internet-capable devices.

Lexar adds 16GB JumpDrive to FireFly USB series

08/22, 11:30am

Lexar adds 16GB USB drive

Lexar Media announced on Friday it will add a 16GB JumpDrive to its FireFly USB range, doubling the previous largest capacity of the 8GB FireFly (pictured). Like the rest of the FireFly JumpDrives, the newest member of the family is both Mac and PC compatible. Windows users who purchase the 16GB FireFly will get a 30-day trial of Dmailer V7 software that will allow them to back up and synchronize files, including emails stored in Microsot Outlook and Outlook Express.

LG intros thin 8MP touch cameraphone

08/22, 11:30am

LG KC910

LG this morning surprised the phone market with an early look at the KC910. Considered a spiritual successor to the KU990 Viewty, the new device has both LG's highest-resolution camera at eight megapixels but is still thin enough at 14mm (0.55in) to fit comfortably in a pocket. The new camera sensor is also said to lose nothing in image quality over the Viewty with full speed, 30FPS 640x480 video capture, a special 120FPS slow-motion mode and an ISO 1600 light sensitivity comparable more to dedicated point-and-shoot cameras than cellphones.

Epson announces 4800dpi photo scanner

08/22, 11:10am

Epson intros photo scanner

Epson on Friday announced its Perfection V300 Photo scanner is now shipping. The new scanner is aimed at photographers and features a 4800x9600dpi scanning resolution with the ability to scan 35mm film and slides thanks to a built-in transparency unit. Epson also outfitted its newest addition with ReadyScan LED technology, which is more energy efficient and requires no warm-up time when compared to traditional mercury-filled cathode flourescent lamps used in scanners.

Intel quietly rolls out small Core 2 Duo "S"

08/22, 10:35am

Intel Core 2 Duo S

Although declining a separate announcement, Intel at its Developer Forum has formally introduced the Core 2 Duo "S,", its first factory-stock processor based on the same small package technology that was rushed into use for the MacBook Air and similar systems. The chipmaker confirms numerous leaks and reveals that the switch to a 45 nanometer process lets it improve performance while reducing the size and power use.

Acer drops Aspire one to $329

08/22, 9:25am

Acer Aspire one Price Cut

Heating up the increasingly crowded field for netbooks, Acer today dropped the price of the Aspire one down from $379 to $329. The change makes the 8.9-inch portable one of the least expensive for its features with a 1.6GHz Atom, 512MB of memory, an 8GB flash drive, and Linux. Costs have also been dropped for higher-end models: the mid-range with 1GB of memory, 120GB of hard drive space and Windows XP receives a cut from its original $399 down to $349.

Sony intros multi-room, DJ-ready iPod stereos

08/22, 9:05am


Sony on Friday brought iPod audio into relatively new territory on Friday by releasing two new audio systems for larger areas and more social occasions. The S-AIRPLAY is one of the few multi-room iPod audio systems available and beams music from the Apple players to stereo satellites as far as 164 feet away from a central base station, letting owners keep their device in one location. Sony's custom S-Air format supports as many as ten receiving systems at one time and effectively lets one iPod cover an entire house.


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