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Sony XPERIA X1 delayed until January?

08/28, 11:55pm

XPERIA X1 delayed

While Sony is expected to ship its XPERIA X1 touchscreen phone in October, new information seen on the UK Sony Style website hints that the release could be pushed back to January 2009. The Register reveals that a menu selection graphic contains a "January" tag, with the product page itself claiming the launch date is undecided. The information comes after conflicting news that Sony Ericsson already mistakenly delayed the device, and retailer Expansys claiming it had receive demonstration units of the phone already.

Comcast confirms 250GB cap to Internet service

08/28, 10:15pm

Comcast 250GB internet cap

Comcast on Thursday revealed it would enact a 250GB download cap on users' Internet connections on October 1st as part of an effort to combat illegal peer-to-peer exchanges of software and rich media. Ars Technica reveals that Comcast is offering the "extremely large amount of data" to users, and would actively warn top downloaders who exceed the limit to cut back. The move comes after the FCC reprimanded Comcast for manipulating bandwidth or service availability for users running P2P software.

Ultrasone unveils PRO 900 headphones with S-Logic

08/28, 8:55pm

Ultrasone Pro900 headphone

German headphone company Ultrasone has released its latest set, the PRO 900. This closed-back headphone features 40mm Titanium-plated drivers that incorporate magnetic shielding and "S-Logic Plus" technology claimed to enhance the listening experience. Two sets of velvet covered earpads are included, and a choice of spiral or straight cables. Regarding performance specs, the frequency range is 6Hz-42kHz, with 40 Ohm impedance, and sound pressure levels of 96 dB.

Motorola's updated Q Global adds WM 6.1

08/28, 8:00pm

Motorola Q Global updated

Motorola has announced the latest version of the Q Global, now including Windows Media 6.1. With the new capabilities of WM 6.1, Motorola is developing its Q line to compete with the variety of smartphones being released by companies like RIM, Apple, and HTC. The operating system was refined, adding capabilities, streamlining functions, and improving security.

Dell's profit plunges 17%, stock price drops

08/28, 5:35pm

Dell dissappoints in Q2

Dell on Thursday posted a disappointing drop in quarterly earnings, citing slow IT spending in Asia and Western Europe, and increased spending to drive growth. The company's surprising 17 percent decline in quarterly profit sent the world's second largest PC maker's shares down more than 10 percent. Dell reported fiscal second quarter revenue of $16.4 billion, up 11 percent year-over-year and driven by a 19 percent increase in worldwide product shipments, but its $0.33 EPS, before one-time costs, was short of investors' expectations of $0.36 per share. After its one-time costs and amortization, Dell's profit fell to $616 million in the second quarter (ended August 1) or 31 cents per diluted share, from the restated year-ago net income of $746 million, or 33 cents per diluted share.

Samsung officially releases BD-P2500 Blu-ray player

08/28, 5:20pm

Samsung Blu-ray player

Samsung's previously leaked Blu-ray player, the BD-2500, has been officially announced on Thursday. What has changed since is the name, as the new player is called BD-2500 instead of BD-2550. Thanks to Hollywood Quality Video (HQV) processing, the new player will be able to upscale standard definition DVDs and deliver xvYCC Deep Color support in addition to 24fps film mode. It will come pre-loaded with BD Live Profile 2.0 software, as well as Bonus View Profile 1.1, making bonus content from the Internet accessible thanks also to an integrated Ethernet port.

LG intros 10-inch X110 netbook with 3G access

08/28, 5:05pm

LG intros 3G X110 netbook

LG made everyone wait until Thursday to release its rumored X110 10-inch notebook that would compete with the likes of the ASUS EeePC and the MSI Wind at the IFA 2008 consumer electronics expo. The portable computer uses HSPA 3G for mobile access to data, in addition to a 802.11b/g wireless LAN connection and dedicated Ethernet port. The processor will be an unspecified one from Intel's Atom line-up, working with 1GB of RAM.

Toshiba launches REGZA HDTVs, TV/DVD combos

08/28, 4:50pm

Toshiba intros REGZA lines

At the IFA 2008 show in Berlin, Toshiba unveiled two new REGZA-branded LCD HDTV lines, including the ZF series which is capable of up-converting standard definition video files into high-definition ones all by itself. The TV line does this by way of what Toshiba is calling Resolution+ technology that uses the same type of Cell processors as the ones used in Sony's PlayStation 3 gaming console to enhance edges and details in images. The ZF-series displays will be available in a 40-inch size with the 40ZF575D and the 46-inch 46ZF575D.

Philips intros thin HDTV, iPod/DVD sound system

08/28, 4:40pm

Philips HDTV, sound system

Philips introduced a suite of new electronics at the IFA 2008 consumer electronics show headlined by a new extremely thin HDTV thus far known only as the Essence. At less than 1.5 inches thick, the Essence features a 120Hz 42-inch LCD display with a response time of 2 milliseconds. Philips even includes a self-leveling mounting kit with the Essence, which moves the speakers, tuner and video and power connections to a separate hub in order to make the slim size possible.

Panasonic shows next-gen plasmas, Blu-ray recorders

08/28, 4:35pm

Panasonic next-gen plasmas

Panasonic on Thursday announced it will show off five prototype plasma display panels that are significantly thinner, more efficient and / or larger than current models at the IFA 2008 show in Berlin, which kicks off Friday. The prototypes will include a 42-inch display that is twice as efficient and therefore uses half the energy of Panasonic's existing panels of the same size that maintains the same brightness settings.

Google unveils App Store-like Android Market

08/28, 4:10pm

Google Android Market

Google today revealed fuller details of Android Market, its previously hinted at store for software for phones based on the Android mobile operating system. Similar to the iPhone's App Store, the portal is hosted by Google itself and is created to give third-party developers a common, easily accessible location to give away or sell their apps. Unlike Apple's screened content, however, the company plans an "open and unobstructed" environment where apps aren't banned for legal content or functions.

Sony bows 30K contrast projector, Blu-ray theater

08/28, 3:35pm

Sony HW10 and IT1000

Sony's home theater introductions at Europe's IFA show have been rounded off through the launch of a BRAVIA projector and a matching BRAVIA Theatre Blu-ray home theater. The HW10 front projector is part of Sony's latest SXRD-based lineup and is designed for relatively high-end home theater setups with native 1080p, 24 frames per second output and a contrast ratio as good as modern HDTVs at 30,000:1. It further supports x.v.Color (Deep Color) video and is matched by a more recent BRAVIA image processing engine that allegedly maintains detail without the screen door or moire effects that often result from a sharper digital picture.

Sanyo unveils 720p PC/HD hybrid projector

08/28, 2:50pm

Sanyo PLV Z60 projector

Sanyo has introduced a new home theater projector also built with PCs in mind. The projector's 3LCD system is unusually sharp among mainstream projectors with a 720p resolution and produces output closer to HDTVs, with a 10,000:1 contrast ratio and 1,200 lumens of brightness. An optical zoom out to 2x allows the unit to present a 100" picture from 9.8 feet to 20 feet away. The exact position of the image can be adjusted horizontally or vertically. When the unit is not being used, a servo-controlled shutter covers the lens.

Amazon dismisses Kindle update rumors

08/28, 2:35pm

Amazon Dismisses Rumors

Amazon has no plans to revamp the Kindle e-book reader before the end of the year, the online retailer's key spokesman Craig Berman told the New York Times on Thursday. The official doesn't deny the potential for a refresh but can say "for sure" that there will be no new versions of the device before the end of the year. He also declines to say when an update is likely but alludes to an update launching sometime during 2009 "at the earliest," pointing to a sequel still in mid-development.

Samsung vows "lighter than air" notebook

08/28, 1:50pm

Samsung X360 Notebook

Samsung used IFA to claim the limelight with its X360 notebook. The system is consciously pitted against the MacBook Air and is described as "lighter than air," carrying the same 13.3-inch screen as its Apple counterpart but weighing a slightly lighter 2.8 pounds. Samsung reaches the goal by using a slower, ultra-low voltage Core 2 Duo processor which sacrifices performance in return for smaller, cooler components and battery life between six to 10 hours.

Sony intros thinnest-ever BRAVIA LCDs, 240Hz model

08/28, 1:25pm

Sony intros BRAVIA LCDs

Japanese electronics giant Sony today introduced four new lines of BRAVIA LCDs, including the XR1 series, which sports a new LED backlight to endow the sets with a 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio; the ZX1 series, featuring a sub-0.4-inch LCD thickness at the thinnest point; the W1 line, with Sony's Motion Flow 240Hz display panel, and the X1 collection, which relies on existing CCFL backlighting technology to deliver 3,000:1 contrast. All are capable of 1080p resolution.

Comcast to implement 250GB cap in October?

08/28, 12:40pm

250GB Comcast cap in Oct.?

Cable Internet provider Comcast may be implementing a 250GB transfer cap as soon as October 1st, anonymous sources claim. The company has been moving towards more neutral bandwidth-limiting techniques, following an FCC ruling that sabotaging BitTorrent traffic violates net neutrality policies. Although BitTorrent seeds are frequently used to share pirated material, they are also used for legitimate peer-to-peer distribution, and the FCC has noted that blocking BitTorrent unnecessarily favors some forms of Internet traffic over others.

Logitech preps Squeezebox Boom, wireless speakers

08/28, 12:20pm

Squeezebox Boom and Z-500

Logitech on Thursday turned its attention to wireless audio courtesy of both a wholly independent Internet radio and speakers built just for notebooks. One of the first fruits of Logitech's buyout of Squeezebox, the Squeezebox Boom can pull and play unprotected music from any recent Mac or Windows PC on a local 802.11g Wi-Fi network but also picks up Internet streaming radio services entirely on its own, including largely free services such as Last.FM, Pandora or Slacker as well as a user's memberships to primarily for-pay services such as Rhapsody and Sirius' Internet streams.

Apple patent would allow full Mac tablet

08/28, 11:25am

Apple Mac Tablet Patent

Apple has been developing interface technology that would allow for a multi-touch handheld with full Mac OS X rather than a streamlined interface, the company has revealed through a US patent filing published today. Showing an example device which is clearly portable, the patent for a gesture system would adapt many of the basic control scheme elements familiar to Mac OS X to an environment where touch input is assumed but which is larger than an iPhone or iPod touch-class device.

Sharp reveals 0.9in-thick HDTV, more at IFA

08/28, 10:20am

Sharp XS1 and IFA 2008

Sharp today opened up its launches for IFA with updates targeted at HD video. The AQUOS XS1 is both the company's thinnest-ever TV at 0.9 inches -- half as much as before -- but is also its most vivid, using LED backlighting to boost the contrast ratio up to 1,000,000:1, besting plasma TVs and rivaling CRTs. The lighting also helps the set reach an extreme color accuracy of 150 percent of the NTSC color gamut, preventing the color banding that has sometimes affected past HDTVs.

TomTom GO x40 LIVE adds road history, HD traffic

08/28, 9:30am

TomTom GO x40 LIVE

TomTom used the prelude to the IFA expo to introduce an update to its GO GPS units. While cosmetically similar to earlier models, the GO x40 LIVE series is billed as the first to have an extremely detailed history of the travel times for roads in its coverage area, letting its IQ Routes feature automatically pick the best route to avoid traffic congestion at rush hour regardless of the actual street. The upgrade also adds HD Traffic support for European maps that TomTom claims is the most accurate of its type and which can catch unusual spikes in traffic that IQ Routes may miss.

Sony upgrades Walkmen with auto playlists

08/28, 8:45am

Sony Walkman Aug 2008

Sony today followed through on recent leaks with a significant overhaul of its Walkman music players. Apart from a new design that slims the device down to under 0.3 inches and harmonizes the look among all video-capable Sony players, the S730 series are the first to simplify smart playlists with a fully automatic feature known as SensMe. The addition gauges the tempo, rhythm, and other factors of songs and creates as many as 11 playlists of its own to match a given mood.

Sony unwraps T500 camera with 720p video

08/28, 7:25am

Sony Cyber-shot T500

Not content with earlier announcements, Sony on Thursday added another entry into its touchscreen Cyber-shots with a second high-end model. The T500 is dominated by the same 3.5-inch touchscreen interface and 10 megapixel sensor as the T700 but exchanges the 4GB of internal storage with Memory Stick cards and high-performance video capture; as the first Sony camera capable of recording in HD, the T500 records in widescreen 720p in H.264 with stereo audio, making clips easy to either edit in common HD editing tools such as iMovie or to downscale for uploading to most online video sites.

iPhone antennas work properly, Bold sees 3G issues

08/28, 12:55am

iPhone antennas work fine

Thorough testing of the iPhone 3G's various antennas have revealed that they are not the cause of users' 3G woes, after three of the devices were run through trials in a $100,000 test chamber similar to ones used by Motorola. When placed in the chamber, the iPhone demonstrated no irregularities when sending or receiving 3G data, showing only a 2 dB variance from a Sony Ericsson P1 and Nokia N73. Göteborgs-Posten reveals [1|2] that a 4 to 6 dB variance would be cause for alarm.

Microsoft, Nikon sign patent license agreement

08/28, 12:00am

Microsoft Nikon agreement

Microsoft and Nikon on Thursday announced that they have signed a cross-licensing patent agreement on Nikon's digital camera patents as well as consumer electronics patents from each company. The details of the agreement, which covers a "broad range" of consumer products from each company, does include some (undisclosed) compensation by Nikon. Looking to innovate on each other's technologies, the companies have previously collaborated on bringing wireless cameras and RAW processing and said that that the new patent cross-licensing agreement will "substantially benefit customers of consumer products including digital cameras."


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