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Dell slams MacBook Air with E4200 video

09/10, 12:00am

Dell slams Air with E4200

Dell on Tuesday broadsided Apple's famous manila envelope commercial with its own tongue-in-cheek version, removing the Latitude E4200 from the sleeve and comparing it to the MacBook Air. A shiny Dell logo crosses the screen as the notebook is removed from the envelope, set down, and opened in the same manner as the Air in Apple's commercial. Dell highlights the E4200's thinner width and length, but negates to compare the notebook's height, which is known to be taller than the MacBook Air.

HP ships Voodoo Envy 133, secret project hinted at

09/09, 11:00pm

HP ships Voodoo Envy

HP on Tuesday announced it is shipping the Voodoo Envy 133 notebook, while Voodoo co-founder Rahul Sood alludes to a mystery product on the company's blog. CNET reveals that the MacBook Air and Lenovo X300 competitor saw an exclusive rollout event in Germany, easing concerns that HP would roll the Voodoo line into its consumer products. The Envy offers users a sleek computing experience, reminiscent of Dell's Alienware line of computers.

Best Buy leak confirms 3G HTC Touch Diamond

09/09, 4:40pm

3G Touch Diamond confirmed

A new leak today reveals the much-anticipated HTC Touch Diamond will support HSDPA and HSUPA 3G data networks in the US market. The news comes after the device was spotted on Best Buy's online store, listed as unlocked and sporting a near $700 price tag. Best Buy estimates customers will get their HTC Touch Diamonds sometime between September 29 and October 4, although that may be postponed closer to those dates.

Helio, Virgin change plans post-merger

09/09, 4:25pm

Helio by Virgin USA news

The purchase of the Helio mobile network provider by Virgin Mobile, which concluded on August 22, has resulted in Helio by Virgin Mobile, and the new company announced some changes on Tuesday. Contrary to previous reports, however, the Helios brand will continue to operate. The integration of the two have resulted in Virgin launching the Shuttle, its first handset that will support Helio's data-intensive services, including the Buddy Beacon that uses the integrated GPS to locate other users via a chat-like program. At the same time, the company announced that existing and new Helio subscriptions to the $80 A La Carte program will be upgraded to include unlimited minutes instead of the current 1,500 minutes.

Lexar intros 16GB ultra-fast UDMA 300x CF card

09/09, 4:10pm

Lexar intros 16GB CF card

Portable storage device maker Lexar on Tuesday announced it has doubled the storage capacity of its current 8GB UDMA CF card with the upcoming release of a higher capacity Compact Flash memory card, the 16GB Professional UDMA 300x. The 300x speed rating translates to sustained write speeds of 45MBps, which is quick enough to keep up with most modern digital SLR cameras' burst shooting modes. Meant for professional photographers, the Ultra Direct Memory Access (UDMA) interface allows time savings in post-production time when used in conjunction with another UDMA-enabled device.

Sharp, Opera, KTF and others join Symbian Foundation

09/09, 4:05pm

Symbian gets 9 new members

The Symbian Foundation announced on Tuesday that Sharp Electronics, Opera Software, KTF wireless provider and six other companies have on Tuesday joined the Foundation to help bring open source software and applications to mobile devices more quickly and efficiently. As members of the Symbian Foundation, companies will not have to pay for software developed by its members.

Sony switches notebook battery life testing standards

09/09, 4:05pm

Sony new battery testing

In an effort to more accurately and realistically advertise the battery life of its notebook comptuers, Sony will soon be switching to a different standard of measuring said battery life, a recent report reveals. Under the new standard, called Jeita A, Sony will only publish how long the notebook lasts while playing back a movie file, and not, as previously, the average of idle time and the movie playback test that made up the Jeita test.

Toshiba intros 12.1-inch SS RX2 notebook series

09/09, 3:55pm

Toshiba SS RX2 notebooks

On Tuesday, Toshiba announced it will soon start shipping seven new notebooks in its SS RX2 Series. All will feature a 12.1-inch LCD screen with 1280x800 resolution and house Intel's newer, ultra low-power SU9300 Core 2 Duo at 1.20GHz. Buyers will get 2GB of memory, with the option to bump it up to 3GB, while graphics are handled by the onboard GS45 Express Chipset. The range-topping SS RX2 T9GG and T9G will stand out from the remaining five notebooks thanks to their use of a 128GB solid-state drive instead of a 160GB hard disk drive. Compared to their predecessor, the RX1 (R500 in the US), the RX2 notebooks have come down slightly in price while offering slightly better value, although the specs are very close.

Toshiba intros 240GB iPod-ready hard drive

09/09, 3:45pm

Toshiba 240GB Mini Drive

Quickly following the launch of Apple's 120GB iPod classic and a matching Zune, Toshiba this afternoon announced the MK2431GAH, the first-ever 240GB 1.8-inch rotating hard drive. The disk holds the extra 80GB over the previous record-setting 160GB disks but also spins faster, rotating at 4,200RPM versus the 3,600RPM of most large drives in the class; this helps with video and other very disk-intensive apps on portable devices, the company says.

Leaked PR shows Bold for AT&T in October

09/09, 3:10pm

BBerry Bold Leaked PR

AT&T has largely committed to its rumored October launch for the BlackBerry Bold, according to a leaked press release obtained at BGR. Although dated for release today, the template announcement specifically indicates plans by the carrier to launch the 3G BlackBerry sometime next month for $300 on contract but leaves the exact day blank, leaving open the possibility of a last-minute change.

iPod shuffle gets new colors, same features

09/09, 2:15pm

iPod shuffle Sept 2008

Amidst its other high-profile announcements, Apple today quietly refreshed the iPod shuffle with new colors. The update swaps out the pale colors from before with five colors largely similar to the early 2007 models in bright blue, green, red, and pink; the red iPod remains a (PRODUCT) RED variant that delivers some of the purchase price to charity and is exclusive to Apple's own online and retail stores.

Second-gen iPod touch brings new shape, Nike+

09/09, 2:05pm

Second-gen iPod touch

Apple has confirmed rumors by revealing the existence of a second-generation iPod touch, bringing with it several enhancements. Central is a revised casing, which uses a contoured profile similar in shape to the iPhone 3G, but with stainless steel replacing plastic. Other similarities with the iPhone include new volume buttons, allowing blind adjustment, and a speaker, from which owners can hear both music and system sounds.

Microsoft's first BlueTrack mice official

09/09, 2:00pm

Microsoft BlueTrack Mice

Microsoft this morning confirmed some rumors with the launch of its first-ever BlueTrack mice. The Explorer and notebook-sized Explorer Mini both use a blue light and optical sensor that generates a larger, starker relief of the mousing surface than either red-light optical or laser, allowing the mice to not only improve their accuracy but to work on uneven or low-contrast surfaces that would confuse normal mice, such as carpet.

Microsoft outs two Wireless Desktop combos

09/09, 2:00pm

MS Wireless Desktops Intro

Hoping to push some of its peripherals' designer looks into the mainstream, Microsoft today update both the mid-range and low end of its mouse and keyboard combos with a new model each. The Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 has much of the same translucent-framed look of the 7000 but with a simpler design and a 2.4GHz RF-based mouse that goes without the Flip 3D or Magnifier controls but adds a mini USB receiver to let the 6000 leave home with a notebook. In exchange, the number of Favorites keys expands from three to five to help launch more custom apps or file views.

Microsoft intros Arc Mouse, video effect webcams

09/09, 2:00pm

MS Arc Mouse and LifeCams

Microsoft tonight planned to inject some style into its wireless mice with a genuine one-off notebook mouse design. The now official Arc Mouse is thought to have the best advantages of both desktop and notebook mice courtesy of a fold-out hand support: the fully extended mouse has the surface area of a desktop mouse but folds shut to take up as much space as notebook mice. Microsoft has also taken a cue from Logitech's Nano receivers and has a micro transceiver under 1cm (0.4in) that can safely be left in a notebook's USB port without snapping off or adding too much bulk.

Apple introduces 4G iPod nano, 120GB classic

09/09, 1:35pm

iPod nano 4G and classic

Apple today introduced the anticipated fourth-generation iPod nano. The model is said to combine the best of the second-generation player's shape with the large screen and video playback of the third-generation model but is even thinner and adds an enhanced, accelerometer-driven interface that rotates the on-screen interface; this improves the use of Cover Flow and even photo browsing, Apple says. Users can even shake the player to shuffle tracks similar to SanDisk's Sansa Shaker.

Epson intros three budget-priced all-in-one printers

09/09, 12:50pm

Epson all-in-one printers

Epson on Tuesday announced the release of three new Stylus all-in-one printers, including the NX300, NX200 and NX100. The three slide in under the existing all-in-one NX400, and are designed to handle printing, scanning, copying and faxing duties in households, though only the NX300 is capable of faxing documents. It is also the only one of the three to include a 30-page Auto Document Feeder (ADF), and is rated to print at speeds up to 31ppm. The fax function has a 100-page memory, and it includes ABBYY FineReader OCR software that can turn printed documents into editable text.

Sony Ericsson to use Nokia unlimited music strategy?

09/09, 12:30pm

Sony Ericsson UL Music

Sony Ericsson may follow in the steps of Nokia's Comes With Music and run its own unlimited music service, the Financial Times claims. Without referring to sources, the newspaper asserts that Sony Ericsson is negotiating with multiple major labels to offer music downloads for its own phones. It's unknown whether the cellphone designer would follow a similar pattern of tying a subscription to the price of certain phones or if it would be strictly optional for phone owners.

Sony Ericsson intros first digital photo frame

09/09, 11:50am

Sony Ericsson photo frame

Sony Ericsson on Tuesday entered the digital photo frame market with its IDP-100 Digital Photo Frame. Featuring a 7-inch LED screen with 800x480 resolution and 128MB of built-in memory, the IDP-100 is meant to make it easier to transfer images from users' camera phones in addition to their conventional digital cameras. Images can be transferred to the frame via the wireless Bluetooth connection, a USB 2.0 port, or memory card slots for the M2, microSD, SD or MS Duo standards. Users can then control the way the images are displayed via the touch-sensitive interface.

Specs on HTC Touch replacement, the Opal, revealed

09/09, 11:40am

HTC Opal specs revealed

The aging HTC Touch is soon to be replaced by a new . The Opal was revealed by what seems to be a leaked internal HTC document, and informs the new handset will feature HTC's latest TouchFLO 3D touch user interface for its Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system. Taking obvious design cues from both the Touch and Diamond, the Opal will share the same TI OMAP 200MHz processor of the original Touch under its skin. Onboard memory will consist of 256MB and RAM will be fixed at 128MB. The same 2.8-inch, 240x320 pixel touchscreen of the Touch will do duty in the quad-band device.

New click wheel iPod interface leaked?

09/09, 10:55am

iPod 4G Wheel UI Leaked

Apple will revamp its click wheel iPod interface for a second time in as many years to accommodate at least the new tall iPod nano, according to a late leak from Gizmodo. While potentially inaccurate, the shots are unusually detailed and reveal an interface influenced by the iPhone, including icon-like menu items and a tall Now Playing screen with much larger cover art and translucent playback overlays.

Sony launches full-frame Alpha DSLR

09/09, 10:25am

Sony A900

Sony today at last branched into full-frame digital SLRs with the Alpha A900. The camera aims to outsize both Canon and Nikon with a 24.6-megapixel full-frame sensor, the company's first, that Sony claims is also extra-flat and has on-chip DACs that minimize noise as early as possible in the shot. The electronics maker also outfits the A900 with a 100 percent optical viewfinder and dual BIONZ imaging processors that keep the frame rate up during shooting: it can manage up to five frames per second at full resolution. A new mirror box design for the SLR mechanism makes sure these features don't swell the camera's size.

Sony launches 18.4-inch VAIO AW, 14.1-inch VAIO CS

09/09, 9:45am

Sony VAIO AW More in Japan

Sony this morning gave a glimpse to Americans of future VAIO updates with the launch of a pair of new notebooks in Japan. The VAIO AW replaces the AR and has some of the same barrel-hinged design cues as the FW. Also like its smaller cousin, the AW switches from a smaller 16:10 ratio display to a larger 16:9 display, in this case moving to a new 18.4-inch, 1920x1080 panel suited to playing movies from the notebook's stock Blu-ray drive. Sony claims extreme color accuracy at 104 percent of the NTSC color gamut for the base LCD; an LED-backlit screen is even richer at 137 percent of the spectrum.

Many iPod nano colors, 120GB iPod classic due? [U]

09/09, 8:55am

Lets Rock Late Rumors

(Updated with more leaked info) Apple is very likely to match expectations when it announces new iPods at its "Let's Rock" event today, according to multiple last-minute reports. A new claim floated by MacRumors confirms MacNN's Friday scoop of 4G iPod nanos in new colors and suggests that both 8GB and 16GB models will be available with newer and more vibrant colors than the existing models; the example cites the already shown orange as well as purple and yellow as new candidates. As many as nine colors may be available, the alleged sources say.

Sony Ericsson G705 brings full HTML, UMA

09/09, 7:55am

Sony Ericsson G705

Sony Ericsson used the opening of the second CTIA show of the year to launch the G705. The device is another of the cellphone maker's 3.2-megapixel slider cameraphones but is fairly unique among Sony Ericsson phones in supporting full HTML web browsing as well as an iPhone-like tilt sensor that auto-rotates to landscape view. The handset also combines its HSDPA-based 3G access with Wi-Fi to produce full-speed Internet access indoors and will be one of the first Sony Ericsson phones to gain native YouTube support for both uploads and downloads; more information will be available later, the company says.

Vimpelcom: unlocked iPhones due to Russian law

09/09, 12:40am

Unlocked Russian iPhones

Although pricing information was not mentioned, Russia-based Vimpelcom on Monday announced it would offer the iPhone with no subsidy, since Russian law dictates that locked phone are illegal. Reuters reveals that Vimpelcom CEO Alexander Izosimov confirmed the move at the Reuters Russia Investment Summit, continuing upon an official launch confirmation in late August. An estimated half-million unlocked iPhone handsets already see use by Russians.

AT&T U-verse Total Home DVR plays back from any TV

09/09, 12:05am

ATT Uverse DVR launched

AT&T on Tuesday launched its Total Home DVR service for U-verse customers, allowing recordings to be played back from any TV in the home. Using an IP network, the content is no longer restricted to playback just on the TV where it is recorded. Total Home DVR can play back four recorded standard definition shows at once or three in high definition. Up to 133 hours of SD programs can be recorded or 37 hours of HD. Series of shows are organized into a single tab from the first menu to improve the content management.


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