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First Look: Rohos Logon Key for Mac

updated 12:05 am EDT, Tue September 9, 2008

Rohos Logon Key

The first line of defense to keep unauthorized people from messing with your Mac is your password. Choose a simple password and it will be easy for you to type and remember, but also just as easy for someone else to guess. Choose a more complicated password and there's a good chance you'll forget or mistype it, and wind up locking yourself out of your own computer. Since passwords can be bothersome to use, consider using the Rohos Logon Key for the Mac.

This program works by turning any USB flashdrive into a password key. As long as your USB drive is plugged into your Mac, you (or anyone else) can use it. The moment you yank this USB drive out, you lock down your Mac as effectively as removing the ignition key from your car.

The program works by recording the USB drive's serial number to use as its security token, which eliminates the need to store any data on the USB drive itself. This prevents the possibility of someone simply copying data from the USB drive to store on another one while also allowing you to use non-Mac compatible USB drives as your key. Best of all, by not storing data on the USB drive itself, you'll never risk taking up valuable storage space needed for storing critical files.

Just like a car key, if you lose it, you could lock yourself out, so it's possible to turn multiple USB flashdrives into a password key with this product. That way if you lose one USB drive, you can use your spare one just like keeping a spare car key around the house. To create a key, run the program and connect a USB flashdrive to your Mac. A dialog pops up, letting you choose the drive to use.

Selecting a USB flashdrive as a key

For additional protection, you can also activate a password protected screensaver. Now if you walk away with your USB drive still plugged into your Mac, no one can access your computer without typing in the correct password.

For additional protection, you can require a password to access your Mac

In case you need to let someone else use your Mac and you don't want to give them your USB key, just turn the program off temporarily. Then turn the program back on again whenever you want to protect your Mac once more.

You can turn the need for the USB key on or off

For $29, Rohos Logon Key offers an inexpensive way to securely protect your Mac from unauthorized users. The program also runs on Windows, giving you cross-platform security from a single USB drive. If you want more security than what a password can offer, grab an USB drive, turn it into a key, run Rohos Logon Key, and lock your Mac today.

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  1. Gepard

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Sep 2000


    Secure? Not really

    This program just adds another level of security, but doesn't really makes your Mac completely secure. You still can boot your Mac from another source and get access to the files on it. And a firmware password is not secure either.

    What we need is a USB device that will act like a real key in a car so you will not be able to turn your Mac on without it. To achieve that is possible with a chip on the motherboard, but now we are talking about the hardware solution which fully depends on Apple.

  1. jarod

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Apr 2005


    True security

    Can only be achieved when there is absolutely no way for anyone to recover if lost or forgotten. Unfortunately, not many people are willing to go that far for security.

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