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Google to sell 400k Androids by year's end: report

updated 05:35 pm EDT, Fri September 19, 2008

Google Android smartphone

Analysts predict the soon-to-be-released Google Android will sell about 400,000 examples in the fourth quarter of 2008, garnering 4 percent of the entire smartphone market in the process, Strategy Analytics predicts in a study published on Friday. The group's representatives said Google is a well-recognized brand that will make for a successful launch, which is slated for an event on September 23. The same executives suggest the handset will need to be subsidized and sold for about $200 by T-Mobile USA in order to remain competitive with devices such as Apple's iPhone, Palm's Treo and RIM's Blackberry, among others.

T-Mobile USA will be the sole network provider and retailer of the highly-anticipated Android, which promises to bring with it three different control methods, including a touchscreen, a hidden QWERTY keyboard and a trackball for interfacing without requiring exposed fingers. If all the preview specs prove right, it will be one of T-Mobile's first 3G smartphones with both built-in GPS and Wi-Fi.

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  1. rtbarry

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    ...i thought android was a platform, not a phone. what is the actual hardware that supposed to sell 400k units?

  1. Flying Meat

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    What the?

    "a hidden QWERTY keyboard and a trackball for interfacing without requiring exposed fingers"

    So you can operate this phone with boxing gloves on?
    You can leave your hands in your pockets?

  1. testudo

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    Re: What the

    I think, obviously, they mean "you can use it with gloves on". Something you can't do with the iPhone and its touch screen.

  1. Guest

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    If 400K is 4%, the rumored 10-12M iPhones would be 100-120% of the smartphone market??? Perhaps 'entire' is really US market?


  1. mjtomlin

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    Damn! This article is ignorant...

    Uh, Google doesn't make or sell phones and they aren't selling Android, it's free. Maybe the headline should read, "Android based phones to reach sales of 400k" or something?

    Also, T-Mobile will not be the sole provider for Android based devices, though it will be the first. Android is freely available to any device manufacturer, for any network.

    The phone is not called "Android", that's the name of Google's mobile operating system. The actual phone is the "Dream" by HTC. The "Dream" will in fact only be available on T-Mobile's network.

    From Jan. 2008 to June 2008, 9 million smart phones were sold in the US. So, we can assume the 4% share referred to in the article is based on the current quarter US market statistics.

  1. dimmer

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    I keep my fingernails long, not because I play the geetar or anything, just to sniff coke. I get annoyed that the iPhone/iPod Touch won't respond to a fingernail, but requires actual flesh.

  1. Constable Odo

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    Why no cut in sales

    for the G1? They think they're really gonna sell that many of those things with the bad economy in full effect. They cut down Apple sales, so they'd better cut the G1 sales in half.

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