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Dell readying 1080p 22-inch display

updated 11:00 am EDT, Wed September 24, 2008

Dell S2209W Leak

Dell is preparing to update its display line with a second model that hints at a wider revamp of its line, a Taiwan-area leak of a prototype shows. The S2209W would be unique among 22-inch displays in its use of a 16:9 ratio, 1920x1080 resolution. The image is both much sharper than the 16:10, 1680x1050 displays that dictate most 22-inch LCDs and also better-suited to HD movies, which would output at full resolution and without the black bars that come from a non-native aspect ratio.

Hints are also given that the display will be much more color-accurate than normally below-par 22-inch panels. The source claims the S2209W is a good match for professional Eizo displays, which are often calibrated and equipped to match the colors used by visual editors.

No immediate signs have surfaced of when the display will ship, though Dell Europe has already posted a driver page with software from late August. The 22-inch screen has the same all-black, rounded visual design of the identically wide S2409W and suggests a relatively near-term release as well as a larger campaign to replace many of Dell's home displays with 16:9 models. The screen would also likely ship at a price below the $349 Dell charges for its 24-inch LCD. [via Engadget]

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  1. ebow

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    A new display has a sharper picture than same-sized ones with lower resolution? And better color quality than low quality ones?? And it's cheaper than larger ones??? Get outta town.

  1. jondesu

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    Why would anyone want 1080p at 22"? Sure, it'll look good for movies, but a larger screen would look even better, even at the same resolution. As a computer monitor though, that would suck. Controls on screen will be waaaaay too small.


  1. Camelot

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    Promo photo

    Dear Mr Dell.

    If you're going to release a promo photo of a display choose an image that shows an even, consistent brightness/contrast across the entire screen, not one that appears to have diagonal bands of dark/light running across it.

    Unless, of course, that's a flaw in the monitor and not in the image it's displaying.

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