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Google's Android may lead to major market changes

updated 02:55 pm EDT, Thu October 9, 2008

Android could signal shift

Google's Android platform could be the cause of a major concept shift in the smartphone market, not because subscribers call for features, but because wireless operators and phone makers see the value of standard platforms, argues ABI Research. The firm predicts that the success of Android rests with the ability to first convince phone builders that they need to replace the operating systems shipping in today's phones, and second, convince wireless operators that having numerous phones in a line-up, with each running a standardized operating system, is the best business model. For wireless carriers, the positive side of a standard operating system is simplified technical support and marketing.

With the smartphone market inching its way toward standardization, but accounting for only 14 percent of the overall cellphone market, a large success for Android could be the push the market needs for major change, claims ABI Research director Kevin Burden.

Android was developed through the Open Handset Alliance, with over 30 technology and mobile companies working to develop the underlying technology, which is being marketed as the first complete, open and free mobile platform. The first phone to use the technology will be the G1, a collaboration between HTC and T-Mobile.

By Electronista Staff


  1. Mr. Strat

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    Can't wait

    Can't wait until my G1 gets here on the 22nd.

  1. Guest

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    You are applauded by many! You are support an OPEN revolution in technology.

    Continue to support buyers and developers for this platform!

    The future is mutually great for developers, consumers, and the company. Google is the ONLY company that should be the idol of all corporations on earth. The world would be a great place. Don't let greed enter your hearts!

    Stay strong, defeat the zionists!!

  1. bhuot

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    show us the features

    It will only be successful when they actually sell more phones because of it. I am still waiting to see what the better feature (not license) is, that will help it compete against the iPhone. Most successful consumer open source products are successful because they have some advantage in features/price, not just license. More people have iTunes than Firefox. And Guest, you are a troll - go announce that in a Microsoft forum - this is for Apple users. And the word "zionist" as you are using it is a racist term.

  1. dynsight

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    Hmm, I guess our guest was sarcastic?

    What this approach fails to take into account is ease of use. Phone users (even "smartphone" users), tend to be less sophisticated, and need to access data and services quickly and easily.

    RIM and Apple have succeeded in this approach; Windows has had some modicum of success as well, but instead of making future releases easier to use, they have been more difficult (from my experience, the Black Jack was a disaster).

    If Android is simple to use, responsive it will be a welcome addition. Generally in platform wars, it is not the "best" platform that wins, but the one(s) that perceive to meet consumers' needs.

    Beta was better technologically better than VHS, but more movies (and adult content!) was available.

    Personally, I think it is good to have multiple platforms and OS's in the phone market. Diversity is good.

  1. Guest

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    Zionists, guess what,

    Zionist supported IBM, which counted the deaths of the Jews. We need to defeats the zionists, which funds both sides of war, infiltrate most countries, any play everyone the fool by pretended to do good.

    They are weasels, and so are most corporations. Remember ENRON? Yeah, lucky your social security money didn't go down with it hahaha

    Sadly 50% of Americans are just plain stupid because they are fed by the TV set. How is CENSORED TV a real education?

    America is the "TREASURE ISLAND" in the Disney movie Pinocchio, and most of the American people are the "Jack-asses" or donkeys! Too clear, just way to clear....


  1. Guest

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    Check this seriously!

    Barack Obama is a ZIONIST ILLUMINATI part 1

  1. nhmlco

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    Java Applets, anyone?

    Why does putting Android on widely varying hardware strike me as repeating many of the same issues that plagued Java Applets?

    IIRC, "write once, run anywhere" was anything but...

  1. Jeff Simpson

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    Competition will be good.

    I think some of us need to double up on our lithium doses and leak-check the ray-deflecting tin foil helmets we're wearing.

    I CAN see that oil and other corporations do unduly influence world decisions, but good lord, folks, can we stay on topic?

  1. spyinthesky1



    Conspiracy theory

    I reckon guest is a zionist.

  1. JulesLt

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    Seeing value

    Yep, they see so much value in a standard platform, they're happy for Google to develop it for them for free!

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