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Casing 'confirmed' as new 15in MacBook Pro

updated 10:35 am EDT, Thu October 9, 2008

New MBP Casing Confirmed

The recently leaked new MacBook Pro case is accurate, according to a claim from AppleInsider. The example in the photo is described as a 15-inch model and does illustrate a different assembly technique for the system, though it doesn't appear to fit the "brick" rumor described earlier: where the existing system has a separate palm rest and keyboard area screwed into the top of a single-piece base and sides, the new model inverts the formula to create the top and sides from one piece of aluminum and attaches them through screws to a bottom shell.

The keyboard tray is also said to fit the exact layout of the MacBook Air and regular MacBook, while the side ports visible in the lone new shot also hint at a new layout. Just to the right of the USB ports is a small, squarish connector that would support claims of Apple dropping DVI in favor of a more compact mini DVI port that allows more space for other expansion.

While no definite sources have appeared for a launch date, many anticipate a comprehensive MacBook update as early as next week and have also turned up photos of a similarly-designed 13-inch MacBook that may carry a lower price.

By Electronista Staff
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  1. Guest

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    They beat up the Developers, now they want them to come to their jingle. This is just stupid.

    F*k Apple, move on to GOOGLE's Android. You won't have any problem developing and making more money WITHOUT LIMITS there!

    Stay away from a Dictator driven corporation, save the society from tyrants!

  1. simdude

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    Whatever it is you're smoking, you might want to stop before the damage is permanent.

  1. testudo

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    I guess it is confirmed, if you consider a rumor report of a rumor being confirmation.

  1. rtbarry

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    the rumor is confirmed!

    by a confirming rumor!

    (i guess testudo already said this)

  1. MisterP

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    Oh the Apple developer community is so going to miss you when you've gone.

    Bye, bye.

  1. testudo

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    BTW, you all may detest me, but at least I don't hide behind a "Guest" posting! Give me some props, people!

  1. Stogieman

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    There. I clicked the green thumbs up icon next to your post. Are you happy now?

  1. Sphincty

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    I Love You

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