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Century Japan launches 4.3-inch USB LCD screen

10/10, 5:00pm

Century Japan USB LCD

Century Japan has recently introduced a secondary LCD screen, the LCD-4300U, that is just 4.3 inches in size and connects entirely to users' desktop or notebook PCs via a USB 2.0 port. Meant as an add-on display for secondary programs such as an IM program, media player or toolbox, the 800x480 resolution display has a built-in and adjustable stand. Provided users have enough desk space and USB ports, Century Japan claims up to seven LCD-4300Us can be connected to a single PC or Intel-based Mac.

Sony intros Ac charger for PS3 controllers, more

10/10, 4:50pm

SCEJ intros AC Adapter

Sony on Thursday announced it will release an AC Adapter for the PlayStation 3 gaming system in Japan that allows users to charge two PS3 peripherals at the same time, including the SIXAXIS or DualShock 3 controllers, the Wireless Headset for PS3, Wireless Headset or the Sony PSP portable gaming system using a standard wall plug instead of having to rely on the PS3's USB ports.

Samsung i770 smartphone spy shots surface

10/10, 4:40pm

Samsung i770 spy shots

New images have recently appeared of a rumored smartphone from Samsung, the i770. Unlike previous reports that saw a clamshell handset with the same name spotted at the FCC, the Samsung i770 is a candybar smartphone. Compared to the i760 it replaces and is visible in the spy photos (on the right), the i770 is slightly longer and wider, but much thinner. The photos do reveal it will not be a slider, like its predecessor, and the screen is also smaller in order to fit the QWERTY keyboard on the front panel.

Fraunhofer IPMS shows OLED touch controller

10/10, 4:30pm

OLED touch light prototype

At the Plastic Electronic 2008 show, the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems showed the first touch-controlled flat light source. Because Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) are cold to the touch, they could act as ideal touch controls. The innovation lies in the lack of any additional foils traditionally required to operate the light, which is both a switch and a source. Therefore, no additional hardware is required as the OLED is used to read the touch signal.

Verizon intros 3-cent text fee for content vendors

10/10, 4:20pm

Verizon adds text fee

Verizon on Wednesday sent out a memo to its partners to inform them it will charge an extra fee of three cents for every mobile terminated text message they send to Verizon subscribers beginning on November 1st. Such messages include text alerts, interactive voting notifications and replies to SMS searches that include anything from sports score updates to daily horoscopes. Excluded from the new fee are messages sent from non-profit organizations, including Mobile Giving messages and messages that are absolutely free to the subscriber.

Sidekick-like Quickfire handset coming to AT&T

10/10, 4:10pm

AT&T to get Quickfire

A new handset from PCD, the cellular phone division of UTStarcom, is coming soon to AT&T, now branded under the Quickfire name, according to a Thursday Engadget report. Previously unveiled as the Knick, the Sidekick-like handset hides a full QWERTY keyboard behind its sliding color screen, and will support HSPA 3G data networks. It will support mobile TV and have assisted GPS capabilities and can navigate via AT&T's Navigator service.

Dell E Slim photographed, detailed in leak

10/10, 4:05pm

Dell E Slim Leak

Dell's upcoming E Slim netbook may have at last been identified, if a leak at Engadget proves authentic. The system uses the same general design language of the Inspiron Mini 9 but is clearly larger and contains different features. Tellingly, the system is running Windows Vista rather than Windows XP; the latter software is only allowed by Microsoft on netbooks with screens at roughly 10 inches or smaller.

FCC seen approving white space wireless

10/10, 3:30pm

FCC on White Space Soon

The US Federal Communications Commission is expected to soon approve a new generation of unlicensed wireless devices, according to an update on Friday. A report due as early as the same day should see the government body issue a testing report which concludes that the use of "white space," or the frequencies between licensed parts of the wireless spectrum, is safe enough to use for unlicensed technology such as wide-area Internet access.

YouTube now includes full-length CBS shows

10/10, 2:40pm

YouTube streams CBS shows

The popular video-sharing portal YouTube has began running full length TV shows from CBS' archives in attempts to build revenue from advertising, according to a report on Friday. Typically, a YouTube video is no longer than 10 minutes, but the CBS agreement sees episodes that occupy normal TV-length episodes that last between 20 to 48 minutes each. Among the shows offered will be episodes of Star Trek, Young and the Restless and Beverly Hills 90210.

eMachines intros its first mini PC

10/10, 2:30pm

eMachines EL 1200

eMachines has chosen an unusual mid-Friday launch for the EL 1200, the company's first small form factor PC. The system's case is about 40 percent smaller than eMachines' normal mini-towers and consumes less power as well; all models carry a 1.5GHz Athlon 64 chip that demands just 15W of power by itself. The range potentially serves as a budget home theater PC with HDMI-out and more recent integrated GeForce video as an option.

Nokia prepping gaming phone for Monday?

10/10, 2:00pm

Nokia N-Gage Teaser

Nokia is potentially gearing up to launch another device at the start of next week, a new teaser shows. The page shows an image of what appears to be a 7610 Supernova but says the device will "unlock" by about 8PM on the 13th, suggesting an evening phone launch. Some members of the online media have also received an invite for a similar timeframe and have been told the event relates to N-Gage, though a series of promo videos connected to the event (shown below) don't mention the Nokia gaming service.

SteelSeries intros WoW-edition mouse, keyboard

10/10, 1:35pm

SteelSeries WoW peripheral

Computer gaming peripherals maker SteelSeries has introduced two new World of Warcraft-edition products, the MMO Gaming Mouse and Zboard Limited Edition (Wrath of the Lich King, or WotLK) keyboard. The mouse can seemingly act as a keyboard replacement during gameplay, as it features 15 buttons that can be assigned to various shortcut operations in the game and reprogrammed again for everyday computing use. SteelSeries worked with World of Warcraft creators Blizzard Entertainment on both products, which are officially licensed. The mouse lights up in what SteelSeries claims is a choice of 16 million colors selectable by the user, and there are three intensity and pulsation level settings.

ASUS intros R710 PND with first heads-up display

10/10, 1:30pm

ASUS intros PND with HUD

ASUS on Thursday introduced the R710 portable navigation device with an industry-first feature in its optional PathFinder Heads-Up Display (HUD) that helps drivers keep their eyes on the road. The HUD projects directions, speed and other information on the vehicle's windshield. The device also has a 5-inch touchscreen display like more traditional navigators and, in keeping with its safety theme, includes Bluetooth 2.0 hands-free calling support. Built-in echo-canceling software makes conversations via the microphone and speaker easily understood.

HTC Touch Pro coming to AT&T as Fuze?

10/10, 1:30pm

Touch Pro becoming Fuze?

HTC's Touch Pro smartphone, promised for North America before the end of 2008, appears to be headed toward AT&T as the Fuze, a report claims. The Pro is distinguished primarily by its sliding QWERTY keyboard, and a 2.8-inch VGA (480x640) touchscreen; an alleged photo and list of specifications for the Fuze appear to echo these facts, with the notable difference of AT&T-specific markings on the keyboard. The phone is, however, lacking an AT&T badge in its current depiction.

Zepto lays claim to 'fastest' 14-inch notebook

10/10, 12:45pm

Zepto Nox A14 notebook

In an announcement, computer builder Zepto claims to have produced the "world's fastest" 14-inch notebook, in the form of the Nox A14. The computer technically uses a 14.1-inch display, capable of resolutions up to 1440x900; this is supported by a 512MB GeForce 9600M GT video card. The main processor scales up to a 2.53GHz mobile Core 2 Duo chip, and buyers can configure the system with up to 8GB of DDR2 RAM, supplemented by as much as 2GB of Intel Turbo Memory.

Bell, Telus pick 4G, HSPA; iPhone possible

10/10, 12:10pm

Bell and Telus Pick 4G

Bell and Telus today announced that they would both choose Long Term Evolution (LTE) as their fourth-generation (4G) cellular network standard. The move will dramatically increase the speed of mobile Internet access in the country and will give subscribers to either of the competing carriers the option of roaming on the other's network but also to American providers, most of which will also move to LTE at the same time.

RIM said planning "near-HD" Storm sequel

10/10, 11:30am

BBerry Storm Sequel Leak

Although the BlackBerry Storm has yet to ship, RIM is already developing a second model that would serve as the company's new flagship, two separate tips given to BGR suggest. The unnamed phone would be more a complement to the Storm than a replacement and would have a hardware keyboard in addition to the touch display. It would also carry a sharper, "near-HD" resolution and a five-megapixel camera versus the 3.2 of the device shipping soon.

N-Gage poised to rival App Store for gaming

10/10, 11:10am

N-Gage vs. App Store

Nokia's N-Gage download service has the potential to dwarf the App Store in terms of mobile game sales, say parties within the gaming industry. Reuters reports that while N-Gage has achieved relatively little so far in its six months of operation, this is mainly because people have mostly had to install the necessary software themselves, something which is beginning to change with phones like the N85.

HTC readying full touch phone with WiMAX?

10/10, 10:55am

HTC T8290 Leaked

HTC could be developing an even more advanced cellphone than its upcoming Touch HD, according to an alleged leak. So far codenamed only the T8290, the handset would have the same 3.8-inch touchscreen, Windows Mobile 6.1, and TouchFLO interface as the Touch HD but add in a WiMAX connection that would give it 4G speeds on the few networks that currently support the standard. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are also present, as is a back camera at an unknown resolution.

Video of alleged new MacBook design appears

10/10, 10:20am

New MacBook Video

Apple's upcoming MacBook refresh may have been captured in detail, according to a video recorded by the same Taiwanese outlet that also produced photos of the alleged top shell for the computer. The short clip shows what appears to be a partly assembled system that seems virtually identical to the MacBook Air except for the logo, including the webcam, trackpad and power button.

Wal-Mart keeps DRM servers on amid backlash

10/10, 9:30am

Wal-Mart DRM Servers Stay

Wal-Mart issued a last-minute reprieve to customers potentially affected by its DRM server shutdown. Citing feedback from customers, the retailer now says it will keep alive the servers that hand out licenses for its now-obsolete Windows Media protected music rather than close them down. The move had originally been scheduled for Thursday but has been postponed indefinitely; the servers will stay up for "the present time," according to Wal-Mart. This will also include support for any problems with the files themselves.

Apple faults NVIDIA in MacBook Pro video errors

10/10, 9:25am

Apple on MBP video errors

NVIDIA's graphics hardware is behind ongoing video problems with the MacBook Pro, Apple now says. A number of owners have been complaining of Pros that are technically continuing to function, but only displaying a blank screen when turned on; probing is said to have discovered that NVIDIA cards were being misreported as integrated Intel chips. Apple now says that this, as well as instances of "distorted or scrambled" video, can be linked to defects in some of NVIDIA's GeForce 8600M GT cards.

Cellphone calling now 25 years old

10/10, 8:40am

25th Anniv of Cellphones

The CTIA today marked the 25th anniversary of the first practical cellphone call. October 13th, 1983 saw the first call made from Ameritech's president in Chicago to the grandson of Alexander Bell in Germany. The phone at the time was one of Motorola's earliest, the DynaTAC 8000X, and is now dramatically outclassed by even basic modern phones; the brick-like device weighed two pounds, measured about 13 inches long and netted about a half-hour of calling time.

MS may have "standing offer" to buy RIM

10/10, 7:55am

MS May Buy RIM

The recent plunge in Research in Motion's shares may help trigger a takeover by Microsoft, Canaccord Adams analyst Peter Misek says. The financial expert believes that Microsoft has a "standing offer" to buy out the BlackBerry maker at a value of $50 per share and may do so if RIM's recent share decline leaves it significantly below that mark. The company is said by researchers to be independent but potentially open to a deal if made under friendly terms.

Navman unveils S-Series S100 GPS

10/10, 12:50am

Navman S Series S100 GPS

Navman has unveiled its latest GPS device, the S-Series S100. One attractive feature of the device is its 4.3 inch flat widescreen that runs clean across the front surface without the traditional bevels found on most recessed screen GPS systems. The new ClearView maps have been redesigned to offer more readability when making quick glances at the screen, with reduced clutter and simplified colors. Another new feature, Junction Views, replicates major intersections or complicated exits in 3D.

Freestyle introduces Soundwave waterproof MP3 player

10/10, 12:25am

Soundwave waterproof MP3

Freestyle has introduced its latest waterproof audio device, the Soundwave MP3 player. The device is completely submersible down to ten feet and features a shock resistant design. Up to 2GB of audio data can be stored, including MP3, WMA, and DRM protected files, and an FM tuner with channel presets is also built in. The track listings are viewable on a black and blue OLED screen. The internal rechargeable battery is claimed to offer up to 18 hours of playtime per charge.


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