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TiVo gains Netflix HD movie streaming

updated 08:25 am EDT, Thu October 30, 2008

TiVo Gets Netflix Movies

TiVo today revealed the surprise addition of Netflix for TiVo (link active soon), its own adaptation of Netflix's Watch Instantly feature. The update will give TiVo's DVRs access to streaming versions of the roughly 12,000 movies available online and will include both the standard-definition versions as well as the recently unveiled HD versions of some titles that will first be available on the Xbox 360. Like earlier implementations, users must manage their online movie queues from a web browser but can play movies or TV shows in any order from TiVo units.

Accessing the feature requires any one of TiVo's HD-capable devices, including the original Series 3 as well as the TiVo HD and the TiVo HD XL. The company will roll out the service to a smaller test group in November and should make it available to all TiVo owners in December. The feature won't add to the cost of a TiVo subscription but will need both a Netflix subscription worth $9 per month or more as well as a 5Mbps broadband connection or better to avoid a significant delay in buffering the movie.

Netflix's deal with TiVo further cements the movie rental firm's attempts to stand as an alternative to online services such as iTunes and VUDU, which both offer HD but are each limited to single set-top boxes for TV viewing. Earlier in the year, Netflix successfully struck a deal with Microsoft for the Xbox 360 and has already launched its Watch Instantly service with LG, Roku and Samsung on their own media players, giving it much wider device reach than Apple, VUDU or others.

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  1. rkehlor

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Dec 2004


    Why not AppleTV too?

    This would be a great way to add value to the AppleTV, and to add streaming video to apple's roster of capabilities without having to (re)negotiate their sales deals. They'll probably hold tight to their "only buy from us" model, though... :( Anyone wanna write a NetFlix app for hacked AppleTVs?

  1. Guest

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Nov 1999


    I have the Roku box...

    ...and Iove it. I've been eating through a lot of vintage TV thanks to Netflix.

    But I would trade it in an instant if Apple did one of two things with the AppleTV:

    1. App Store / Plug-Ins. Yes, I know you can use plug-ins now, but I'd love an Apple-sanctioned solution to adding Boxee, Plex, Joost, or even games to the AppleTV.

    - or -

    2. Hulu. Streaming new/current shows beats what Netflix is offering in the TV Shows section and Hulu is free and shows fewer commercials than broadcast.

    What I DON'T want are optical drives or DVR features. AppleTV is a box for internet-delivered content.

    Internet-Delivered content COMPETES with cable/satellite/broadcast. Death to linear delivery and the machines that wrangle it! I gave my TiVo away (after 7 years) in July and have gone 100% non-linear delivery.

    Optical discs can compliment internet delivery, but a dedicated box (like a DVD or BluRay Player) is a better solution for anything with moving parts. I bought my first two DVD Players (a Creative Labs DxR2 and a Panasonic A110u )in 1998. Since then, I've gone through 5 DVD drives and 4 stand-alone players.

    Luckily, each replacement was cheaper, faster, and had more features that the one it was replacing. (although each one also got lighter and more fragile feeling, too.)

  1. ender

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    Joined: Mar 1999



    It's time for Apple to stop treating AppleTV as a hobby. It was OK for them to come late to the game in music and take charge. I don't think they'll be able to do the same for video where renting will likely be more important than purchasing. And with renting, it will be more difficult for Apple to leverage the iTunes lock-in because your content becomes disposable, and thus making it easier to switch providers.

  1. luckyday

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    Joined: Apr 2008


    Apple TV

    Apple TV is dead. Get over it guys.

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