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Microsoft may adopt WebKit, won't stop IE development

11/06, 11:45pm

Microsoft may adopt WebKit

Microsoft's well known Internet Explorer web browser may have an open source sibling on its way based on WebKit, of Safari and Google Chrome fame, if statements made by CEO Steve Ballmer are indicative. TechWorld writes that Ballmer, speaking in front of developers in Sydney, answered a question posed by a student, on why Microsoft insisted on dumping money into the rendering platform, rather than adopting a faster open source model. Ballmer thought the question to be "cheeky," but provided a humble response.

Xlink device integrates cell calls into home system

11/06, 10:30pm

Xlink cell integration

Xtreme Technology has unveiled its XLink BT and XLink BTTN devices that serve as a Bluetooth gateway for integrating mobile phones into the landline system. The devices work by routing cell calls through regular telephones located throughout a home. Up to three mobile phones can be connected, and each plays a unique ring on all home phones to identify which mobile line the call is coming from. Users can also choose which line to use when dialing outgoing calls.

Cables Unlimited releases Wireless USB Adapter Set

11/06, 10:05pm

Wireless USB Adapter Set

Cables Unlimited has released its latest connectivity product, a Wireless USB Adapter Set that allows users to connect USB peripherals remotely. The package consists of two USB dongles, one for a notebook or PC and the other that can be plugged into a device. Users can move the device-side dongle up to 30 feet away, according to the company. The system can be set up to wirelessly send data to and from an external hard drive, printer, digital camera, or optical media writer.

Cygnett unveils GrooveNeo iPod speaker, alarm dock

11/06, 9:30pm

GrooveNeo iPod alarm dock

Cygnett has unveiled its latest iPod accessory, the GrooveNeo dock that works as a speaker system and alarm clock. The device features a large digital time display and touch-sensitive keys for the operation and programming controls. Users can set the clock to play iPod tracks, AM/FM radio, or a standard buzzer for the alarm. Two 2.75 inch speakers provide the sound output for the alarm and music playback.

Nokia loses smartphone share to Apple, RIM

11/06, 5:35pm

Nokia smartphone share

Research firm Canalys has reinforced the observations that the strong growth of iPhone and Blackberry sales has come at the expense of Nokia's market share in the smartphone segment, according to Reuters. The analysis showed a drop in Nokia's share from 51.4 percent in last year's quarter to 38.9 percent this year. In contrast, Apple grew to 17.3 percent while RIM also gained share to reach 15.2 percent in the quarter.

Swann introduces MovieStick mini camera, recorder

11/06, 5:30pm

Swann MovieStick recorder

Security company Swann Communications has introduced the MovieStick, a camera and recorder in a small package that weighs under an ounce. The device records footage and still images on removable Micro SD cards, with listed recording time of 2.5 hours on 2GB of storage. Although specific dimensions have not yet been released, the company claims that the housing is slightly larger than a pack of gum. It also features a built-in lithium battery that can be charged using a USB cable.

LaCie intros Internet Space network storage

11/06, 4:50pm

LaCie Internet Space NAS

LaCie recently introduced a new connected hard drive called the Internet Space, available in 500GB and 1TB capacities. The multimedia drive can attach to home networks via its Gigabit Ethernet port, as well as share multimedia content on compatible UPnP or DLNA-certified players and adapters. This includes compatible game consoles such as Microsoft's Xbox 360 or Sony's PlayStation 3.

AT&T Fuze launch date, pricing leaked

11/06, 4:45pm

Fuze pricing leaked

Following up a spotting of the AT&T Fuze just a couple of days ago, Thursday's news sees the handset get a concrete ship date and pricing information courtesy of a few official leaked documents. Basically a rebadged HTC Touch Pro for the AT&T network, the handset will cost just about $500 contract-free or about $300 with a two-year contract and $50 mail-in rebate when it reaches AT&T showrooms and web store on November 11th. Those prices are significantly higher than other high-profile smartphones on the market, namely the T-Mobile G1 and iPhone 3G, both available for under $200.

MSI intros 16-inch EX623 media notebook

11/06, 4:40pm

MSI intros 16-inch laptop

Taiwan's MSI has recently introduced a new EX-series notebook with its 16-inch EX623. Meant as a multimedia portable PC, the notebook comes with an Intel Centrino 2 mainboard and choice of Core 2 Duo CPUs, though exact models and clock speeds are unknown. The 16:9 aspect ratio display sports a 1366x768 resolution and displays graphics driven by NVIDIA's GeForce 9500M GS graphics card. Users will be able to purchase up to 4GB of RAM, and opt for a Blu-ray optical drive.

MS deems hybrid graphics unstable for Windows 7

11/06, 4:15pm

No hybrid graphics in Win7

A Thursday report warns Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7 operating system will not support hybrid dual-graphics systems currently on the market from NVIDIA and AMD. The news came after a review of Microsoft's Guidelines for Graphics in Windows 7 document released on Wednesday, which read Windows 7 will not offer native support for the systems, listing unstable and poor user experience as reasons for the exclusion. The software make added it would 'strongly discourage system manufacturers from shipping such systems' and noted these systems would require a reboot to switch between GPUs.

SoftBank intros handset with 8MP CCD camera

11/06, 3:55pm

SoftBank intros 8MP mobile

Sharp executives believe the SoftBank 930SH handset, which Sharp helped to develop, features the highest quality camera of any handset. Its integrated 8-megapixel camera sports a 1/2.5-inch CCD sensor usually found in actual digital cameras rather than the CMOS sensor in most other handsets. Another spec not usually found in camera phones includes the maximum ISO setting of 2500, making it suitable for taking legible photos in low-light environments. A mechanical shutter is used, and can be left open longer to help with capturing images in darker situations, while a neutral density filter helps in reducing glare when shooting outdoors on sunny days. In addition, there is a CMOS camera facing the user that will allow for making video calls.

AT&T to allow iPhone tethering "soon"

11/06, 3:50pm

ATT allows iPhone tethers

A new statement made by AT&T Mobility president and CEO Ralph De La Vega at the Web 2.0 summit has the company showing support for iPhone tethering - a hot topic as of late, considering Apple's banning of a utility that provides that functionality from the App Store. Technologizer reports that the move gives users an official path to explore, rather than relying on the now non-existent NetShare, or the contract-compromising iModem, the latter of which requires a jailbroken iPhone.

Samsung US phone leak includes Verizon Omnia

11/06, 3:45pm

Samsung carrier phones

A Thursday report confirms several Samsung handsets will soon be shipping to various wireless providers, including the long-awaited Omnia i910 smartphone coming to Verizon. Along with the Saga i770, it will use Windows Mobile 6.1 as its operating system, with a Renown U810 flip phone also joining the Verizon offerings. The Omnia should share the GSM original's five-megapixel camera, GPS and Wi-Fi but may not have the T*Omnia's higher-resolution display.

T-Mobile outs Samsung Behold, photo frame

11/06, 3:20pm

Samsung Behold and More

T-Mobile today outlined its holiday phone lineup and in the process revealed three completely new devices. The Samsung Behold (pictured) is the company's American adaptation of the Europe-centric Tocco and gives the carrier its second 3G-capable touchscreen device after the G1 as well as its second phone with a Kodak-influenced, five-megapixel camera following the already-announced ZN5. Most other details aren't mentioned, though the device is known to use Samsung's TouchWiz widget interface and to use microSDHC for storage.

"They start out way behind:" Ballmer on Android

11/06, 2:50pm

Ballmer criticizes Android

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on Thursday said at an annual Telstra investment meeting that the Google-designed Android operating system debuted in the T-Mobile G1 handset won't make the company money. According to a report originating from an event held by Australian cellular provider Telstra, Ballmer believes Google is essentially telling its investors the new product has no revenue model; he doesn't understand the strategy.

YouTube to stream full commercial movies?

11/06, 2:30pm

YouTube Full Movies Soon

YouTube is on the verge of launching a streaming service for major full-length movies, unnamed entertainment executives are reportedly telling CNET. Similar to Hulu, the feature would let users watch ad-supported movies from "major" studios and is believed to use a widescreen player instead of the 4:3 ratio used for amateur videos. Both YouTube's parent Google and its movie partners are believed far enough into negotiations that a formal launch could be due in as little as 30 to 90 days.

CDMA version of MOTOZINE ZN5 pops up on Sprint site

11/06, 1:40pm

CDMA ZN5 spotted at Sprint

One of Motorola's newest handsets, the MOTOZINE ZN5, has recently popped up on Sprint's accessories website, according to a Thursday report. As neither the carrier nor Motorola have yet announced a CDMA version of the GSM-only handset, the appearance tentatively supports the existence of a device with both the different calling standard and EVDO onboard. While no other information is available, the Sprint-branded handset is expected to share features with the GSM ZN5 already offered by T-Mobile.

WPA Wi-Fi encryption partially cracked

11/06, 1:15pm

WPA Wi-Fi partially hacked

The Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) encryption standard has been partially cracked by security researchers Erik Tews and Martin Beck, according to a Thursday report. The pair will demonstrate and discuss their accomplishment at the PacSec conference in Tokyo next week. The attack allows the hacker to read data sent from the router to a laptop computer and send inaccurate information to connected clients. Beck has reportedly found a way to break the crack the Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) key used by the WPA standard in about less than 15 minutes, which is the shortest amount of time such an attack can be performed to date.

T-Mobile Germany sees iPhone boost; USA grows

11/06, 12:55pm

T-Mobile Ger., US fortunes

The German division of T-Mobile, owned by Deutsche Telekom, received a substantial boost from the iPhone in its third financial quarter, according to a results report. T-Mobile Deutschland is said to have gained 271,000 net subscribers in Q3, a full 82 percent better than in the same period of 2007. The company describes the iPhone 3G as a "significant driver" of new subscriptions, and notes that it was "in extremely high demand" during the July launch phase. 401,000 German subscribers were recorded in all, and Deutsche Telekom's total net income for the quarter was $1.52 billion versus last year's $1.37 billion.

Sanyo intros projector with lamp selection system

11/06, 12:00pm

Sanyo dual-lamp projector

Sanyo on Thursday introduced its newest projector, the LP-XTC50, which offers the industry's first lamp selection system, making it virtually maintenance-free for up to 6,000 hours of operation. The system can automatically or manually choose one of two lamps to project from, switching between them based on user preference or preprogrammed settings. Meant for commercial applications, the LP-XTC50 sports Sanyo's Active Maintenance Filter that automatically detects clogs and scrolls the filter reel to a clean filter panel, of which there are 10.

OCZ slips out Solid Series budget SSDs

11/06, 11:50am

OCZ Solid Series SSDs

OCZ this morning has quietly launched the Solid Series, a newer low-cost alternative to normally expensive solid-state drives. The new 2.5-inch, SATA II drive uses a frugal black casing and comes in relatively small capacities but is still claimed to have performance well above that of equal-size notebook drives: reads peak at 155MB per second, while writes are quicker than Intel's mainstream drives at 90MB per second. The PC accessory maker also claims that the Solid line consumes half as much power as a rotating hard disk.

iPhone takes, holds top spot in business phones

11/06, 11:50am

iPhone tops on J.D. Power

Apple and the iPhone have placed first in a customer satisfaction survey targeting business users of smartphones, according to J.D. Power and Associates. The survey evaluated phone makers using a thousand-point score, with devices ranked in categories of descending priority; these included "ease of operation," "operating system," "physical design," "handset features" and "battery aspects." Apple scored customer satisfaction of 778, mainly due to the ease-of-use, design and feature criteria.

AT&T snaps up Wayport to add more Wi-Fi

11/06, 11:10am

ATT Picks up Wayport

AT&T on Thursday said it was buying Wi-Fi provider Wayport in a bid to significantly expand the footprint of AT&T-owned hotspots. The move gives the carrier a total of almost 20,000 access points within the US that include McDonald's restaurants as well as Four Seasons, Marriott Vacation Club and Wyndham hotels. It also boosts AT&T's presence outside of the US to over 80,000 total connections.

MS officializes astrology-themed Zune Originals

11/06, 10:30am

Astrology Theme Zunes

Microsoft today expanded on early details of its special-edition artwork by formally releasing its Zodiac Series Zunes through Zune Originals. The custom laser engravings will include all 12 signs of the Western zodiac drawn by better-known graphic designers as well as animals for each of the Chinese years designed by Microsoft's own resident artist Iosefatu Sua. Each player also has access to matching wallpaper on the Zune itself and playlists chosen by the artists on the Zune Marketplace.

Etymotic intros hf5 in-canal earphones

11/06, 10:05am

Etymotic hf5

Etymotic today called out the official launch of the hf5, its fifth-generation of pure listening devices and the effective successor to its well-known ER-6i buds. The new models have a newer, metallic body style Etymotic claims is more comfortable. Audio fidelity has also purportedly been improved. Although the frequency range has dropped slightly to 20Hz - 15kHz, noise isolation has been improved to block outside sounds as loud as 42dB and to muffle louder noises. This in turn lets users play music at more reasonable volume levels.

Apple files for head-tracking display patents

11/06, 9:45am

Apple Head Track Patent

The US Patent Office today published two Apple patent filings that reveal the company having researched a unique head-tracking display technology designed to replicate the theater experience. Noting that watching a fixed view on a screen may be tiring, the company says it has developed a system that would let users mimic an auditorium, a baseball park, a movie theater or other environment by giving them a virtual position in the theater and panning, skewing or stretching the picture to reflect the view.

Intel debuts Core i7 Nov. 17 as "fastest" chip

11/06, 8:50am

Intel Core i7 Debut Nov 17

Intel's first Core i7 processors are now due to ship in less than two weeks, the company has revealed in an invitation sent to the press. The next-generation processor architecture should be unveiled on November 17th and is being billed as the fastest CPU "on the planet" based on SPEC's integer math tests; no mention is made of floating-point math or other benchmarks.

Samsung unveils 23-inch, 2048x1152 LCD

11/06, 8:05am

Samsung 2342BWX

Samsung today set what should be a first for computer displays in releasing the 2342BWX. The 23-inch display shares the movie-friendly, extra-wide 16:9 aspect ratio becoming increasingly common with most displays but jumps from the usual 1920x1080 to 2048x1152; the extra space is said to be large enough for two letter-sized documents to fit side by side and makes room for sidebars and other vertical elements in the operating system. This reduces the need for a second LCD, Samsung says.

Sony Ericsson outs W705, Bluetooth stereo

11/06, 7:35am

Sony Ericsson W705

Sony Ericsson today held a characteristically low-key unveiling centered around one music phone and a universal Bluetooth home stereo. The W705 represents a relatively high-end Walkman phone for the company and centers on its addition of Wi-Fi. All versions can use the format for faster Internet access and for sharing media on the local network with DLNA-supporting devices like the PlayStation 3 and certain PC software; a special W705u variant also supports Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) for Internet calling that bridges to the phone network.


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