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iPhone takes, holds top spot in business phones

updated 11:50 am EST, Thu November 6, 2008

iPhone tops on J.D. Power

Apple and the iPhone have placed first in a customer satisfaction survey targeting business users of smartphones, according to J.D. Power and Associates. The survey evaluated phone makers using a thousand-point score, with devices ranked in categories of descending priority; these included "ease of operation," "operating system," "physical design," "handset features" and "battery aspects." Apple scored customer satisfaction of 778, mainly due to the ease-of-use, design and feature criteria.

Just behind Apple are BlackBerry maker Research in Motion, with 703, and Samsung, scoring 701. At the bottom of the list is Palm, earning just 644 on the back of its Treo smartphones.

J.D. Power notes that a full quarter of business smartphone owners have complained of software problems. Of these people 44 percent complained about having to reboot at least once a week during the past year, while another 34 percent had apps break or freeze once a week.

In terms of reasons for choosing a company's phones, the top five included Internet capability (45 percent), e-mail (41 percent), design (39 percent), Bluetooth functions (37 percent) and keyboard format (37 percent).

Roughly 34 percent of phone owners said they download third-party apps, but most of these remain games, with productivity apps placing second, and travel apps falling into third.

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  1. stainless

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: May 2005


    Yes, DEATH to PALM!!!

    Cocky Palm is getting what they deserve! They became complacent, greedy, rude, stop listening to users and have been offering poor quality products. The ONLY way Palm will survive is if they open source their Palm OS, which they should have done YEARS ago... even then it might not save them.

  1. bleee

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    not uncommon to iphone

    "Of these people 44 percent complained about having to reboot at least once a week during the past year, while another 34 percent had apps break or freeze once a week."

    This happens on iPhone as well... certain apps will repeatedly crash or complain they are out of memory until I reboot my iPhone. Also alot of the crucial apps experienec slowness for example Address Book, Sending and SMS specifically the time it takes for open the send window and the time it takes for the keyboard to popup when you tap the screen.

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