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Speakal releases iPanda for iPod, MP3 and MP4

11/27, 11:20pm

Speakal releases iPanda

Speakal on Tuesday released iPanda, its newest audio system with a built-in iPod docking station. Similar to iPig, iPanda is a small five speaker stereo with an onboard Hi-Fi amplifier to produce 360 degrees of sound, dynamic airflow optimizer, interior dynamic cooling exchange and sound stabilization, all compacted into a tiny panda design. Compatible with all iPod models, the docking station allows users to charge the iPod while listening to music in 2.1 stereo. Also equipped is a 3.5mm standard input jack that allows iPanda to work with any MP3 and MP4, producing 25+ watts of sound.

VIA dual-core Nano CPU for netbooks out by 2010

11/27, 12:10pm

VIA dual-core Nano by 2010

Chip and computer hardware parts maker VIA unveiled its roadmap for future Nano chips at the Embedded Technology 2008 show in Japan held last week, according to a Wednesday report. The roadmap revealed VIA won't be releasing a dual-core Nano CPU for netbooks until an estimated date of June of 2010, leaving the market wide open for competitor Intel and its dual-core Atom CPU. The Taiwanese company also revealed it will release a Nano E-series chip in the spring of 2009, which will bump up the front system bus speeds from the current 800MHz to 1,333MHz and use a 65nm process.

Motorola launches green D10 and D11 home phones

11/27, 11:50am

Motorola intros D10, D11

Motorola on Thursday has announced the latest additions to its digital cordless home phones, the D10 and D11. The handsets are optimized to use as little energy as possible and are made with at least 20 percent of recycled materials. An eco mode will automatically adjust the wireless reception strength and therefore draw less power based on how far a phone is from its base station

LG set to bring 3D TVs to some markets in 2009

11/27, 11:35am

LG to intro 3D TVs in 2009

Korea's LG will launch 3D TVs next year, says the Vice President Director of Digital TV Research Lab Choon Lee in a Wednesday report. Not much specific information about the launch details was given, other than that one or two unspecified markets will see the launch of the technology. As for the tech itself, Lee said it would involve a slight change to existing Blu-ray technology and use the media to keep costs to buyers down.

Elpida develops 50nm low-power DDR3 memory

11/27, 11:30am

Elpida 50nm DDR3 RAM

Elpida says it has expanded its lineup of DDR3 RAM with what it says is the most energy-efficient memory of the type. A new format based on a 50 nanometer manufacturing process helps both reduce the size of each chip to 40mm (1.6in) square and also reduces the amount of power necessary to drive the memory. Where most DDR3 needs 1.5 volts, the new memory can scale back to 1.35V or even 1.2V in notebooks, servers and other low-profile computers that may not run at full power.

iRiver launches E100 Season 2 players

11/27, 10:50am

iRiver E100 Season 2

iRiver on Thursday introduced a low-key update to its basic media player lineup through the E100 Season 2. The new players are primarily a visual change and switch from the monotone colors of the original to orange-on-silver, silver-on-orange and white-and-orange color schemes. The Korea-made player is otherwise similar but shares the same uncommon features, including a rear set of stereo speakers and a microSD card slot for loading up extra music beyond the internal flash.

Nokia intros Home Control Center platform

11/27, 10:10am

Nokia Home Control Center

World's-largest cellphone maker Nokia on Thursday announced it is developing the Nokia Home Control Center, a platform that will allow users to control their home electronics, security systems and energy management systems via a mobile device. It's an open platform that will allow third parties to write their own smart home solutions for use in mobile devices or PCs and control all compatible devices in their home either locally or remotely.

Samsung outs large touchscreen displays

11/27, 9:55am

Samsung Large Touchscreens

Samsung today introduced five large touchscreen displays meant for public use, such as presentations and terminals at mass transit. Using similar sizes and resolutions to HDTVs, the 32-inch 320TSn, 40-inch 400TSn, 46-inch 460TSn, 70-inch 700Tsn and 82-inch 820TSn all work in either portrait or landscape mode and also support a unique MagicInfo feature that lets the owner manage several displays at once, such as when they play a multi-screen video.

Nokia 5800 sees limited shipping

11/27, 9:05am

Nokia 5800 Ships

Nokia today said it has started the first wave of shipments of the 5800 XpressMusic, its first touchscreen phone. The Symbian S60 device is already on sale or should be soon for the few regions receiving it before the end of the year, including Nokia's home country of Finland as well as Hong Kong, India, Russia, Spain and the Taiwan area. The company positions it as a near-smartphone with support for full apps, 3G, GPS and Wi-Fi but also a media-centric interface with an always-present media bar for navigating tracks, a 3.2-megapixel camera with video capture and a particularly sharp 640x360, 3.2-inch display.

Cowon's iPod touch rival due in US for December

11/27, 8:25am

Cowon S9 for US in Dec

Cowon today revealed that it will bring its S9 Curve media player to the US in December. The device is the Korean company's most direct answer to the iPod touch and centers on a rare, 3.3-inch AMOLED touchscreen that both produces more vivid colors than LCDs and also boosts the battery life to 40 hours of music. It also includes an accelerometer to rotate the image into landscape, Bluetooth for wireless audio, and is unusually fast for its category through a dual-core processor.

ATSC greenlights new mobile TV standard

11/27, 8:00am

ATSC Approves Mobile DTV

The ATSC TV standards company today said it has approved a candidate version of the Mobile DTV standard. The technology will give American cellphones, notebooks, portable media players and other devices a more universal way of watching over-the-air mobile digital TV provided by regular broadcasters rather than through proprietary, subscription-only services such as the MediaFLO network used by AT&T and Verizon.

PSP2 may feature PowerVR chipset for graphics

11/27, 1:00am

PSP2 may have PowerVR chip

Sony is allegedly looking to achieve a slice of Apple's gaming pie - praise of the iPod touch and iPhone's graphics hardware have come from industry giants John Carmack and Sega - as it has apparently signed a license agreement for the PowerVR SGX chipset. EE Times writes that an anonymous deal was signed Monday, with little details readily available, which sources say is to outfit the PSP2 with the SGX55x chipset.


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