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Adtec intros palm-sized VGA projector

12/03, 5:00pm

Adtec intros VGA projector

Japan's Adtec recently introduced its AD-MP15A liquid-crystal on silicone (LCoS) mobile projector good for resolutions of either 640x480 or 800x600 and a native aspect ratio of 4:3. Meant for quick, on-the-go presentations, its battery life is rated at 40 minutes. Brightness is rated at 15 lumens, while the contrast ratio is set at 200:1.

Denon set to unveil first universal Blu-ray player

12/03, 4:50pm

Denon universal BD player

Denon has recently shown off what it claims is the world's first truly high-end and universal Blu-ray player, the DVD-A1UD. Apart from the capability of playing Blu-ray and DVD video discs, the player also supports DVD Audio, SACD and standard DVDs and CDs. A built-in SDHC memory card will let users play files on the reusable media, with support for WMA, MP3 audio, DiVX 6 video and JPEG images. A built-in audio-restorer function improves the quality of compressed music. Denon's 4th-generaiton Link port promises integration with the company's amplifiers, including the AVP-A1HD and AVC-A1HD, as well as any future Denon products.

T-Mobile Shadow II makes FCC appearance

12/03, 4:45pm

T-Mobile Shadow II at FCC

The previously leaked HTC Shadow II slider handset is that much closer to being available for purchase as it has just undergone testing at the FCC. The Shadow successor introduces the Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system along with a faster CPU and a softened up, more rounded design. The FCC papers reveal the quad-band handset has a separate battery rating for GSM and UMA, the latter of which is GSM-to-WiFi call bridging made possible via T-Mobile's HotSpot@Home service.

Comcast to intro bandwidth use tracker in January

12/03, 4:30pm

Comcast bandwidth tracker

Comcast will soon provide its subscribers with a tool to monitor how close they are to the 250GB cap imposed by the Internet service provider at the end of August. The online bandwidth meter will be available on January 5th, according to an anonymous tip, and will have a three-hour delay as opposed to real-time monitoring. The meter will retain up to three months of usage records and will allow users to monitor multiple MAC addresses.

Logitech ships its one billionth mouse

12/03, 4:20pm

Logitech billionth mouse

Logitech on Wednesday announced that is has shipped its one billionth mouse for personal computers, with the news coming, appropriately, one week ahead of the fortieth anniversary of the very first public demonstration of a computer mouse by Doug Engelbart. Logitech manufactured its first mouse prototype, the P4, back in 1982, and sold the first mouse in 1985. Back then, a mouse was mainly an interface device for CAD applications. The company believes its MX Air mouse and hybrid diNovo Mini keyboard are hints as to the type of products customers can expect from the company in the future.

Rogers first with GSM Diamond in North America

12/03, 4:10pm

Rogers gets HTC Diamond

Canada's Rogers wireless provider is now offering the HTC Touch Diamond to customers, becoming the first North American provider to carry a GSM version of the Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro handset. The Touch Diamond features HTC's signature TouchFLO 3D user interface for its 2.8-inch, 640x480 touchscreen, allowing users to personalize their main screen with commonly-used applications.

Samsung: OLED too expensive, focus on LCD, plasma

12/03, 4:00pm

Samsung OLED displays

South Korea's Samsung will not bring OLED TVs to market anytime soon, says the company's Vice President in the Flat Panel Development division, HS Kim. The technology is currently considered too expensive, and customers would not pay the premium, as OLED sets would cost 10 times as much as equivalent LCD or plasma HDTVs, Kim says. As such, Samsung will hold off on releasing OLED TVs until the cost of the technology comes down to a level customers are willing to pay.

MSI launches EX300 notebook in US

12/03, 3:30pm

MSI EX300 in US

MSI today added just its second E-series notebook to its US lineup through the EX300. The 13.3-inch system focuses on external design first with a colored, glossy outer shell and a lightweight alloy-based chassis that comes at just 4.5 pounds even with a larger capacity eight-cell battery. The system is also comparatively thin and measures less than 1.2 inches at its thickest point.

TiVo silences hopes of early Amazon HD video

12/03, 3:00pm

Tivo Says No Amazon HD Yet

TiVo has quickly silenced claims of HD Amazon videos coming to its DVRs by issuing a response to SlashGear. The electronics company claims that the appearance of a menu for HD content from Video on Demand was simply an example of "testing" interface options and wasn't an indication of any near-term plans. The link should already have been pulled, a spokesperson says, though the company doesn't explicitly deny any plans.

NVIDIA in wait-and-see stance on netbooks

12/03, 2:20pm

NVIDIA on Netbooks

NVIDIA is taking a cautious approach on netbooks and is unlikely to involve itself in that field anytime soon, company officials have said at the Credit Suisse technology conference. Company CFO Marv Burkett acknowledges that it could ultimately produce graphics chips and other hardware for the mini notebooks but is waiting for netbooks to "evolve" before taking any initial steps into the field, which was effectively born with the launch of the Eee PC 700 line late in 2007 and is just now gaining traction.

Monster intros Dr. Dre in-ear headphones

12/03, 1:45pm

Monster Dr. Dre headphones

While Monster Cable hasn't yet officially announced the in-ear version of its Beats by Dr. Dre, the rapper-influenced headphones have appeared at the Apple Store. The design makes use of a unique, nearly 4-foot long flat cable that features a Duraflex jacket claimed to be tangle- and knot-free. The headphones deliver sound with a low-mass, wide bandwidth driver and also include three pairs of eartips as well as two pairs of triple-layer flanged tips, dubbed Airlocks, for more customizable sound insulation.

T-Mobile UK drops prices on G1

12/03, 1:10pm

T-Mob. cuts G1 price in UK

The UK division of T-Mobile has slashed prices on the Android-based G1 smartphone, an announcement reveals. People should now be able to get the phone for free when signing up for a 30-per-month contract; previously, the G1 could only be had for free with a 40 tariff plan. Though the company is not providing an automatic discount to earlier customers, it is offering to switch people over to the cheaper plan.

Battery-based charger powers iPod, iPhone, iPod touch

12/03, 12:55pm

QuickerTek to ship charger

QuickerTek has announced a new External Battery Charger for Apple products with 30-pin connectors. The charger works with iPods using the aforementioned connector, the iPhone 3G and iPod touch. It expands the iPod's runtimes with up to 30 additional hours of music, six hours of video or three hours of talk time on the iPhone. The battery gets a charge through a retractable USB cable and it can charge an iPod as it is charged.

Amazon quietly expands MP3 store to UK

12/03, 12:25pm

Amazon MP3 for UK

Amazon today in a low-key rollout introduced Amazon MP3 for UK, its first non-US version of its online download store. The British version follows the same approach as the US store and lets users buy unprotected songs and albums that can be used with any device and, through a sync app, can automatically transfer to iTunes or Windows Media Player.

Windows 7 already in beta by mid-January

12/03, 12:00pm

Windows 7 Beta in January

Despite only having been publicly unveiled in late October, Windows 7 should already be in its first readily available beta version just after the start of the year, Technet's Keith Combs has confirmed. Manufactured DVDs of Windows 7 Beta 1 should be available to attendees of Microsoft's Developers Conference from January 13th onwards, suggesting the company will have the test operating system completed even sooner into 2009. Attendees at the Chicago and Minneapolis conferences will be the first to receive a copy at the show, though visitors to the earlier events should also have copies as well.

ASUS Eee Box gains dedicated GPU, HDMI

12/03, 11:10am

ASUS Eee Box B204 and B206

ASUS today sought the edge in the burgeoning field of nettops by launching two new Eee Box models. Both the B204 and B206 are some of the first nettops to have dedicated graphics hardware and use a Radeon HD 3400 to offload most of the work of decoding HD video and turn the PC into a budget home theater. The new hardware also gives the Eee Box HDMI output to connect it to HDTVs and is preloaded with the same Eee Cinema software from the Eee Top to provide a media front end for the HD video now accessible through the mini desktops.

TiVo gaining first Amazon HD videos?

12/03, 10:35am

TiVo Amazon HD

TiVo users should soon have the option of watching Amazon's Video on Demand service in HD, according to early reports. Technology reporter Rich DeMuro has noted the existence of a currently inactive menu item that would let TiVo owners specifically browse parts of Amazon's catalog that are available in HD, revealing both the existence of Amazon HD video in any form as well as its spread to DVRs.

RIM warns of lower subs despite Storm

12/03, 9:30am

RIM Warns on Q3 2008 Subs

Research in Motion late Tuesday warned that it expects the number of new subscribers to its BlackBerry push e-mail service to fall significantly below its original estimates. The Canadian smartphone company now expects to add just 2.6 million users instead of the originally predicted 2.9 million and also expects its earnings per share and gross margins to drop as a result. The company blames the dip both on the later launches of phones like the Bold for AT&T and the multi-carrier release of the Storm.

Hynix develops first 2Gb mobile RAM

12/03, 8:45am

Hynix 2Gb Mobile RAM

Hynix on Wednesday boosted its Mobile Memory line and said it has developed the world's first two gigabit (256 megabyte) mobile RAM chip. The use of a smaller 54 nanometer manufacturing process has let the company double its previous best capacity while also improving the performance over past chips. Bandwidth for the outside world has been stepped up to 400 megabits per second, while the chip can process 1.6 gigabytes per second internally.

HTC buys US designers to bolster phone look

12/03, 8:15am

HTC Buys One and Co

HTC today revealed that it will buy American design house One & Company for an undisclosed amount. The move makes permanent a collaboration that started with the Touch Diamond and should see One & Company become HTC's regular designer for its smartphones in the future. Most of HTC's newest Touch series phones already draw on the US firm's influence, including the MAX 4G and Touch HD.

RED details EPIC X bundle, prices Scarlet 8X kit

12/03, 12:00am

RED EPIC X bundle

Camera-maker RED has detailed the specifications of its upcoming EPIC X bundle, and outlined pricing information for the basic Scarlet kit with an 8X optical lens. The EPIC X package, built on the 30mm by 15mm S35 sensor, will include a CF recording module, I/O module and battery module, bundled in a package that carries the same $28800 price tag as the sensor alone. As a bonus, the X package data-rates will be higher than the individually-purchased EPIC S35, featuring REDCODE 250 instead of REDCODE 225.


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