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Dell prepping "Adamo" MacBook Air rival?

updated 04:15 pm EST, Thu December 18, 2008

Dell Adamo Teaser

Dell may be in the midst of developing a new designer, ultralight notebook that would challenge Apple's MacBook Air, an investigation shows. A teaser for a product or product series known as Adamo has surfaced and has been accompanied by matching trademarks for computer hardware as well as early marketing material that infers an ultraportable notebook line competitive with the Apple system, which has a standard-sized screen but focuses on reduced thickness and weight.

The company's VP of consumer sales and marketing, Michael Tatelman, doesn't either confirm or deny Adamo but responds by saying Dell needs to launch "iconic" systems to improve its reputation, which is informally associated with low-cost and often thick designs.

No clues are available for when the new line would appear, though the teaser has appeared shortly before the start of CES in early January. Dell's closest parallel to the MacBook Air at present is its Latitude E4300, which more closely resembles a conventional notebook.

By Electronista Staff
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  1. Guest

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    No it is!

    It is not adamo by Dell
    It should read a "DUMBO" by Dell.

    Dell get a clue and may be change it to "BIMBO".
    Dell is hopeless always behind the curve trying to catchup. For god sake do some original design like you all used to late90 and early 2000.

  1. jhawk95

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    Rival? With OS X?

    Dell cannot sell a Rival to the MacBook Air unless it will have OS X on it. When are you guys going to learn that?

    No one who wants a computer running OS X is even gong to consider buying anything from Dell! Got it! Get it! Good!

  1. Guest

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    'An investigation shows'

    We'd appreciate it if you would provide attribution for the source of this story. Thanks. -- David G, NYT

  1. luckyday

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    You little ____blasters! 90% of the population doesn't run OS/X! When are you going to learn that? The substantial majority of computers are sold WITHOUT OS/X! So does your post make any sense at all?

    Do you think that because a product rivals another product their only buyers will be people that own the rival? Is it not possible that Dell is trying to attract PC users that want a thinner computer?

    Original design? Making a computer thin isn't original anymore? "Jeeez man. You added a higher resolution screen!? So played out! Get your own ideas."

    You don't think fanboys blindly bashing non-macs is played out?
    Jesus. You guys are too much. It's truly sad. Thank god you have me.. the voice of reason.

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