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Major music labels considering Hulu parntership?

updated 03:05 pm EST, Mon December 29, 2008

Hulu to host music videos?

A new video-sharing website may be in the works, as the four major music labels -- Universal, Warner, EMI and Sony BMG -- are in preliminary talks for creating their own web portal, according to a weekend Financial Times report. Early last week, news came of the four labels planning to band together to create a site devoted to music videos and related content. More recently word has leaked of the three options the labels are considering, due to unhappiness with the ad revenue derived from the Google-owned YouTube. Under consideration is a premium service on YouTube, a totally new site, or a partnership with Hulu, the film and TV site jointly owned by News Corp. and NBC Universal.

Thus far the Hulu option may be the most likely, as unnamed representatives from two of the involved labels say they are in talks with Hulu. "If it [a video deal] happens at all it will be with Hulu," one of the sources claims. Such a deal would not rule out any other options, however, and the labels may well be interested in providing premium content to sites such as YouTube, which recently began displaying videos in high definition. Just last week however, music videos copyrighted by Warner were being pulled from YouTube as contract talks between the two companies came to a halt. [via Silicon Alley Insider]

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  1. Eldernorm

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    Greed pure and simple

    While I fully understand the need to make a profit on things, these music studios are just greedy and out of new ideas.

    The studios are mad at Apple at having a great thing that they cannot control, so, they keep trying to control something else. Failure, failure, failure.

    Its a sad story. :-)


  1. MeandmyMac

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    Didn't NBC

    go to Hulu, Amazon, NBC website, etc. and still came back, crawling or otherwise, to Apple's iTunes?

    Do the record industry people need to make the same mistake as well?

    Apparently it looks like it. I have yet to visit Hulu and I wonder what status that website has versus iiTunes with regards to traffic. I mean, I've never seen Hulu advertised around to the point that if I didn't read MacNN and other Mac sites, I would have never known anything regarding

    Pitiful, just pitiful! (common phrase on the Andy Griffith Show).

  1. Guest

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    Get PluggedIn

    Maybe they should consider Will Smith's Much higher quality than either YouTube or Hulu.

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