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Verizon's Storm sales exceed 1 million units

01/27, 11:35pm

Verizon sells 1m Storms

Following up with its quarterly financial disclosure, Verizon representatives have finally confirmed that the company has sold more than 1 million BlackBerry Storm handsets, according to Computerworld. Unofficial estimates last month suggested the company had sold 500,000 of the devices in the first month since its release. If the number was accurate, the achievement of 1 million units points to a sustained distribution through the second month of availability.

Yahoo posts $300m loss in Q4

01/27, 5:50pm

Yahoo posts Q4 loss

Amid the flurry of financial disclosures this week, Yahoo has posted a net loss of $300 million for the fourth quarter of 2008, compared to a $205 million profit for the same quarter in 2007. The company achieved revenue of $1.81 billion through Q4, marking a drop of one percent from the same period a year earlier. International sales seem to have been hit harder, with a revenue drop of 10 percent, while domestic revenue was up 2 percent. Despite the effects of the weakened economy, revenues rose 3 percent to $7.21 billion for the whole year, while net income surpassed $424 million.

Skype coming to iPhone, Windows Mobile devices?

01/27, 5:20pm

Skype to add versions

Skype will introduce new applications for its VoIP software at next month's Mobile World Congress in Spain, Pocket-lint maintains in a Monday report citing a statement from the company. Specifics are unknown, but the company has said that the new software versions will be made for various mobile operating systems and the company will announce partnerships with major handset and mobile technology vendors.

Bill to ban silent camera phones introduced

01/27, 5:10pm

Bill to ban silent cameras

Earlier in January, Republican Congressman Pete King introduced a bill in the House of Representatives that would remove the capability of camera phones to take silent photos. The Camera Phone Predator Alert Act would require a mobile phone equipped with a digital camera to make a sound whenever a photo is taken and not allow users to disable or silence the tone. Many current camera phones allow users to turn off the sounds when photos are captured, with the iPhone letting users do it at the flip of a switch. The Consumer Product Safety Commission would enforce the bill.

LG CF360 flip phone pops up on AT&T site

01/27, 4:55pm

LG CF360 now on AT&T

An entry-level sliding candybar from LG,the CF360, has popped up on AT&T's webstore without much fanfare recently. The quad-band GSM handset sports a 2-inch, 240x320 resolution display and access to AT&T's 3G data network that allows it to use the provider's Navigator turn-by-turn driving directions, real-time traffic alerts and maps. Users will also be able to download music via AT&T's Mobile Music Service, upload videos via Video Share or check the news, weather and more via AT&T's CV service.

Six-cell battery for HP Mini 1000 available online

01/27, 4:50pm

HP Mini 1000 gets 6-cell

Despite not officially announcing a higher capacity battery for the HP Mini 1000, HP does indeed offer a solution as a six-cell battery has reportedly been found online. The battery on the online HP Parts Store is compatible with the 8.9- or 10-inch netbook. The six-cell lithium-polymer is rated at 2.4Ah and 53Wh and costs nearly $154, not including shipping.

8MP Samsung Memoir spotted in T-Mobile garb

01/27, 4:35pm

Memoir spotted at T-Mobile

First spotted late last year, the Samsung Memoir cellphone with an 8-megapixel camera is all but confirmed as coming to provider T-Mobile thanks to these photo leaks. While the news and price in the photo is still unofficial, the handset is expected to appear at T-Mobile in the very near future. The apparent release date for the handset is February 25th, with pricing set at nearly $300 with a two-year contract and after a $50 mail-in rebate.

Sony updates VAIO G notebook to Centrino 2

01/27, 4:20pm

Sony updates Vaio G3

After leaving its VAIO G notebook line-up alone for nearly two years, Sony has finally announced it will update it with four new models with the third-generation G3 range. All four share a 12.1-inch, 1024x768 resolution LCD, with the entry-level model sporting a Centrino 2-era, ultra-low voltage 1.2GHz Core 2 Duo CPU; it also comes with 2GB of RAM, 120GB hard drive and Wi-Fi. A mid-range model receives a 1.4GHz Core 2 Duo chip and a 64GB solid state drive.

Motorola unofficially outs four upcoming handsets

01/27, 4:15pm

Motorola leaks new phones

Motorola has unintentionally revealed four upcoming handsets by apparently posting them on their website ahead of an official announcement. Phones revealed in just such an uncommon fashion include the VE465 flip phone, the ZN300, QA4 Halo and VE66 Lux Edition. The VE465 is an entry-level handset with CDMA and EVDO network support, along with digital music playback capabilities and a 1.2-megapixel camera.

Panasonic adds slim, wide-angle FX48 camera

01/27, 3:35pm

Panasonic Lumix FX48

Panasonic today added one more camera to its roster in the Lumix FX48, its newest ultra-compact model. The camera is relatively slim at about 0.85 inches deep but carries a 12-megapixel sensor and a 5X, 25-125mm equivalent wide-angle lens that makes it better-suited both to close-ups and to landscape shots. It also adds a newer face detection system common to most 2009 models that can recognize individual faces and prioritize those over others in the same scene.

Papermaster settles w/IBM, starts at Apple in April

01/27, 3:35pm

Papermaster going to Apple

Despite the legal battle between Mark Papermaster and IBM, Apple has announced that he will start his new job on April 24th as senior VP of Device Hardware Engineering, which centers on the iPhone and iPod. The conflict between Papermaster and his former employer began last year when he took a position at Apple, a move that IBM considered a violation of the non-competition agreement that would have barred him from defecting to a competitor for a period of a year.

General Mobile preps 5MP, dual SIM Android phone

01/27, 3:05pm

General Mobile DSTL1

General Mobile has provided an early glance at a high-end smartphone that may be the first of its kind for Google's Android platform. The DSTL1 has cosmetic similarities to HTC's Touch Diamond but will have a 5-megapixel camera with flash as well as twin SIM card slots that will let it run on two separate providers as is often the case in Eastern Europe and Asia. The 3-inch touchscreen is lower resolution at 400x240 but is countered by a faster, 627MHz processor versus HTC's slower offering.

Canon readying 1D Mark IIIn for PMA?

01/27, 2:25pm

Canon 1D Mark IIIn Leak

Canon may use the upcoming PMA expo to introduce an upgraded variant of its EOS-1D Mark III flagship, according to a German store catalog entry. The listing purportedly shows an EOS-1D Mark IIIn already in the system with a price tag of 4,240 Euros ($5,603) but with other text blurred. No release dates or other specifications are included in the leak, which was initially thought to be fake but has since gained additional credibility.

MyRacer intros tiny OLED digital audio player

01/27, 1:40pm

MyRacer OLED MP3 player

Korea's MyRacer has recently introduced its pocketable digital audio player, the Lisse S10. Available in 2GB and 4GB capacities, the device sports a 126x64-pixel OLED screen that responds to a tilt in one of four directions for navigating through its menu. Features include MP3, WMA and WAV file playback with ID3 tag support, and there is an FM radio tuner built-in. Users will also be able to squint at e-books on the four-line display as well.

Panasonic intros new top-end FS-series compact

01/27, 1:30pm

Panasonic FS25 compact

In addition to its new TS- and ZS-series cameras, Panasonic has announced the Lumix FS25, the next top-end model in the FS series. The camera is rated at 12.1 megapixels, and is equipped with a 29mm Leica lens capable of 5x optical zoom. The model is also capable of ISO sensitivities up to ISO 6400, and can blow up images using 3x digital zoom.

PSP 2 with multi-touch coming soon?

01/27, 1:20pm

PSP 2 to sport touchscreen

One Monday claim by IGN suggests Sony's portable gaming system, the PSP, is close to being replaced by a successor that would be totally redesigned, unlike the two comparatively mild updates the gaming system received in its lifetime. Fitting in with the possibility of a touchscreen PSP-branded cellphone, the report suggests the next PSP will have a widescreen multi-touch interface similar in execution to Apple's iPhone.

Savant readies OnPar golf GPS unit

01/27, 12:45pm

Savant OnPar GPS unit

Navigation specialist Savant has announced the OnPar, a new entry into the realm of GPS units for golf. The device is similar in concept to Garmin's Approach G5, making use of a large touchscreen to provide information such as distances and an overview of course layout. The unit similarly provides club recommendations and score tracking, as well as statistics for shot history. It is unknown how many players the unit supports.

Sirius XM price hikes now official

01/27, 12:10pm

Sirius XM Price Hike

Sirius XM today confirmed rumored price increases with notices for subscribers to the individual Sirius and XM networks. Either satellite radio station will no longer offer its Internet streaming component for free and will instead charge $3 per month extra for individuals listening to the stations. Sirius XM justifies the move by noting that the audio quality will go up by March 11th and is giving existing users a chance to "lock in" free listening before that date.

Panasonic Toughbooks get Centrino 2, new LCDs

01/27, 11:35am

ToughBook 19 and 32 Update

Panasonic today updated its most hardened Toughbooks to make them both faster and more usable. The Toughbook 19 tablet and Toughbook 30 notebook are both based on Intel's Centrino 2 platform and use both faster and more efficient low-power Core 2 Duo processors that Panasonic estimates can get up to 10 hours on a single battery. They also get new, much brighter 1,000 nit LCDs with anti-glare, anti-reflection and circular polarizer filters that improve their viewability even in direct sunlight.

Amazon Feb 9 event foretells Kindle 2

01/27, 10:50am

Amazon Feb 9 Event

Amazon today said it would hold a press event on February 9th at the Morgan Library & Museum in New York City. The online retailer doesn't provide details as to what will appear at the event but is widely expected to be launching the second generation Kindle at the gathering given the location and timing; the original sold out in late 2008 and isn't set to come back on sale until the early part of 2009.

Panasonic launches 12X zoom, touch cams

01/27, 10:15am

Panasonic Lumix ZS

Panasonic on Tuesday rolled out sweeping changes to its Lumix cameras that include firsts both for itself and the whole industry. The Lumix ZS3 is the first compact camera to hold a 12X optical zoom lens and so has range comparable to an ultra-zoom in a smaller size. The 10-megapixel camera also has a wider 25mm lens that can capture more of the scene as well as face detection for portraits.

Western Digital ships first 2TB hard drive

01/27, 8:50am

WD Caviar Green 2TB

As promised, Western Digital today launched the Caviar Green 2TB, the world's first desktop hard drive to cross the 2TB milestone. The 3.5-inch SATA drive takes advantage of the 500GB per platter technology behind its 1.5TB drive to reach the record capacity but uses intelligent seek patterns and on-the-fly changes to spin speed, reducing the amount of power used in certain loading situations or in low demand.

MS pins Zune plunge on old models, economy

01/27, 8:25am

Zune Drop Explanation

Microsoft in an interview published today pins the company's large drop in Zune sales year over year on its model line. The music player division's marketing chief Adam Sohn tells the Post-Intelligencer that late 2007 was going to be strong both because of its then-new second generation players as well as discounted sales of the original Zune 30, which boosted Microsoft's numbers as it was cleared out of stock.

Fujitsu to quit hard drive head business

01/27, 7:30am

Fujitsu Quits HD Head Biz

Fujitsu on Tuesday said it would exit manufacturing hard disk drive read and write heads by the end of March. The move follows a "broader strategic review" of its overall hard drive business and will send employees working specifically on the drive heads at the Japanese company's Nagano plant towards other factories. The plant itself will also continue running as it makes boards for servers and telecoms equipment.

ABI predicts massive growth for netbooks in 2009

01/27, 12:25am

Netbooks '09: huge growth

Social and technological factors have conspired to make 2009 the year of the netbook, according to analysts. ABI Research expects a "perfect storm" to form this year, leading to a market explosion in the netbook category, calling for 35 million units to ship in '09, with an estimated 139 million units shipping by 2013. The convergence of PDA functionality, the data-hub theory of smartphone technology and the mobility of ultramobile PCs find a home in netbooks at a time when low-cost, low power processors and light-weight form factors have arrived.


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