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Verizon ships BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230

02/03, 10:15pm

Verizon CDMA Pearl Flip

Verizon has quietly begun shipping its latest BlackBerry handset, the Pearl Flip 8230 that works on the CDMA and EVDO networks, according to a Crackberry member. The 8220 variant is currently available on the market, but configured to work exclusively on GSM networks. Other rumors suggested the 8230 would launch first from Canadian provider Telus sometime this month, at a "very reasonable" price and with the same color options as the 8220.

Analyst: Kindle sales surpass 500K in '08

02/03, 6:30pm

Kndles sales pass 500K

Amazon may have sold 500,000 Kindle devices before selling out during the holidays, blowing past an earlier estimate of 378,000 units, according to Citi analyst Mark Mahaney. Although the company has not yet disclosed the exact number of units shipped, the integrated EVDO antenna in each Kindle has provided an alternative gauge. Sprint's financial filings indicate third-quarter distribution of 210,000 "certain wholesale devices" that were activated by wholesale partners prior to being sold to end consumers.

LG Arena KM900 leak shows iPhone-like UI

02/03, 5:50pm

LG Arena KM900 smartphone

A new touchscreen smartphone from Korea's LG is due to be released soon, according to the latest web leak. The LG KM900 Arena has shown up in the Netherlands on a brochure from local retailer Phone House. The handset, which has a strong resemblance to the iPhone not only in form factor but also icons on the interface, is due to bring with it a five-megapixel camera and is expected to be capable of playing back DivX video files.

Canon intros two AIO PIXMA office printers

02/03, 5:35pm

Canon intros AIO PIXMAs

Canon on Tuesday announced two new all-in-one office printers, the PIXMA MX860 and PIXMA MX330. Designed to meet the needs of home-based small businesses, each printer can scan, fax, photocopy and of course print documents. The higher-level MX860 has an automatic duplexing feature that can copy, scan and print on both sides of a page on a single run-through. While copying, the printer can also scan and print to reduce the time to complete a project.

Seagate intros 2TB Constellation enterprise HDD

02/03, 5:30pm

Seagate intros 2TB HDD

Hard drive manufacture Seagate has introduced its first 2TB hard drive on Tuesday, which is part of the 3.5-inch, 7,200RPM Constellation ES family that also includes versions with 1TB and 500GB capacities. At the same time, Seagate has announced the release of two 2.5-inch, 7,200RPM Constellation drives with the lowest power consumption in their class and 500GB and 160GB capacities. All five drives in both new lines are meant for enterprise applications, working under heavy workloads in business servers.

Skype 4 out with full-screen video, better quality

02/03, 5:00pm

Skype 4.0 now available

Skype announced on Tuesday that the latest Skype 4.0 version for Windows is now available to download. Callled the most distinctive Skype release yet, build 4.0 includes the company's first-ever full-screen video calling capability. As well, the software is easier to use and retains all the previous features Skype users have come to expect. With a minimum of a 400Kbps Internet connection, a PC with a dual-core CPU and a Skype-certified webcam, users can experience 30fps video calls.

India $10 PC gets name, possible price bump

02/03, 4:55pm

Sakshat 10 Dollar PC

The Indian government's $10 PC has been given early details that include its real name and initial specifications. Now called the Sakshat, or "before your eyes," the computer will have 2GB of RAM and some level of wireless access. Its operating system isn't mentioned but is more likely to use Linux than Windows, which requires a license.

Blu-ray disc player prices to drop to $150 in 2009

02/03, 4:35pm

Blu-ray players for $150

The prices of entry-level, off-brand Blu-ray disc players are expected to fall to the equivalent of about $150 during 2009, according to a Tuesday DigiTimes report. Lite-On IT, Taiwan's largest maker of half-height optical disc drives, will enter the market of standalone Blu-ray players with its own entry and price it at about $150, says local Chinese daily, the Economic Daily News.

Internet freedom law not ideal solution: EU chief

02/03, 4:00pm

EU considering freedom law

A law to uphold users' freedoms on the Internet similar to the Global Online Freedom Act drafted by the US Congress is not necessary in the European Union, said EU Telecoms Commissioner Viviane Reding on Tuesday, according to a report. The law would protect surfers' rights, especially in countries where the government is blocking sites and intimidating users by policing their actions, which violates their human rights, say EU lawmakers in favor of the "freedom law."

Nova media unveils iCON 431 USB 3G modem

02/03, 4:00pm

Nova media iCON 431

Berlin-based nova media today unveiled the iCON 431, a 3G USB modem with a rounded form-factor that is designed to match the visual aspects of Mac computers. The device supports download speeds of up to 7.2Mb per second and upload speeds up to 2Mb per second using HSUPA, while EDGE and GPRS connections will provide downloads speeds up to 220Kb per second. An integrated Micro-SD card slot allows memory expansion up to 8GB.

Samsung to unveil 8 entry-level handsets at MWC

02/03, 3:55pm

Samsung phones leaked

No less than eight new handsets from South Korea's Samsung are expected to make their official debut at Mobile World Congress in Spain in less than two weeks after being spotted on a European site on Tuesday. The highest-featured phone is expected to be the S5050, which is a slider with quad-band GSM/EDGE support. Its 2.2-inch OLED display offers 240x320 resolution and lets users interface with the 3.2-megapixel camera that has an LED flash.

Toshiba enters touch phones with 1GHz TG01

02/03, 3:50pm

Toshiba TG01

Hoping to preempt its rivals, Toshiba on Tuesday launched itself into full touchscreens with its first model. The TG01 is envisioned as a performance device with a large, 4.1-inch touchscreen display and an 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon that's unusually fast for the category; Toshiba claims the TG01 will be the fastest phone available and that it will also be thinner than the iPhone at just 9.9mm (0.39in) deep. It will also include a G-sensor to recognize motion that is reportedly more advanced than an accelerometer.

Background processes to show in iPhone 3.0?

02/03, 3:15pm

Bkgrnd Apps in iPhone 3

Apple may give iPhones true but controlled support for background apps with a major revision of the operating system, a claim from MacRumors suggests. Pointing to one or more unnamed source, the site says the delay in implementing the long-delayed background push notification feature promised at last year's WWDC may transform into a true background app process that lets users choose which software stays open as they switch to other tasks; Apple's proposed solution would only allow a channel of network data to be sent to individual programs.

Windows 7 scaled back to five editions

02/03, 2:15pm

Windows 7 Editions

Microsoft this afternoon revealed that its editions of Windows 7 will be slightly scaled back from the company's existing lineup and will also be more logical. The software developer now says it has dropped Home Basic entirely and will change its strategy such that each improved version will be a superset of the other rather than pull some features out for others, as it has for Vista. Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate editions will have Media Center and all the other features of Home Premium.

Sony LocationPorter streams camera video

02/03, 12:45pm

Sony LocationPorter

Sony has unveiled the LocationPorter, an unusual portable media streamer. Users connect a video camera to the device, which then converts footage to H.264/MPEG-4 AVC for streaming over the Internet; the footage is then caught by another LocationPorter, which displays the output video live. The device further supports a choice of LAN-based or 3G cellular Internet connections, the latter of which permits streaming from anywhere within a supporting carrier's network.

iPhone UAE launch hints next model in June

02/03, 12:05pm

Third iPhone Due June

A report from Business 24/7 today that the iPhone will launch in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates may also provide a clue as to the next iPhone launch. Dow Jones tells the newspaper that Emirates Telecommunications - etisalat now expects to offer the iPhone 3G in the two countries on February 15th but also claims that the next-generation iPhone will arrive in June, shipping "at the same time" in the UAE as in other countries.

Nikon adds two budget L series cameras

02/03, 10:50am

Nikon L19 and L20 Cameras

Among other debuts announced on Monday, Nikon has introduced a pair of entry-level cameras into its COOLPIX L series with the 10-megapixel L20 and 8-megapixel L19. The cameras are designed to be simpler to use and sport an Easy Auto Mode that takes virtually all the guesswork out of finding a specific shooting mode for a particular scene.

Moto chief pegs Windows Mobile 7 for 2010

02/03, 10:45am

Moto Says Win Mo 7 in 2010

Microsoft's true next-generation Windows Mobile operating system isn't due until next year, Motorola chief Sanjay Jha said today in a conference call discussing the company's fall 2008 results. In explaining his company's emphasis on Google Android phones in 2009, the executive maintains that Motorola is "still committed" to Windows Mobile and expects renewed interest in the software in 2010, when he understands Windows Mobile 7 will launch. Android is simply "more competitive" this year, Jha says.

Nokia recovering, readying multi-touch phones?

02/03, 9:55am

Nokia Multi-Touch Rumor

Alleged market sources tell DigiTimes today that Nokia is planning a resurgence that may hinge on multi-touch devices. The Finnish company is said to be planning several cellphones with advanced 3G as well as "multi-touch and multimedia functions" for the year that will help not only itself but the companies that make the cellular chipsets and touchscreen technology, including Qualcomm, Synaptics and Texas Instruments. Other details aren't mentioned, though the multi-touch technology doesn't apply to the N97.

Nikon COOLPIX S line gets 7X zoom, touch models

02/03, 9:05am

Nikon COOLPIX S PMA 2009

Nikon is continuing its camera introductions with multiple updates to its mid-range COOLPIX S series. The S630 stands as the flagship with an uncommonly long 7X zoom and a 12-megapixel sensor; it centers on a new, more easily gripped design and has some features drawn from the P90, including off-angle face detection, a boost to ISO 6,400 by lowering the resolution and a fast shooting mode that also shrinks the image size to capture at up to 11 frames per second. It and the other S series updates should ship in February, with the S630 selling for $280.

Motorola slides to 6.5% market share in fall

02/03, 8:25am

Moto Q4 2008 Results

Motorola on Tuesday reported further trouble for its recent fall quarter with both an immediate financial hit as well as ongoing drops in its phone shipments. The company says it posted a net loss of $3.6 billion during the three-month period ended in December and pins much of the responsibility on its Mobile Device group, whose losses ave only deepened year-over-year from $388 million in late 2007 to $595 million. Motorola blames drop on the economy and points to its 7,000 job cuts and a just-announced suspension of its usual cash dividend to shareholders as steps taken to rescue its business.

Nikon unveils 24X zoom P90, 15X L100 cams

02/03, 7:25am

Nikon P90 and L100

As part of its launches ahead of the PMA photo expo, Nikon today released a pair of high-zoom COOLPIX cameras. The P90 is Nikon's most powerful non-SLR camera and centers on a 24X zoom lens with a rare 26-624mm coverage that lets it both accommodate wide-angle shots as well as very distant telephoto shots. The camera maker has also detached the LCD from the body and gives the P90 a swiveling 3-inch display, though it depends on an electronic viewfinder for head-on previews.


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