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Pioneer exiting TV business altogether?

02/06, 8:25pm

Pioneer May Exit TVs

Japan's Nikkei paper today warned (subscription required) that Pioneer is likely to exit the TV business. While the company has already said it would end plasma production and enter into LCDs, the new report has the electronics giant ending its TV efforts entirely and entering into a joint venture with Sharp for its DVD movie player business. Pioneer has been suffering losses despite the critical success of its Kuro plasma TVs and is also at least indirectly threatened by the current world economic crisis.

Amazon Kindle 2 shots, launch info leaked

02/06, 8:10pm

Amazon Kindle 2 Photos

A leak tonight has confirmed Amazon's plans to use its February 9th event to launch the second-generation Kindle. Focusing on several leaked photos, the slip confirms that the new model is smoother, rounder and much thinner than the original and has a brushed metal back reminiscent of iPods. It likewise shows a switch to a slightly more conventional control scheme with smaller paddles for page turns and a directional pad in place of the old model's distinctive side strip.

Time Warner to offer data caps above 40GB limit

02/06, 5:25pm

Time Warner data caps

In response to complaints from unhappy customers, Time Warner plans to introduce broadband packages with data caps above the current 40GB limit that was applied to Beaumont, TX customers as part of a pilot program, according to the Associated Press. Although the company plans to expand the program to other cities, spokesman Alex Dudley acknowledged that a "small but vocal percentage" of customers were dissatisfied with the 40GB cap. Future trials will include a range of packages, with higher priced plans that have a larger data "bucket" along with lower priced options for casual users.

LG Arena confirmed, extra details slip

02/06, 5:05pm

LG Arena Confirmed

LG finished the week by validating rumors regarding the KM900 Arena on the company's official UK blog. The teaser both confirms the name of the device through the file name and that the phone will use a new 3D interface with iPhone-like icons that flips between the home screen and other levels of the operating system. LG also acknowledges that the phone will have its formal debut at Mobile World Congress in mid-month.

AT&T staff may strike over contract

02/06, 4:50pm

ATT Staff May Strike

The Communications Workers of America union in a vote on Friday approved a strike for 20,000 AT&T Mobility workers in the event the group is unable to come to a last-minute deal with AT&T before a contract expires at midnight tonight. The two parties have been engaged in talks over terms for compensation, jobs and working conditions and differ sharply on the proximity of an agreement, with the CWA saying "very little progress" has been made while AT&T spokesman Walt Sharp calls the approval a normal part of negotiations and hopes for an agreement by the end of the day.

Samsung quietly launches ES10 pocket cam

02/06, 4:00pm

Samsung ES10

Samsung has used the interval between CES and the PMA photography show to add the ES10 to its cameras. The 8.1-megapixel device is pitched chiefly to first-time users and has a handful of automatic features that remove the need for control, such as face detection and a self portrait mode that waits until it detects that another face, the photographer's, is in the scene. A slideshow mode also lets users display photo collections with music and transitions without sending photos to the camera.

MSI announces Wind NetOn AP1900 all-in-one

02/06, 3:50pm

MSI NetOn AP1900

MSI has formally announced the Wind NetOn AP1900, the company's first all-in-one to hit the market following the unveiling of the lineup at CES in January. The device features an 18.5-inch WXGA display with a 16:9 aspect ratio, with all components contained in a housing that measures just 35 mm thick. Users can adjust the viewing angle or mount the computer to a wall. The design features a gloss-black bezel around the display along with polished silver trim and accents.

NVIDIA readying unsanctioned x86 processor?

02/06, 3:35pm

NVIDIA x86 Rumor

NVIDIA may be stepping into the production of its own x86 processors if a rumor circulated by the Inquirer proves authentic. The video chipset producer has reportedly been hiring large numbers of engineers familiar with how to design for the foundations used in most Intel chips and has a virtually complete team. The company allegedly lacks a license for x86, however, and would likely face legal action from Intel as a result.

Microsoft slips My Phone mobile sync service

02/06, 2:45pm

Microsoft My Phone Leak

Microsoft today inadvertently tipped its hand for Mobile World Congress by posting an introductory page for its My Phone mobile sync service (since pulled). The feature is the formal version of SkyBox and appears a close parallel to Apple's MobileMe meant for Windows Mobile 6 devices. It lets users sync up to 200MB of documents and media with a secure online space and lets owners published synced calendars, contacts and photos to the web.

CyberPower debuts Phenom II gaming towers

02/06, 2:10pm

Gamer Dragon Series

CyberPower has released its Gamer Dragon series, a set of three custom-built high definition towers based on AMD's newer Phenom II X4 CPU. The complete group consists of a Gamer Dragon 8000 and 9000, and the Gamer Dragon CrossFire X Ultimate. Basic features of all three Gamer Dragon models include SATA II hard drives, an ATI Radeon HD video graphic card, a dual Blu-Ray and DVD drive setup for both the 9000 and CrossFire X series, or DVD drives alone for the 8000.

HTC takes 17% year-on-year January sales hit

02/06, 1:55pm

HTC January 2009 Results

HTC confirmed its sensitivity to the poor world economy on Friday with word that it has taken a substantial blow to its sales in January. Although it had a healthy end of 2008 where its revenues were up 21.4 percent compared to holiday 2007, the company warns that its results in January are well off the same month a year before and dropped about 16.8 percent versus the same month a year earlier. HTC claims the drop is due to a slightly earlier Lunar New Year that stopped some of its phone sales in countries that observe the Chinese holiday.

Intel ships Atom N280 processor

02/06, 12:40pm

Intel Atom N280 ships

Intel has begun shipping a enhanced version of its ultra-compact Atom processor, according to an announcement. The N280 is technically a single-core processor, but is being paired with a GN40 chipset, whose notebook-level GMA4000 graphics help to decode HD video at resolutions up to 720p. HD typically places a high burden on miniature processors, which are often saddled with low clock speeds and inadequate graphics hardware.

AMD Radeon HD 5870 X2, 4900 series enroute?

02/06, 12:05pm

AMD Radeon HD 5870 X2 Leak

A Dutch reseller listing and additional leaks suggest that AMD is not only planning a new 4900 series but that one of its Radeon 5-series cards may be a dual-chipset card. Showing as the ATI Radeon HD 5870 X2, the card appears to be a higher-clocked version of the 4870 X2 with each individual core speed climbing from 750MHz to 800MHz while the memory makes the biggest leap from 3.6GHz to 4.8GHz while keeping to GDDR5 RAM. The example also has built-in HDMI, though this has been an option for most recent AMD video cards.

Dell Mini 10 leak shows two LCD, large hard drives

02/06, 11:15am

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Leak

The Dell Inspiron Mini 10 shown at CES will be more flexible than originally suggested, a leaked presentation slide on Photobucket reportedly shows. The 10-inch netbook now appears to have options equal to and above the Mini 12 with the same choices of 1.33GHz and 1.6GHz Atom processors but with both a conventional 1024x576 LCD and a Dell's previously-mentioned HD display, which is now believed to output at 1366x768. Storage should also be much higher with a minimum 120GB hard drive versus the 80GB maximum of the Mini 12.

Microsoft device really a Zune phone spec?

02/06, 10:20am

Zune Phone Spec Leak

Microsoft's rumored in-house smartphone is actually a reference design for Zune-themed phones, say sources of reporter Mary Jo Foley. Rather than stand as Microsoft's own products, multiple reference Zune phones are being made that third parties can use as the inspiration for their own models. The company hopes to play cellphone makers against each other to produce one or more particularly strong Zune-capable devices.

Rogers picks up HP iPAQ 910 smartphone

02/06, 9:50am

HP iPAQ 910 at Rogers

Rogers today became the first North American carrier to offer the HP iPAQ 910. The full QWERTY keyboard smartphone closely follows the reference design and supports up to 7.2Mbps downstream on the Canadian provider's HSPA-based 3G network. It supports both touchscreen and keyboard input but is most notable for its voice recognition, which lets users give the phone spoken instructions to navigate Windows Mobile 6.1 as well as reply to e-mail messages without typing. A back 3-megapixel camera, GPS and Wi-Fi also put it at the high end of Rogers' lineup.

NEC chip allows phones with 1080p video

02/06, 9:30am

NEC CE143 Phone Chip

NEC today unveiled a new processor it says should significantly bolster the media capabilities of cellphones. The CE143 can process photos at 12 megapixels but also supports decoding 1080p video, letting any equipped device play full HD without needing a more advanced graphics chipset. The still photo mode also has features normally reserved for still cameras, such as fast face detection for portraits, image stabilization and a "super resolution" technique that can reduce the blur and pixelation when using digital zoom.

Microsoft to use just "Windows" phone branding?

02/06, 8:45am

MS Windows Phone Branding

Microsoft will drop its Windows Mobile public branding when it introduces Windows Mobile 6.5 this month, if claims from market insiders speaking to Digitimes are accurate. Instead, the software company will simply pitch the phones as "Windows" devices and omit their version number. Why Microsoft is making the move is unknown, though Microsoft has recently been promoting a holistic Windows ecosystem where the experience is independent of any one device or platform.

"Intrinsically safe" Moto i365IS reaches Sprint

02/06, 7:50am

Moto i365IS at Sprint

Sprint this morning held a low-key launch for the Motorola i365IS. The special variant of the push-to-talk iDEN phone earns its suffix for its modified, "intrinsically safe" design: the walkie-talkie shaped phone has a battery and protection that reduce the chemical and electrical output enough to prevent either from sparking a fire in an environment with flammable gas or other dangerous materials. It also has an emergency group call mode that not only speaks to the whole push-to-talk group but puts out a tone to signal the urgent nature of the call.

Amazon VOD service via Roku enters private beta

02/06, 7:20am

Roku's Amazon VOD beta

After previous announcements of Amazon collaborating with Roku to provide Video On Demand video service via the Roku Digital Video Player, the service has now entered a private beta, according to a statement by Roku itself. Expected to show in a 2.0 update, no confirmation has been given in regards to if the update will also include YouTube access, or if the VOD will also be offered in HD. Already streaming video from Netflix, Roku is continuing to expand its media and will offer more than 40,000 movies and TV shows through Amazon.


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